November 30, 2020

The IM Weekend File 10:25:08

Yes, I owe you all a podcast. I’m working on it. I have to go to Lexington today.

I don’t do lists of links, but Zoo Station has a fine one. Spend some time there.

As election time rolls around, I’m still unimpressed with either Presidential candidate, but I’ve made up my mind on the Kentucky Senate race. Mitch McConnell’s attack ads on Bruce Lunsford are the most incredibly vicious distortions and manipulations I’ve ever seen in politics. And this is a state where politicians still shoot each other with some regularity.

We’re studying Exodus in my Bible classes, and Peter Enns’ Exodus Commentary in the NIV Application Commentary series is outstanding for teaching that is aimed at bridging contexts and majoring on application. I have several good commentaries in that series. They are non-scholarly, but highly useful to the communicator.

Robert Velarde writes on C.S. Lewis’s view of pop culture. Lewis’s disdain for the newspaper reminds me that the information revolution has had a terrible effect on Christians. Few read. Few think. The majority believe all kinds of things that aren’t true or are patently ridiculous. But of course, without Snopes, how would I know that?

Excuse me, but I’m very close to writing a parody on stereotypical blog commenters. Particularly those who seem to be living in a realm of spirituality the rest of us are only allowed to admire from our places here on earth. One ought to be very careful about speaking to someone else’s personal spiritual condition as if God had given you insight he hasn’t given to them. Christians speak of life and scripture, and with the Spirit’s help, both together. But there’s a reason I don’t answer the many letters I get asking for highly personal help (and even phone calls!) I don’t know you. You don’t know me. We share a bit, and we can talk about what we do know, but this community doesn’t allow me to speak about what is in your heart, how you treat your wife, what you think about in worship, what church you must attend and so on. Spirituality ought to come with the first fruit of humility. Yes?

Those of you who want to know what politics will do for you should read this post on the Palin family getting a $150,000 clothing allowance from the GOP. And how they could have saved at least $3k on that.

I love two podcasts that recreate, in their own way, the eclectic radio formats of my younger days. My favorite is 3 Chords and the Truth from Revolution 21. Favog is a bit out there as a blogger, but as a music podcaster, he’s the best anywhere. Support this guy and enjoy this music.

Fast coming up in that race is The Best Radio Show You’ve Never Heard. Better known tunes and less talk. Get both of these and you’ll have 2+ hours of great music from all over the map and time line.

For some reason, the blogosphere has been a much more pleasant place during October….Hmmmmm.


  1. For the first election in a long time I am excited about the candidates. Maybe because I too survived a malignant melanoma, or cause I too am an excitable guy, but i really respect McCain. We talk about being ecumenical, Here is a guy who got together with fellow Christians and had communion with weak green tea in a rusty can and grains of rice saved from his supper. I know me, I could not have saved the rice. Under the most horrible conditions these guys of various denominations came up with a service as best they could to have The Lord’s Supper. Do you think the Presence was real there? You Betcha! This guy is a survivor.
    Then he lead the way to have relations with the country of Viet Nam. That is practicing forgiveness on a level with Corrie Ten Boom.
    Also I am a father of two girls. I see a running mate who has a high approval rating and shook up the powers that be in a man’s game. Again I am impressed. As far as saving $3000.00, these people are in the fight of their life! Shopping will have to wait. Money is spent to get people elected. Why worry about this when the opposition in my state is outspending John/Sarah 3 to 1? Waste money campaigning not in office I can live with it. Oh yeah live with it, a lot more children may get to live.. period. I heard Mr. O say that he did not want his daughter punished with an STD or a child if she made a mistake. Lord have mercy. I am going to preach Jesus no matter who wins. I feel more confident with my future ability to do so in freedom with McCain.