October 20, 2020

The Internet Monk Musical Has Been Canceled

It’s always sad to lose regular commenters, but the last post seems to have cost me a couple. Can’t say that I’m surprised.

If you read Internet Monk regularly, you probably have those days you want to tell me to get over it, to shut up already, to take a happy pill, to find something constructive to say or similar sentiments.

Just in case you think I’ve totally lost sight of reality, I’m very aware of the many good things going on in evangelicalism, particularly in individual local churches and ministries that are determined to make the most of a new post-evangelical day. I’m on their side, even when we don’t entirely agree. That’s why I’m in Driscoll’s corner, even when I would probably be beaten up by his “dudes” for about half of what I believe. I’m still in there with many of the emergent/missional brethren. I’m cheering for them.

I believe in the good things happening in Christian social ministries, in a thousand manifestations of the new media, in the proliferation of mission sending efforts and church planting networks. I give my money to Gospel for Asia and World Vision. I work for a Christian ministry to students.

I even hold out hope that Christian music and art can become what so many young artists and musicians believe they can be.

I love evangelicalism’s passion for the scripture. I love the passion for evangelism that still emanates from the heart of evangelicalism’s Gospel. I love evangelicalism’s continued confidence in the local church.

So if you want me to sponsor “Internet Monk Musical” and leap up on the cafeteria tables and sing “I Love Me Some Evangelicals,” fine.

But the problem is that I’ve just engaged in one of evangelicalism’s favorite sports: selective reading of reality. And at this web site, sports fans, I’m not playing that game.

The total picture of evangelicalism is different from the selective reading. There are threats, diseases, corruptions, compromises and betrayals. People have been hurt and are continuing to be hurt. Abuses are rampant; abuses that would make Tetzel blush. Abuses that compromise the reformation itself and the purpose for which evangelicalism rose from the ashes of state churches and spiritual deadness across Europe.

Those of us who climb into our towers and ring the bells of warning are bound to wake up some sleepers, and to keep many others from falling asleep on the pillows of evangelical comfort.

Back in the day, I used to say this quite a bit. Time to say it again:

“Talk Hard. And don’t quit till they’ve either believed you or thrown you overboard.”

Friends, the revolution won’t be televised. Long before it gets to your door, it will come like a message in a bottle, like a voice on your radio, like a post on some blog. And at that point, it’s entirely YOUR choice what you want to hear and what you want to do with it.


  1. Ummm, upon reading the comments of that post I see a bunch of folks saying, “yup.” And a couple who are saying, “I know even better than you..” But mostly, “Yup.” Who is telling you they won’t be reading anymore?

  2. My comment policy has always been that when you decide to deride the discussion itself or basically go after me for writing in the first place, I’m not going to publish your comment.

    I have, I think, the best discussions on the web, with the fewest problems of conversations turning hostile and personal. There’s a reason: I moderate strictly when I need to do so. So the comments in question don’t appear.

  3. On my blog, I delete the obnoxious folks’ comments too. For that matter, I delete some of the positive ones that I don’t feel contribute anything. I’ve lost a few folks for that reason, but if they read a person’s blog simply so that they can make comments back, they really need to get a life.

    When they tell me they won’t be reading my blog any more, I frequently wonder what sort of “punishment” that is. They’re denying me their obnoxious, critical, cynical, backbiting, pessimistic, insulting, small-minded, tiny-faithed, know-it-all, writing-posts-that-go-on-for-ten-pages presence? Thank you, Lord Jesus. Punishment like that I can rejoice in.

    Keep talking hard. It’s why I read.

  4. Michael, I don’t think you overstated your case. In fact, page upon page could be added to what you said. The plain fact is that the evangelical church in America is “of” the world, but not “in” the world, just the opposite of what Jesus said we should be.

    Of course, that is only one side of the story, but it’s the side that will kill us, so we’d better face up to it.

  5. I appreciate the moderation, because I sometimes see what happens when it is not done.

    I appreciate the insights into my previous religious home. (and I still wish that the best of all Christian denominations could come together as one.) But that won’t happen down here. (Sad to say.)

  6. Thanks for the update Michael – you might want to mention that in the post though, I was confused.

  7. I have to agree; this place has some of the best discussions on theology/Jesus etc. on the internet. So many times, so many places, trying to discuss these sort of ideas turns into a cluster where one or both sides START the conversation by screaming “Heretic!” and insults and it goes down hill from there.

    I enjoy discussing theology with people, even those who disagree with me. There are LOTS of gray areas in our Bible; lots of places where Christian conscience comes into play. I can’t stand people who want to argue over those areas. Discuss, yes. Get angry and mean….no. I also hate when people ignore the verses/books/etc that contradict their chosen view.

    Whether I agree with Michael or the posters here, I always know that it will be civil (mostly) and usually well thought out. It’s why I come here every day.


  8. Heck, I’ll sponsor an enterprise that involves you leaping up on the cafeteria tables and singing anything. 😉

  9. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN… Let it be so IMonk… we need your voice to challenge our thoughts and question the way we do things… Is that not what our forefathers the reformers do… People will always get in a pinch when what they are wearing is a 70’s polyester suit that is outdated, and even not classy anymore… I appericate your posts and your honesty…

    Mike from cali…

  10. “That’s why I’m in Driscoll’s corner, even when I would probably be beaten up by his “dudes” for about half of what I believe.”

    Actually, I chuckled a few times while reading but this one stood out. As for the musical, unless you go on tour, I’ll just have to wait for the DVD! But I’m definitely intrigued. 🙂