October 20, 2020

The Christian And Mental Illness

Here are all six parts of the Mental Illness series so you can link them together. I’ve never done a series of this length before, and I enjoyed it. I hope to do some other series in the future.

I. Basic Questions
II. Is There Such A Thing As Mental Illness?
III. Is Mental Illness Demonic?
IV. Is There Mental Illness In The Bible?
V. The Church and the Mentally Ill
VI. What Does The Gospel Say?

One note: There are a couple of comments in these threads that I find really offensive in their attempt to deny the reality of mental illness. I have allowed these comments because I believe it is important for thoughtful readers to take in this point of view that is increasingly advocated by a segment of evangelicals.


  1. I’m sorry if I offended you. That was not my intent. My point was that the Gospel and its truths can heal. I’ve seen it. I’m not advocating that there is no biological issues with mental illness, whatsoever. But, again, it’s the “chemical” thing that has not ben proven. It’s just doesn’t seem like the right word to use. I believe that the biology (however it is present)is a byproduct of something spiritual/metaphysical or even theological.


  2. What a well written series! Keep that up & thers’s a book in your future! I should add that as a Chrisitan that battles mental disorders on a daily basis your writings are refreshing. Keep up the great work!

    Be Blessed!

    Big Scott

  3. Dear IM, I personally have benefited greatly from your recent posts on mental illness. They could not have come at a better time for me. Mental illness is a reality and the church does not know what to do about it. Biblical thinking is a key ingredient in helping those sufferring form mental illness. Articles like yours at least frame out the big picture. Thank you and may God continue you to bless others through your work!

  4. I’ve just started to read through these postings – thanks for what looks like some good work
    The church is often blind to these types of issues – & yet these are the things & people that the church is to speak up about & for.

    A request: your 3rd posting [is mental illness demonic?] isn’t there, the link above is to a repeat of section II

  5. I wish to respond before I read. I am very ill. I have the worse you can have, and recently the Doctor said, “I’m sorry, but even now, we know it will become even worse”. How can that be? I started up the ladder a long time ago. Even when I was a little boy people knew there was something wrong. The first doctor said I had a bit of depression. The last doctor said schizophrenea. It’s easy to say that spirits are the cause, for I see them. But I do not. There lays the mystery. I fell into a group that preached that I was bound. When I failed to be unbound, it was my lack of faith. In the end I tried to end my life. So many times I wanted to die. One day I gave into the Doctors and let them strap me to a bed, One medication after another went down my throat. Now I sleep much more then I want too, but the visions and voices are gone. Now I can read a book which leads me to this site. I am scared to approach christianity again. So I will read what you have to say and comment again at the end. If anyone eles is feeling the same then lets read togeather.