July 16, 2020

The Internet Monk’s Top Ten Web Sites of 2006

50d.jpgOK, you’re going to say that I’ve deserted last year’s list. I haven’t. I still love those sites, but I want this list to move on a bit. So here’s my “Top Ten” list of web sites that have really helped me this year. Feel free to add your own list in the comments.

10. I have a new appreciation for Relevant Magazine and its ever evolving website. It’s the place this 50 year old gets a dose of what’s hip. I’ll forgive some occasionally naive theological banter because they are committed Christians exploring the intersection of God and culture without being tied to one of the dominant teams in theological UFC. Always worth some time in your week.

9. Lark News needs to update more….but I’m not sure I could take it. Killer humor saturated in the truth about the way things are in evangelicalism.

8. Probably the most provocative religion reporting on the web comes from The Revealer, a site that will offend, stimulate and enlighten. A rewarding and informative read every day.

7. Rocco Palmo covers the Vatican at Whispers in the Loggia. The B16 beat is fascinating to me, and this is great journalism from a believer. Not displacing my girl Amy, but outstanding, especially for serious journalism.

6. My homeboy Noel Heikkinen has a personal blog that is always the first place to find cool, funny and thoughtful stuff. I’m mostly all about Noel’s simple and passionate vision of Jesus. He’s one guy who stays loyal to the Gospel and out of the theological UFC. Plus great Korean soap operas.

5. The N.T. Wright Page is simply incredible. All the NTW resources anyone wants, without comment. A great gift to the Christian community.

4. When he writes, Alastair is one of the best theological writers on the web. He’s fair, interesting, knowledgeable and committed to the Gospel. Adversaria should be high on your list of regular reads.

4. It’s a tie at this spot. Equally compelling is Ben Witherington III, who uses his blog to show us a more personal side with wide-ranging interests from film to poetry.

3. Common Grounds Online: Simple. Quality. Good. Glenn Lucke runs a classy example of group blogging that shows a generation of thoughtful, spiritually energetic young Christians coming up to influence evangelicalism. You know all the criticism of bloggers that you hear in the Christian community? This blog is NOT what they are talking about.

2. I’ve discovered that Christian Century is a great publication and web site. Good sermons. Good reporting. Great reviews. Lots of seeds for sermons and many thoughtful columns and comments. I subscribe to the tree version so I’m biased, but the web version reminds me that the “left of center” mainlines and evangelicals aren’t mostly apostates, but mostly brothers and sisters. Consistently keeps me in the Bible and thinking about the Gospel. I’d love more content, but what’s there is very, very good.

1. OK, it’s a podcast. So sue me. The Kindlings Muse has been a discovery that pays dividends every day I invest in it. Thoughtful creativity is affirmed and the Christian journey explored. If you like the IM web site, you will love what Dick Staub is doing at Kindlings Muse. Now Dick….can you add a blog? 🙂


  1. I am honored. I’d probably be even more honored if I knew what “UFC” was.

  2. These are some good ones, I’m really enjoying Ravi Zacharias on The Kindlings Muse! http://www.geocities.com/f1n3y0/about.html

  3. Ultimate Fighting Championship. Quit reading the Bible and watch cable.

  4. Just as soon as I am done with “A Purpose Driven Life.” (Inside joke alert!)

  5. Good list! There’s several there I haven’t come across before that I’ll have to check out. Thanks.

    BTW, Ali over at http://kiwiandanemu.org often has thoughtful stuff too (even if he’s not the most regular of posters!)