January 22, 2021

The iMonk on Steve Brown, Etc: MP3 Now Available

Here’s my latest interview on Steve Brown, Etc. I really enjoyed doing the program. Thanks to Steve and Eric for the opportunity to talk about a very difficult issue.

You can subscribe to SBE (and several other Steve Brown projects) at iTunes.

I’m no longer on The Catholic Guy program, btw. Gotta update that bio.


  1. That makes all questions of context actually questions of canon.

    You’re saying that the actual historical events only existed to become part of scripture.

  2. I don’t have a problem with that supposition.

  3. The current issue that is making my head tired is Sola Scriptura.(please edit that if my spelling is not correct).
    This is at the center of my flirtations with Catholicism and the my disillusionment with evangelical bodies.
    Interseting article in the Dallas Morning News today.
    I realize that my responses are often off point but for some reason these are the thoughts that come to mind.

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