January 28, 2021

The IMonk Weekend File: 5:6:06

belushi1941.jpgI haven’t done a weekend file in months. Seems like a good time.

Mark DeVine is a professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. His blog impresses me, his book looks great, and his post on the emerging church good guys in the SBC is a home run. Let’s hear more from the professor. He seems to have good things to say.

BHT fellow Joel Hunter takes on the Together For The Gospel Manifesto. Joel is finishing his Ph.d in Philosophy at the University of Kentucky and is an elder in the PCA. UPDATE: Joel has added Part II.

I found out last night that one of my posts is being used- without my permission, of course, and totally out of context- in an ugly campaign to oust a pastor from his pulpit. It all has to do with using the label of Calvinist as a means of creating ill will and opposition. Here’s the oddity: If a typical pastoral candidate told their perspective SBC church, “I’m a Calvinist, and I love the Bible, the Gospel, missions and evangelism”, the chances of anyone caring about the label would be quite small. People would look at the man’s life, his family, his preaching, his evangelistic and missional commitments—and they would decide if they had any reason to ever be concerned. No different than if a man said he was a fundamentalist or a liberal. Most churches will give a man a chance to show how the label he uses actually affects his life and ministry. But when “Calvinist” is used as a perjorative to stir up suspicion and justify campaigns for removal, then the label itself equals everything that is bad and more. Interestingly, my post was combined with a post from Baptistfire.com, an anonymously written slanderous operation that anyone should be ashamed to be associated with. It’s all very sad. It particularly grieves me that something I wrote would be used in a way that my readers know I would never use it. I am even handed in criticism and praise for Calvinists. I both defend and critique. So these are the chances I take as a writer. I can’t apologize, but it’s a sad result. Pray for this man, and those who would use his conviction to be God-centered against him.

I generally have no interest in the culture warriors, but I have to say that for a Dobson-empire production, Boundless Magazine is always a high quality site, and will reward the time you give it. It addresses a remarkable number of issues, and is generally fair minded and positive in its tone and approach.

Christian Century has a section called “Living By The Word” that features examples of good lectionary preaching. The current form of public worship among conservative evangelicals is to fight all trends with longer, more detailed sermons. I suspect that a return to Biblical roots in worship would suggest that we fight those worshiptainment trends with more scripture, the Lord’s Supper and a more intentional liturgy. Maybe there are a couple of/several short sermons on various Biblical passages used in the service? I’m not kidding. Think about it.

JKA Smith supports Emergents refusal to issue a “doctrinal statement”. I agree with him, and especially with his closing sentiment: When they ask for your creed, hand them the Nicene.

In what may be the most amazing example of pure, uncompromised hypocrisy I have ever seen, one of the primary people calling for my head for allowing PG-13 language at the BHT is now busy writing long posts defending his repeated use of the word “b…s…,” a word I have never allowed at the BHT without immediate editing. His defense: He meant no harm to the Gospel, he wasn’t angry and the other guy really provoked him. His fans are feeding him all the same stuff he said to me. It’s surreal….and extremely revealing of how TRs find it quite easy to say their cause is righteous, so their tactics are excusable. UPDATE: After much wallowing about in postmodernism, the final verdict is *drum roll*….he was wrong. Order has now been restored to the universe.

It’s Spring Fling Weekend at OBI. Fun for everyone, and the weather couldn’t be better. I’m off with my camera, and might post some of the results at my flickr later.


  1. While those guys didn’t invent hyposcrisy, they have achieved a level the Pharisees could only have hoped to attain.


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