November 29, 2020

The Issues At Stake has put together a good video on the upcoming election. Well worth your time. (HT to Trevin Wax.) The fact that the candidate choices aren’t very attractive to many of us doesn’t change the importance of what an election itself means.


  1. “Joe,”

    You might want to look at your computer. It just posted a note from you saying that I had up something endorsing McCain and condemning “to hell” people like you who are voting for Obama.

    Must be a virus. The video I have up doesn’t endorse, criticize or praise any candidates. It just reminds Catholics of 1) the importance of elections, 2) their place in the country’s history and 3) the issues at stake.

    Sounds good to me. Take a look at that computer.


  2. I myself cannot in good conscience vote for anybody who condones or is in favor of abortion…murder, really is what it is IMO. Great video that tells us what is REALLY important!

  3. Powerful. And fitting for all people of faith.

  4. Thanks for posting that video, Michael.

  5. That’s one way to frame things with those values. I could also look at the same values and focus on getting into a war that has killed and maimed far too many with a terrible effect on families; or contemplate the effects of ditching a spouse because of adultery which also has a terrible effect on families. I merely want to emphasize how complex and complicated all this is.

  6. That’s a great video. I tend to agree with that approach. I am not a single issue voter, I am a many issue voter but one issue is of greater imortance than the rest. If the candidates agree on the primary issue then I move to the secondary and so on to make my decission. The other issues matter too, just not as much. I accually heard statistics on Friday that “chistians” ranked the price of gas over the killing of babies in importance. I can’t understand that.

    Thanks for all, iMonk you are greatly appreciated.

  7. While I cannot completely agree with a couple of over simplified implications in the video (ie. we need a broader, richer understanding of what it means to be pro-life), I absolutely applaud the overall nature of the message.

    AND you’re right. This video does a pretty good job of remaining bi-partisan and pro-democracy.

    My hope is that Christians, and Christian leaders, in this country will begin to create more dialogue that gives energy toward creating good governmental policy rather than simply espousing one party’s political agenda. More than ever, Christian Democrats and Christian Conservatives need to lead the conversation without allowing the political machine to drive wedges between us. This spirit of this video helps to move us in that direction.

  8. For those interested, a year ago the US Conference of Catholic Bishops published a document called “Forming Consciences for a Faithful Citizenship” which can be downloaded here:

  9. oh, how i wish this election were simple!

    how i wish one candidate were COMPLETELY pro-life (cradle to grave) by defending both the unborn AND teenagers going out to fight an intangible ideology with tangible bullets (not to mention the civilians they unknowlingly kill). how i wish that same candidate were pro-quality-of-life as well, truly addressing the inequities that exist simply because of the economic status of the parents people were born to which, unfortunately, determines quality of schooling and life-affecting opportunities.

    how EASY this would be if one candidate were tuly pro-life!

    unfortunately, this isn’t the case. one of our candidates only extends this form of compassion to those outside the womb … while the other doesn’t extend his past the birth canal.

    ron paul (the only truly pro-life person i see), PLEASE return to this race! give me a chance to vote closer to my conscious than i ever have!


  10. how i wish one candidate were COMPLETELY pro-life (cradle to grave)…unfortunately, this isn’t the case. one of our candidates only extends this form of compassion to those outside the womb … while the other doesn’t extend his past the birth canal.

    Amen, eve. To add more mundane items to your list of “pro-life”. What about accessible education and satisfying labor? Respect for non-human life (the environment)? Healthful life (not just medicated life)?

    Pro-life is far broader than aborting fetuses.

  11. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    My hope is that Christians, and Christian leaders, in this country will begin to create more dialogue that gives energy toward creating good governmental policy rather than simply espousing one party’s political agenda. — Tim Melton

    Totem to Temple had a one-liner that GOP = “God’s Only Party”.

    But I don’t think Christians are going to do that. I see them locking themselves inside their churches (afraid to step outside and step on Satan’s Whoopee Cushion) and keeping themselves uber-uber-pure so Jesus can beam them up. You would not believe the End Time Prophecy types popping up over the past couple months. It’s like the whole Y2K freakout except worse. (When your financial planner — the guy you trust with your money — starts with the line “You know we’re living in The End Times”, it’s time to find someone else to manage your money.)

  12. Amen Eve.

    As in 2000, 2004 and now 2008, neither candidate is consistently pro-life.

  13. I’m a Canadian. I’m an ashamed Canadian, actually. Only 6 of every 10 eligible voters on our country turned up to vote in our federal election last week. There wasn’t anything even remotely like this video made available to voters of faith or otherwise in my country. And we face many of the very same issues you do. Maybe we could have used the reminder of what was and still is at stake.

    Your federal election will affect Canada more than you might imagine. I am praying for the USA because of that fact, and because we are – I believe – good neighbours. I know I’m not praying alone. And my prayer is also that you and your fellow citizens will turn out in unprecedented numbers to exercise your democratic right and civil duty.

    If you have a moment pray for us, too.

  14. A comment from the buckle of the rust belt. The majority of people in my area describe themselves as Catholic. Very few agree with the church ,[RC] on many issues at all. Few believe what the church teaches on birth control communion, original sin, homosexuality, and celibate priests to name a few. What they are is Mosaics, taking some beliefs and leaving a few behind.
    While socially the church has great power, baptisms, weddings, funerals, they are quite used to separating their “belief” from their behavior.
    There are a few laypeople who are devoted to to the church and attend mass almost daily, but their number is dropping as fast as the number of churches around here.
    This is a great video. Why the SBC doesn’t spend a million or two on things like this amazes me, but perhaps I have a faulty world view.
    This video will affect few Catholics as the level of disassociation between church and “the real world” is high. Up here the Catholics vote for prochoice and the hunters vote for gun control. Just how it is.
    Love the video too bad every denomination didn’t put one out. Thanks RCC.

  15. Thanks monk. I appreciate the video. I would like to suggest that if abortion laws continue to be upheld, marriage opened to homosexuals, and any other challenges to the church occur in the future, the church will not be weakened. I think we forget that Jesus fulfilled his calling during the days of the Roman empire. Caesar was god. I agree that government issues are important and need due attention, but on November 5th, the sun will rise and the Kingdom of Heaven will continue to reign as it has since Jesus rose. I see too much fear in the church of the “wrong” candidate getting elected and the moral fabric of our country disintegrating. I don’t see much moral fabric anyway. It’s our duty as the church to be the light of the world, not America.

  16. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    I see too much fear in the church of the “wrong” candidate getting elected… — Kyle

    I see Politics as the new Religion. And a Fundamentalist one, at that, with all the Fundamentalist sense of Important Purpose and lack of a sense of humor.

    Just as in the USSR and its descendants, except this is arising from the bottom up instead of being imposed from the top down.

  17. During the 1992 election (Clinton, Bush and Perot for those who have forgotten) my pastor at the time told someone “If God wanted us to vote, He would have given us a candidate.” I think one could say the same thing for every election since then as well.

  18. Willoh

    Thats what happens when people are not properly catechized thank God, that the “if it feels good do it” generation is finaly dying off within the Church.

  19. kyle: the church will not be weakened, we grow in faith when attacked, but do you not want to maximize you freedom to witness? A couple court appointments make a huge difference.
    Lonely pilgrim: Those who made the above video feel they have some one to vote for. Please watch it again, I think you missed the point.
    Giovanni: I do not know what that means, but it sound Orwellian, like some Manchurian candidate thing. If I knew what “properly catechized” meant perhaps I could join you in thanking God it did not happen.

  20. If knowing how to live the Gospel and doing what the Church teaches sound Orwellian to you then it can not happen soon enough.

  21. willoh: I’m not sure that either candidate would be an “attack” on the church. Both Jesus and Paul fulfilled their ministry in an indisputably corrupt Roman Empire. Also, if legislation gives or takes away our witness then that may be the heart of the issue I’m trying to confront: Christians depending on government support. I’m suggesting that Christians support the government as our authority, but seek to promote justice, love, peace, and the message of Jesus through our words and actions.

  22. kyle I do not want support, just freedom. IMHO one of the parties is “friendlier” to my lifestyle and beliefs than the other. I really do not want support, actually my idea of government’s relationship to religion would be benign indifference.
    ” Let the boys Pray ref, just let em pray.” [didn’t Denzel say that? ]

  23. Mr. Whipple says

    The church is hopelessly divided over abortion; I see no hope for “dialogue” about it within the faith community because is the issue is so polarizing and the people involved so dadblamed certain that they are “right”. Either you are pro-life or you are a “baby killer” and a fraud for daring to think that you could ever follow Christ. As if the church’s teaching on abortion was a monolith, immutable and apparent to anyone with an ounce of faith. As if any disagreement with James Dobson is clear evidence of your allegiance to Beelzebub.

    I for one am royally sick of the arrogance and ignorance that passes for faith among some evangelicals.

  24. Last night there was a meeting locally at a RCC church where the two parties were in debate over catholics on civil issues.
    The bishop showed up and quite sternly informed the group that he was the teaching authority in the diocese and that was that. Today our local talk radio was all abuzz. The Bishop has the authority , but he doesn’t seem to have the following.
    I guess it is not just an evangelical issue Mr. Whipple

  25. The Bishop is both right and wrong on this issue. He is under no obligation to go along with the pastoral letter given by the US College of Bishops however he is under the obligation to teach orthodox Catholic teaching, which are upheld by the pastoral letter.

    He is right in a way the group was irresponsible for ignoring the letter given to them by the Bishop. Yet he is wrong by simply discarding the guidelines given by the College of Bishops.

    In other words “irrelevant” was not the correct word but rather “binding.”

  26. Thanks for posting the video. I’ve had the video on my own bog for several weeks now. I have decided to keep it near the top of the blog until after the election.

    God bless… +Timothy

  27. Yes neither candidate is clearly pro life but one of them is majorly pro death it seems like a clear cut difference to me. They don’t agree on anything, so I’m not understanding the undecided. I would understand that if they were too similar to differenciate but they are so polar oposite it should be easy for any one to pick between them based on there view on whatever issue is most important to you? Maybe i’m too simple to understand the problems.