July 11, 2020

Support WorldServe

logo.gifEvery year at Advent and Christmas, the BHT features a ministry that deserves your support. There are many good ministries and feel free to promote them in the comments. This year I would like to encourage your support for a ministry that directly affects many of our students at OBI and millions of Christians around the world: Worldserve.

Worldserve is a church planting, church supporting, pastor supporting ministry that specializes in assisting the church in China, Vietnam, Cuba, and Ethiopia. Worldserve hopes to plant over 100,000 churches in 5 years. They are effective at supporting suffering pastors and in getting Bibles into these countries. I became familiar with Worldserve through Michael Card.

They have an excellent web site and you can learn learn all about their work there. One of the reasons we are supporting Worldserve is their philosophy of supporting movements in the country and not sending in westerners to be pastors. Their ministry on behalf of suffering pastors is especially impressive. If you read the web site, you won’t think of Christmas lights quite the same way again.

I encourage your support for Worldserve. They are doing work in places work desperately needs to be done and where are brothers and sisters are suffering for their faith in Christ.