July 12, 2020

Sure…Bring Your Glove!

Update: I can now mention one of the surprises I allude to below. Our very own First Lady, Denise Spencer, will be joining us, along with her daughter and son-in-law, Noel and Ryan Cordle. Worship, baseball, great food and a chance to visit with the IM’s First Lady. Don’t miss it!

There is still time to sign up to join us for the first annual Internet Monk Day At The Reds on Sunday, June 13. We will start the day off with worship at the Oaks in Middletown, Ohio. There will be plenty of time to get from the church to the Great American Ballpark in time for the 1:10 game with the Kansas City Royals. Be sure to get your fill of hot dogs in the early innings–you will want plenty of room for dinner at the world famous Montgomery Inn Boathouse to close out our day. Dress for the entire day, including church, is casual. Jeans, shorts, Reds jerseys–it’s all good.

And yes, you can bring your baseball glove to the game. There’s nothing like seeing a bunch of balding old guys sitting in the stands with their gloves ready to catch a foul ball. (I would recommend leaving your glove in the car for church–unless, of course, you are hoping the pastor will bless it, giving you an advantage over the rest of us for that ball.)

The cost for the day is just $99. That includes your game ticket and your complete meal. It does not include parking, food at the ballpark, souvenir hats and shirts (but not one of those big foam fingers–resist those, please), or any adult beverages you want to consume at dinner.

Let me know via email if you are planning to join us. (jeff@emoonpublishing.com) We hope to have some surprise visitors with us, and I may have one or two other surprises as well–if we can work them out.

How much more could you ask for? Baseball, barbecue, a Gospel-centered worship service, and meeting your IM friends in person. We hope to see you there!


  1. Donalbain says

    Would it be OK for non believers to come to all of the event other than the church service?

  2. What a fantastic thing this is – I hope you all enjoy time with each and other and consider it a blessing to meet each other, perhaps for the first time.

    That is special.

  3. WOW, I sure wish I could make it but it’s a bit far for a one day field trip from MN. Hope you all have a wonderful time.

  4. I can’t be there either, but it makes me very happy to think of you all sharing such a day.

  5. I’ll just be getting back from a retreat, or I’d be there too…lurking in the shadows with my popcorn and baseball cap. It sounds awesome – I’ll definitely keep my calendar open for next year!