November 26, 2020

The “I’m Looking For A Good Church” Project

UPDATE II: Some of your comments are getting dumped by spam filters for multiple links. I can sort through the trash if I have time and you let me know. ALSO some of you “Need a Church” folk need to check back in the discussion. You’ve been answered.

I get a constant stream of letters from people who need a good church. Some are in bad churches. Some can’t find a church.

So here’s what I want to do:

1) Write NEEDS a Church or KNOWS a Church at the top of your comment.

2) I want everyone who is looking for a church to post a BRIEF comment designed like this one:

Your NAME First. Then GENERAL LOCATION, specific enough to get a decent answer, but not implying you aren’t willing to drive a few miles. Example: “Louisville Area.” Then describe BRIEFLY what tradition you’re looking for or any other vital info. Don’t tell your entire sad story. We’re all pitiful 🙂

3) THEN Anyone with knowledge of a church that might match up can provide their information.

Got it? OK, I’m turning off moderation. Be helpful.


  1. Michael – I would see this more as trying to help people where they are. No, looking for a church via a blog is probably not a good idea. But if that’s where people are looking, that may be the only place to help them!

    In e-mail I receive, often requesting help with problems, a key indicator of trouble is that the person has no local fellowship. The odds of getting help from someone over the internet are poor, but perhaps that’s the one chance they’ll have to get connect.

    Thus I’m going to link to this post from my blog on the assumption that the more people get connected to a local community, the better!


    Tradition: Eastern Orthodox
    Location: Atlanta Area (Central)
    Congregation Size: 200

    Ethnicity: White American, Countercultural

    Diversity: 3 out of 10: Some African American, some traditional Orthodox ethnicities (Arab, Russian), some Hispanic

    Preaching: 8 out of 10: Long sermons for an Orthodox Church. 1 priest, 2 deacons, 2 catechists, all preach

    Evangelistic Zeal: 6 out of 10: Active mercy mninistries, school, always several catechumens, but no visitation program or missionary activity

    Involvement with Youth: 5 out of 10: Many young families, but few programs for youth

  3. In St. Louis area there are many :
    The Journey – New City Fellowship – St. Louis Family Church – Southgate (formerly Victory Fellowship)The Gateway house of Prayer.
    And many more but I agree with Michael The Church shopping is to easy and weakens our walk.
    By the way I don’t go to nor have I been to many of the churches listed above only the house of prayer.

  4. Jim Womack says

    Knows a church:
    Grace Community Church (PCA)
    Mobile, Al
    *9 year old church plant
    *multicultural with a heart for the impoverished area we serve- tutoring, basketball camps, VBS, etc.
    *strong ties with Campus Outreach at Univ of South Alabama
    *relative young average age- many young families and lots of children
    *elder led
    *sound teaching in all areas
    *not program driven
    *church website


    Apostolic Christian Church
    Livonia, MI (and others, see for more locations)

    – Lay ministers deliver sermons that are based solely on Bible reading as inspired by the Holy Spirit
    – The congregation participates through unaccompanied congregational song worship and in leading group prayers
    – A typical Sunday includes two hours of worship separated by a noon lunch hour, which is prepared by church families on a rotating basis
    – Congregation is made up of a full range of ages: an active young group (high school –> college), several young and growing families, and elderly members who reside in a nearby church-run nursing home
    – Strong church-to-church connections through the United States and the world


    Christchurch Anglican
    Montgomery, AL

    Conservative, evangelical Anglican church of about 300 or so (Sunday attendance). Are part of the Anglican Communion Network which is comprised of churches that have left the Episcopal Church USA due to the heterodox teachings and practice of the national denomination. Currently meeting downtown at Dexter Ave. United Methodist but building a new facility (scheduled to move in Summer 2010).

    –Started in 2005
    –Excellent teaching.
    –Traditional worship with mostly Anglican hymns but sometimes includes Taize chants.
    –Mixed age congregation
    –Under the leadership of the Anglican Church in Uganda
    –Almost an all white congregation, but has outreaches and programs working with inner-city children as well as cooperative efforts with Dexter Ave UMC, which is a multi-ethnic congregation.
    –Seems to have a pretty active youth group

    northern Baltimore area
    peace church tradition

  8. Michael,

    Might be a good idea to restrict comments to needs and those “knows” which are a direct response to needs.


  9. I think this is actually a better way of finding a church than many. You would actually know one person with whom you had something in common to begin a good conversation. Hope this goes well. I will continue to check back if anyone in my area requests a “good church”

    (You’re a brave man for turning off the moderation on this one, Imonk.)

  10. The Guy from Knoxville says


    Needs a Church.
    Knoxville,TN area.

    Have SBC background though not necessarily looking to go to another SBC church – considering other denoms or non-denoms but want traditional approach.
    Might consider blended but with a nod toward (lean toward) traditional.

    Thanks much!

    Location: Thornton (north part of Denver, Colorado
    Name: Village Baptist Church
    Information: Baptist General Conference, Calvinistic, but others welcome. Excellent preaching and teaching. Congregation of about 150.

    Worship would have been modern twenty years ago, has some more modern songs and some hymns.

    High School and Middle School on Sundays and during the week and younger groups on Sundays. Adult classes as well and some mid-week groups.

    Demographics: Mostly white, lot of Hispanics, some Asians and Blacks. Majority of people in 40-60 range.

    Very friendly and caring church.

  12. Surfnetter:

    Just go to any local RC hospital chapel. You will get the abbreviated, fast-talking priest mass. You will be out in 30 minutes.

    Not a drive-through but hey, a 30 minute obligation met is worth the parking and walking in.



    Tradition: PCA (newer church plant meeting in rented theatre in arts district of town)
    Location: Charlotte, NC
    Congregation Size: 200-300

    Communion partaken weekly, with real bread and wine, a huge plus and uncommon for PCA churches.

    Diversity: mix of whites and African-Americans, and a degree of other racial groups present. Heavily leaning towards 25-40 yr olds but all ages present.

    Music: Incredibly, incredibly good and intentional in its style. Very urban, jazz tinged and r & b influenced, but focusing on mostly rich hymn texts that have been adapted.

    Preaching: Very culturally aware and relevant, with a very loose expository style. Typical in length, but a bit “dressed down” and user friendly than typical PCA fare, fairly in line with the more ‘missional’ outlook of the church.

    Evangelistic Zeal: 6 out of 10: Active mercy mninistries,

    Involvement with Youth: 5 out of 10: An active youth group and regular activities, especially for a young and small-ish church.

    Adult sunday school classes focus largely on biblical/cultural issues, rather than typical devotional formats, good quality children;s classes as well.

  14. Knows a church.

    Baltimore, Md area.

    The Garden Community of Baltimore is a new church plant that is pursuing reconciliation and restoration in this city. We are a diverse crowd that is knitting ourselves into the fabric of this community through serving (we will be repainting the local school this summer at no cost to the city), and authentic community.

  15. knows a church

    Blackhawk Evangelical Free Church
    Madison, WI

    Large church – +- 3,400
    multiple services at one time (separate “styles” in each, same sermon by live feed, different worship teams)
    Best preaching Pastor I have ever heard in person, Chris Dolson, Dallas grad, Gordon Conwell Grad

  16. Aaron Schmidt says

    needs a church

    Springfield, MO area

    from SBC tradition, but looking for something less restrictive. (I have pacifist/Yoder/E.P. Sanders leanings)

    Blended or contemporary worship styles would be fine.


  17. Needs a church

    Ogden, Ut area

    I’ve attended both a non-denominational and a SBC church in the past.


  18. Needs a church

    Tyler, Texas
    Authenticity, no praise band

  19. NEEDS a church

    South Oklahoma City & Norman, OK

    What we’re looking for: Something with a “mere orthodoxy” focus, respect for tradition, and a healthy balance of essential doctrine, Scripture and serious spiritual formation for new Christians.

    What we DON’T want: Sorry to include this last bit, but having been recently exposed to so-called “prophetic evangelism,” “apostolic revival” and so on, my wife and I want to avoid neo-Pentecostalism. We’re not cessationists, per se, but neither do we embrace the extremes that have recently manifested in the charismatic movement.

  20. Knows a church

    Peace Community Church
    NW Houston, Bear Creek area

    Small, warm church in the Reformed tradition.

    We are always saying to each other: “Do we have a sign on the highway that says, ‘If you’re a little strange, a little confused, a little (or a lot) broken, come on down!'”

    We are learning together to be apprentices of Jesus.

  21. Houghton: Is there a Sovereign Grace Ministries church plant near you?

  22. Know A Church

    Rockingham Friends Meeting
    Harrisonburg, VA
    Ohio Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Conservative/Christian Worship)

    Anyone who’s ever taken the What’s Your Religion quiz on Beliefnet and come up Orthodox Quaker – these are your people.

  23. Church Needed.

    I desperately NEED a good church in northwestern Ohio. I live about 90 miles south of Toledo and about 60 miles from Fort Wayne, IN. I live fairly close to Lima and Findlay, which are both on I-75.

    Currently we are attending a seeker-sensitive-purpose-driven-marriage-relationships-finances – oh so culturally aware and relevant church complete with the kickin’ praise band. We are at this church only b/c we fled our previous church when the prophets and apostles moved in. (out of the frying pan and into the fire? or maybe the other way?) We get very little substantive content beyond felt needs, so I’m a “self-feeder” with my Treasury of Daily Prayer and sermon podcasts (thanks Cwirla, Chandler and many others)

    WANTED: Sound biblical teaching and the Gospel! – every week. I grew up LCMS and would be happy there, but not sure my wife would. I appreciate liturgy and hymns. I’m not against contemporary worship as long as it isn’t shallow.

    DON’T WANT: law-based, how-to, sermons based on TV shows, multimedia sensory overload, rock concert atmosphere.

    Please someone – respond quickly! Or tomorrow I will have to sit through a sermon on fear based on UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Or is this Sunday “Texting Your Questions to God” ? I can’t remember. Does it matter? – probably not. If only I was joking . . . .

  24. Stephanie says

    Stephanie, Greensboro area, NC.

    a bible-based missional fellowship. Been SBC all my life, looking to get away from the SB’s for a season. No “mega” churches either.

  25. iMonk,

    I don’t know if there’s a Sovereign Grace Ministries church nearby, but I’m going to try to find out! Thanks for the tip.


    Knoxville, TN
    SBC background (doesn’t have to be SBC church), need a church that faithfully preaches God’s word. Looking for church that does not “wear the same pair of pants” as any political party. Prefer more contemporary worship/preaching style. Looking for quality Sunday schools/libraries. Having a quality graduate/professional ministry a plus.


    Carson City, Reno Nevada area.

  28. Plano Jim says

    I’m in the Dallas, TX area and was successful in finding a great church through Mark Dever’s 9Marks website. Through the church search function we found our church home, which is a traditional Calvinist Baptist church in McKinney, TX. Wonderful exegetical preaching which is feeding these dead bones after years of the topical Mega-Church madness.

    Here’s the link to 9Marks:

  29. KNOWS a church. Norman, OK. Christ the King, PCA. It is a good church, with a very caring pastor and elders – very good Bible teaching and training and good community. I attended there for years before moving away and I miss it greatly. is the website, for more info.


    In the Searcy, Arkansas, or Jonesboro, Arkansas area-reformed, or just good solid Bible teaching, family centered, the opposite of traditional SBC.


    In Atlanta, GA. I noticed the one mentioned above, but what is the name and where is it located? Does it have a website? Otherwise, I’m all ears. I’ve been Catholic, nondenominational and Presbyterian (PCA), but haven’t attended church in 8 years.

  32. KNOWS A CHURCH in Northern NJ for any wandering Korean-Americans, lol

    New Jersey Central Church in South Hackensack, NJ, right by the Hackensack police station; located in rented Episcopalian Church.

    Very small church mainly full of elderly Koreans, but has vibrant Young Adult and College Ministry and Youth Group. Sermons are not “amazing” but definitely Christ centered. Main strong point about this church is it’s intimate community for its young adults and teenagers; it really is like a family and is truly Christ centered! Full of Calvinists and Arminians (theological discussions about predestination are common…lol)

    Service starts at 1pm on Sundays. And yes, I do attend this church (look for me when you come! lol)

  33. People: Leave a working email address or web link or this is useless info.

  34. Mule Chewing Briars says

    Alex –

    St. John the Wonderworker Orthodox Church
    just off Grant Park
    543 Cherokee
    Mapquest it….

  35. To Dave

    Toledo, Ohio

    Providence Reformed Baptist Church

    I’d be there if I still lived there…

  36. I started a blog called Philadelphia Church Review when I was looking for a church in the Philly/South Jersey area. I reviewed several churches.

    I attend an awesome church in West Philadelphia. Email me for more info.


    I cannot vouch for it personally, but I am aware of a Calvinistic Baptist church in Searcy, AR and have had a little online interaction with the pastor:

    It is listed on the Founders site. The following church is as well:

    I am personally acquainted with a pastor in Conway although from the request for Searcy or Jonesboro it sounds like that may be a bit too far.

  38. Knows a Church

    An addendum to my last post responding to the request for a church in the Jonesboro or Searcy, AR area:

    The pastor in this video, Don Johnson pastors Grace Baptist Church in Batesville, which I just realized is in the same general area of the state.

    I’ve had the privilege of sitting under his preaching several times. He is a tremendously powerful Calvinistic Baptist preacher and anything but typical SBC. I don’t have a link or email address for him or the church, but if you are interested in learning more, you can contact me at and I’m sure I can get it for you if interested.

  39. KNOWS a Church

    South OKC / Moore
    Capitol Hill Baptist
    304 S.W. 134th St.
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73170

  40. Jenn,
    Glad to see a fellow Philadelphian on here! I checked out your site and saw that the most recent review was for mine.

    Knows a church:
    Circle of Hope
    Philadelphia/Camden (3 congregations)
    Affiliation: Brethren in Christ

    Definitely a church that thrives on the concept of small groups and emphasizes community. Demographically, we are mostly college students and young families. I church-hopped for a long time before settling here and have really enjoyed it!


    Justin, Memphis, Tennessee area. I’ve grown up in a Nazarene church and have moved away from that and am looking for a small group or church plant to get into. Somewhere that focuses on community and getting to know its members, college age is preferred, but not demanded. I go to school in the area and do not have access to a car, and I have tried church hopping with friends, only to come up empty each week.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

  42. Justin –

    If you live near the U of M, this church is not too far away. It was my home church when I lived in Memphis.

    Lifelink Church
    1015 South Cooper

    I know the leadership well – three of my closest friends on the planet. Great community, has many young adults. It’s a more relaxed expression of church but meet in an older, more traditional looking building.

    Hope this helps.

  43. G. P. O'Hara says


    Area: In or around Mayport, FL. Willing to venture into Jacksonville / surrounding areas. I’ll likely be moving to this area, but I’m in the military and don’t have orders quite yet. This move would likely happen around the end of this year.

    Background is mixed, but strongly nostalgic of EFCA and non-nostalgic of SBC. I understand that there are two EFCA churches in the area, but I’m willing to look around. My theology is classical Arminian at this point. Currently age 25; definitely hoping for a good 20-30 yr old group to hang with and not feel like “the kid with a guitar.”

    KNOWS A GREAT CHURCH in northern Tucson, AZ if anybody’s interested:

  44. treebeard says

    Dave (in NW Ohio),

    I’ve been meeting with Vineyard Columbus for awhile, and have been helped and refreshed there. But it is a megachurch, and contains some elements that you might consider a negative. I thought that way myself, but it has grown on me and now I appreciate their ways of reaching out to the community. Their worship style is enlivening, and their messages are solidly Bible-based and not sugar-coated.

    You are probably more than an hour away, but it might be worth it to make an excursion to Columbus (Westerville, actually) and see for yourself. If you like what you see (or even if you don’t), there are Vineyard churches near where you live, in Toledo, Findlay, and Bowling Green. But I have not been to any of them so I can’t recommend them firsthand. The Vineyard churches are somewhat autonomous, so their style differs from place to place (something I really appreciate about them).

    Locations of Vineyard churches in Ohio:

  45. Micah Monroe says

    To Alex in Atlanta:

    You should visit Trinity Vineyard at least once:

    Not your typical Vineyard, multi-ethnic congregation and very cool outreach into the City. They use Godly Play for the children, if you have babies. Very Gospel-centric and vibrant church.


    AREA: Lynchburg, Virginia

    TRADITION: Baptist/Independent Bible church with Calvinistic theology and an emphasis on expositional preaching and local evangelism.

  47. KNOWS a church

    Francesville and Medaryville, IN

    Small town, farm community Methodist Church.

    Pastor Susan Jennys preaches and teaches from Scripture. Our two congregations are mostly senior citizens – which is a good thing. These are good people who bend over backward to help you grow.

    Even date Sundays in Francesville, Odd date Sundays in Medaryville. Worship starts at 10 eastern.

  48. NEEDS a church

    Honolulu area (island of Oahu)

    there are a million seeker sensitive and word faith churches like the one i just left so please please please if you can refer a reformed, or confessional lutheran church i’d appreciate it.


  49. Re: previous post

    i forgot to insert that this is in hawaii. Aloha..and mahalo:)

  50. To Aaron Schmidt:

    KNOWS a church

    Emmaus –
    Non-denominational 2-year-old church plant (plant of an SBC church actually). Meets in a downtown reception facility, missions/outreach oriented, contemporary. We’d love to have you.