September 30, 2020

The IM Weekend File: 08:28:09

belushi19411And so it begins. I don’t know if Kentucky is the first Baptist State Convention to see the handwriting on the wall, but I am very, very proud of our executive board for stepping up to the plate and starting the process of saying, essentially, “we are ready to make changes to see more resources, more money and more people sent to the nations via the International Mission Board.” And that’s what this means and we all know it. Less of the “Great Denomination” model at the national and the state convention level. I work for one of those state entities mentioned in that link, and I know what any loss of state funding might mean for us. But I also know that we are all part of the big picture of what Jesus left us to do, and it’s not about protecting our air conditioning or convention provided vehicle. I predict that every state convention will be sending 5-10% more to the national missions boards in the future. If both the national convention and the state conventions can work together to reload our Gospel train with resources, this could be some of the greatest days for the SBC.

And btw, the fact that the GCR meetings are available on Vimeo is another good sign. Welcome to the real world, SBC business meetings. And Baptist Press, too bad we won’t have to listen to you tell us what’s going on.

We’re in the process of buying a car. We are Dave Ramsey types, so that means taking cash out of our little piggy banks and giving it to other people. Traumatic. My wife needs a sedative. I just want it all to work out. It feels like gambling.

Book Notes: My book has four parts. Started revisions of part II today. I’m doing about a chapter a workday, so about five a week. Should be done by end of September when we have a vacation on the beach in Charleston, S.C. Due date for the manuscript is October 20th. Jesus Shaped Spirituality is happening.

lutheran Book shelfAccording to this picture, I have all the essential books. Now I just need an LCMS church closer than 2 hours away. C’mon people. Think missional! Seriously, these are all great books. The Lutheran Service Book has proven to be best single all purpose devotional and prayer resource I’ve used. All the good stuff from the Treasury of Daily Prayer, plus the hymnal, and much smaller.

We had free mangoes at work this week. Lots of good things to do with mangoes- like smoothies- but just eating them sliced was….slimy. No other word for it. Slimy. Blindfold someone in a haunted house, and you could seriously do some terror with those things. I’ll let you work out the script.

I had a guy this week on the “Call to Worship” thread say that he had never heard a call to worship in a worship service. Great job, evangelicals. Way to eradicate everything.

Glenn Lucke wants to know why so many seminary students ***cough reformed Baptists cough***….uh…. talk funny. Read it.

To whoever bought the Everett Ferguson Baptism book off my Amazon wish list….and then didn’t have it sent to me: hope you’re enjoying it. Way to play with my head 🙂

Someone who fisked this blog three times last week has taken the day to ask everyone who has a problem with him to drop by his blog to talk about it. I’ve checked in and so far it’s just fans. False alarm. Nothing to worry about. If you invite people to air their differences with you and no one does, well the conclusion is obvious, right?

The Cub’s Milton Bradley- arguably the most mentally unstable baseball player of the last decade- has gone off the rails again, ranting that he’s “hated” in Chicago. Now let’s take stock of this. 1) It’s the outfield at Wrigley Field. Does anyone on, let’s say, the opposing teams ever get verbally abused out there? 2) Do you think your $30 million three year contract has anything to do with it? 3) And then your team is one game over .500 while you just plain suck, mailing it in every day. Nothing there?

Why not start a blog, Milton, and ask people to share their grievances with you?

No preaching till Tuesday. IM Radio later this weekend. Cya.


  1. “Now I just need an LCMS church closer than 2 hours away. C’mon people. Think missional!”
    Oh, we’re working on it. But, we are kind of stuck debating what exactly “missional” means. You know us Lutherans- we love talking about theology till we’ve worn out our vocal cords. 🙂

  2. I don’t think the LCMS is planting new liturgical congregations. If an LCMS church shows up in a community near you, it will probably be pattern after the seeker-sensitive, kickin’ worship band model. Maybe someone over in St. Louis will see your interest in Luther and get a clue. Here’s hoping.

  3. Just to be precise, the action taken so far in Kentucky has been for the Administrative Committee of the Mission Board to propose that the full Mission Board recommend to messengers at this year’s annual meeting on Nov. 10 that the current convention president appoint a Great Commission Task Force for the state. The task force would then do its work and bring a report and recommendations back to the messengers at the 2010 annual meeting.

    This is a process that Kentucky Baptists have used with great success in the past to deal with big, important issues. Assuming messengers approve the proposal, it should position Kentucky well to be able to respond to whatever actions or recommendations come out of the SBC’s Great Commission Task Force report next June.

  4. Hey, more mission support? I am so in favor of that!

  5. Northeasterner says

    This post does a very good job of highlighting two good things in tension with each other.

    The Kentucky Baptists and the Missouri Lutherans have a similar quandary. Given a VERY finite amount of financial and human resources, how much should we devote to international and how much to domestic mission work? There is no easy answer to the question.

    As an LCMSer, I think it is important to remember that the LCMS is, essentially, a church that is national in scope. We don’t attempt to missionize Canadians without working through the Canadian Lutheran church body with which we are in fellowship.

    I think it is very important for the LCMS to provide “coverage” all over the United States. As many people as possible should have an LCMS congregation within easy driving distance. I think serving the US in this way is our first priority. God called us (as a church body) to provide word and sacrament ministry to this country.

    This task would be helped immensely if the thrust of our outreach was with traditional, distinctive Lutheran worship instead of the praise band model.

  6. Mango salsa. Try it. You’ll like it.