October 19, 2020

The iMonk on “The God Whisperers” Talking CEC

I recently did an interview with the guys at The God Whisperers, an awesome Lutheran theology podcast that you can hear on Pirate Christian Radio.

We talked Coming Evangelical Collapse and lots of other things. I had a great time and it’s one of my favorite discussions.

Here’s the site and it runs on QT.


  1. Michael,

    Hey thanks so much for being on TGW and for this plug. It was a fantastic interview, you’re a great guest.

    We look forward to you coming out of the closet and declaring your Lutheranism soon. 🙂

    Thanks again my brother and we look forward to having you on again ASAP!

    God’s Peace

  2. Loved the Kentucky accent. Makes you sound authentically Southern Baptist.


  3. Accent? I do not understand.

  4. Good conversation. LCMS should support more church plants in the South East and Appalachians.

  5. Mark Dowell says

    I am a recent subscriber to the iMonk Podcast (thanks to Issues Etc. [IE]), but I have listened to every God Whisperers podcast

    I ask, where else can you hear a discussion of the Lord Supper for an entire month. Good Stuff!

    I enjoyed your article and interveiws on TGW and IE.

    God Bless,