September 25, 2020

The Coming Week

We continue to do our best while Chaplain Mike takes a much-needed sabbatical this month. We are going to look at the second book in the iMonk book club this week, Tim Stafford’s Miracles. Lisa Dye will lead us through this book and this topic, one that is sure to provoke some very interesting stories from you. Lisa’s initial essay is so good, so strong, that I am saving it for tomorrow morning. In the meantime, be thinking: Does God still do miracles today? And just what is a “miracle” anyway?

We will also look at a topic that gets me into no end of trouble: God’s grace. Let me go ahead and answer the question I am always asked when I write about grace. “Are you really saying that we can live anyway we want and still experience God’s grace and forgiveness?” To which I answer … ok, you know how I answer that. And if you don’t, well, you’ll just have to keep reading this week.

Finally, the old radio DJ in me is showing through. I’m taking requests as to what you want me to write about this week. I’ll fit in one request, maybe two. Call our request hotline and tell me what stax of hot wax you want to hear.

Read Miracles. And be ready to have your world turned inside-out with Lisa’s essay tomorrow.


  1. petrushka1611 says

    My dad always defined a miracle as a temporary suspension of natural laws.

  2. “Finally, the old radio DJ in me is showing through. I’m taking requests as to what you want me to write about this week.”

    Okay, Jeff, you just HAVE to write about playing Stairway to Heaven backward. 😉

  3. I was thinking about miracles and the “supernatural” earlier this week. What if supernatural things ARE the most naturual thing and the way life is lived most of the time is less natural? I had a cut on my hand that healed over the period of a week and I was thinking how amazing it is that the body heals itself. But if that cut had healed immediately as I watched it, we would have considered that some kind of mini-miracle. So, maybe miracles are like reality on fast forward.

  4. MelissatheRagamuffin says

    I’m looking forward to reading about Grace.