November 30, 2020

The IM Weekend File: 10:4:08

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If the menu item in Lexington’s best Mexican Restaurant (Jalapenos) says “Diablo,” don’t get involved unless you are serious.

Kevin Kelly is a founder of Wired Magazine, a Christian, and a guy with a wonderful talk on the “Next 5,000 Days of the Web.”

My wife is the kind of person who still stands in front of a Macdonald’s menu, trying to decide what to order. So when she goes to pick out new glasses, bring a tent and pack a lunch.

Great album: John Mark McMillan, The Medicine. All his music is remarkable. Here’s a sample. He and his band were the worship leaders at a conference I attended last year. An artist who really stands out in his lyricism and risk-taking, vulnerable performance.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that the most important fact in my ecumenical conversations is this: I preach and teach the Gospel and the Bible. It’s my training and my lifelong passion. Bottom line- there is no reason to renounce my calling to preach the Gospel. Don’t Waste Your Life and all that stuff.

Campbellsville University in Campbellsville, Kentucky is having Shane Claiborne and Charlie Hall for Worship-Arts 2009, February 19-20. I’m hoping to attend.

Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God Tour is coming to Lexington’s Ashland Avenue Church Dec. 4

Ray Ortlund, Jr on Power in Preaching.

One of the most valuable moments of my life was this: I turned in a paper to Dr. Richard Cunningham, my philosophy professor at SBTS. He gave it back, and said he couldn’t accept it because of the spelling errors. I was embarrassed, and angry, and embarrassed some more. I went home and improved my spelling. (I still have a long way to go.) It taught me to QUESTION MYSELF. I wish I had applied that lesson far more often than I have.

Religulous, Fireproof and An American Carol are all out there at the same time. Interesting.


  1. * The AP link doesn’t work.

    * I’ll see your “interesting” and raise a “timely”. Went and saw American Carol yesterday. Several times the character who’s a spoof of Michael Moore points out that he’s an Oscar winner. The other person in the conversation scoffs, “Yeah, for a documentary.” (For the uninitiated, Religulous is allegedly a documentary.)

  2. Mike,
    Regarding, QUESTION MYSELF. I too had a similar experience when I was younger. I was newly promoted into management with a very large corporation and was attending a month long management training program along with about 30 others who were also newly promoted. I remember turning in a paper on the first full day of training about a topic that no longer matters. What did matter was that my hand written document was barely legible, incoherent and full of spelling errors. One of the instructors came to my room in the evening and told me if this was the kind of work I was going to be doing I should pack my bags and go home. I was stunned, embarrassed and determined not to let that happen again. I consider it a painful but necessary lesson.

  3. Power in Preaching? In this day and age, that’s the stuff that makes the projector work, right? Or, the first half of the term “PowerPoint”?

    Oh, and yeah, we went and saw “Fireproof”. Not too bad a movie; probably best-suited as a Sunday School series though. The guy talking to himself in the mirror was pretty funny, I gotta admit!