January 20, 2021

The Baptist Way/iMonk 101: Walls That Won’t Fall: Basics for the Local Church

watford_church.jpgIn January of 2006, I wrote an essay covering what I believe about the local church: “Walls That Won’t Fall: Basics for the Local Church.” I’m very happy with this piece, because it covers a lot of things that I believe the Bible plainly teaches and that work for the health of Christians and their churches.

I’m particularly interested in stressing the four “C’s” in the second half of the essay: Creed, Confession, Covenant and Constitution. (The church where I am a member has none of these and no plans to acquire them, so there’s plenty of room for improvement.)

For those of you who apparently missed that I’m a Baptist, post-evangelical or not, you might want to check in with what you missed. Here’s a mini-course about the local church as the basic expression of the Christian movement.

READ: “Walls That Won’t Fall: Basics For the Local Church.”

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