September 25, 2020

Sunday Morning Meditation: Think On These Things

This week Damaris Zehner and Martha of Ireland will be helping us to walk with Dame Julian of Norwich. Two years ago I had the privilege to visit Norwich and sit in the cell (small room attached to small church) Julian called “home” for many years. The presence of God was overwhelming. I’m really excited for what Damaris and Martha will share with us this week.

To get us started, and to give us something to consider as we prepare for worship this morning, here is a meditation from Dame Julian.

We must take God’s promises and energy as much as our capabilities allow. This is God’s will. We must also take our trials and dis-eases as lightly as we can. For the more lightly we take them and the less price we set on them, for love, the less pain we will have in feeling them and the more thanks and refreshment we will have for them.


  1. Might this be the thing I as a Christ-follower must struggle to really understand in obedience? In the general realm of the North American church; i wonder if worshipping and living daily is the reality of our faith families in other countries is the same here? I often try to think how it may to me to understand suffering to that of a people under the dominace of religiousity? Might it be? To give thanks in the midst of . . . ? I look forward to be taught.

  2. I needed to hear this.

    I have health problems, but I have been entirely too focused on them, instead of my blessings.

    I don’t have the time to join in this book club reading now, but is is for SURE on my list for after the thesis…..