September 25, 2020

Sunday Morning Meditation: Think On These Things

Our thought-starter as we prepare for worship this morning comes from the great United Methodist bishop and preacher, William H. Willimon and his book, Why Jesus?

Sometimes people say, “God? Oh can’t say anything definitive about God. God is large, nebulous, and vague.” We wish. By rendering God into an abstract idea, we can be assured that we’ll always be safe from God. By raising the crucified Jesus from the dead, it was as if God vindicated Jesus, as if God said, “You want to know what God looks like? You want to know what the Creator really wants from the creature and creation? Look at Jesus! There, that’s who I am.” At a definite point in time, at a particular place, in love, God allowed God’s self to be pinned down by us—on a cross. It’s a curious thing to say about Jesus, the wandering teacher of Galilee, that he is as much of God as we ever hope to see. Even more so, Jesus is a curious thing to say about God.


  1. Yep. There it is.


    The great stumbling block.

  2. Sounds like a book to add to my wish list – among many others.

  3. Dan Crawford says

    I have been a fan of Will Willimon’s ever since I read the book he co-authored with Stanley Hauerwas “Resident Aliens”. He once told a group of seminarians gathered for a preaching conference that the only license they had in the pulpit was to preach God’s word as written and no other – not our random reflections, not our political obsessions, not our disagreements with God’s word. I took that lesson to heart, and pray I have not fallen too short of it.