January 27, 2021

The Fearsome Pirate’s Ship Is No More

st_josh.jpgFrequently brilliant. Dependably provocative. Totally truthful. One of the best bloggers on the net, hands down. Infuriating. Frustrating. And, of course, a person who drove me back to the books and my Bible over and over again, making me better every time.

Josh S has ended his blogging career, and I salute him. From “I Think I Need A Stiff Drink” to the “High Barbaree,” we won’t see his kind around the blogosphere again.

TRs have lost an adversary they never defeated, who told Calvinists the cold, hard truth and, even when he went nuts, always had something worth reading.

Here’s to ya Josh. If I’m ever in a theological foxhole, I want you in there with me. God bless you, and thanks for the many awesome posts.


  1. When my wife and I compromised on Lutheranism from her Catholicism and my confused Evangelicalism, it was Josh’s influence in the BHT (when I was a Fellow in that esteemed company) that drove me to the confessions and scripture. I am deeply indebted. I second your accolades, Michael.

    Mike Benoit

  2. Years ago, when I would start reading a post I didn’t understand, I would scroll down to see if it was Josh confusing me. It always was Josh. Thanks, Josh. I eventually got to the point where I could understand most of what you said. (I think it was the point where you stopped writing stuff above my head.)

    Now I have to let go of that sense of achievement and start trying to understand Joel’s posts.

    Josh – you always made me laugh. Out loud. Especially at the things that made everyone else so mad. Yeah, maybe you’d better get rid of that stuff.

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