January 23, 2021

The Jesus Bloggers on The Drew Marshall Show

The Jesus Blogger segment of last week’s Drew Marshall Show has been posted. You can listen or download Drew, Bill Kinnon, Daryl Dash and myself having too good a time talking the election, The Shack and all sorts of evangelical gossip.

The Jesus Bloggers on the Drew Marshall Show


  1. I’m not sure if this subject is open to comments, but I wanted to say that I just listened to the broadcast and thought it was excellent. Your comments on the church and the expectations given to us by modern evangelicalism were great. You provided not just commentary and criticism but real options for those who feel that church is irrelevant.

    The thumbs up and down segment was an eye-opener. I would have loved to have seen about a dozen more names on that list.

    I encourage everyone to listen to this. I hate audio programs but could not turn this one off.

  2. imonk,
    Great program. I really appreciated your comments on church community and church fellowship. I don’t believe that we were meant to go to only go to the church building on Sunday mornings. We were meant to live and interact with those in the fellowship throughout the week, at least it appears that the early church did this.

    We were meant to serve together, not only come into the same room and consume for a couple of hours a week.

    Also, great points about fellowship being intended to help us grow and change, not make us comfortable where we are.

    Much appreciated

  3. Imbi, who loved the show (as did our daughter, Kaili) felt that perhaps we didn’t talk enough about Jesus. She’s probably right. I listened to it last night and thought I talked too much. Should have left more room for the wisdom of the iMonk and Triple D. It was fun all the same and I hope we get to do it again soon.

  4. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    What happens to Prosperity Gospel in Africa “when the Africans finally figure out that the guys that are selling them hope are shysters? When people around the world finally figure this out?” (44 minutes in).

    Do you know the Arabic for “There is no god but The-God! Mohammed is His Prophet! The-God is Most-Great! The-God is Most-Great! The-God is Most-Great!”?

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