November 29, 2020

That Music You Hear: Rhodes

rhodescover.jpgThe music you hear on this week’s podcast (in and out, not the segment bumpers) is by Daniel Whittington’s new band, Rhodes. Their CD, Half a Mind to Stay is available at CD baby and I would encourage all of the IM audience to check it out. Samples are available at their myspace page. The cut you’re going to be hearing as the podcast intro for a while is “Should Have Known.” Has a nice southern rock feel to some of it. Bluesy. Some British rock flavor. Plenty of influences. Just good.

Daniel and other members of the band are IM/BHT readers. This is music for anyone enjoying serious rock, strong lyrics, memorable tunes, outstanding guitar work and good vocals. I’m more than impressed. I’m excited for the future of this group. It’s an impressive debut by Christians making good music for the people. This isn’t Christian pop or P&W. You can actually listen to this without having to get into the “Is that Christian music?” talk.

Listen to the opening cut, “Magician” and tell yourself this is a debut. You’ll see what I’m talking about. If you’re on the west coast, check the schedule and go see them. Rhodes is the real deal. I’m proud to make them the iMonk radio band for a few weeks.