January 15, 2021

Sunday in Mayberry

Presented by Chaplain Mike

Now I know why I receive some of the comments I get after a post.


  1. Thanks Chaplain Mike….that one reminded me of the other you tube on there called “Andy and Barney Explain A Capella. Posted it for all my Church of Christ friends on my face book.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful video on the immense need for foreign missionaries.


  3. GranpaJohn says

    That’s the trouble with you church guys; always looking for an angle to talk about sin…

    Thanks Mike, Grace and Mercer to you

  4. Cynthia Jones says

    LOL! I am reminded of my uncle, who used to sleep through the entire sermon every Sunday. Afterwards, on his way out the door, he’d shake the preacher’s hand and say, “Preacher, I bleeve that was the best sermon I ever heard!” [Yes, I misspelled “believe” on purpose, because that’s how he said it!] I guess he figured the preacher couldn’t see him sleeping in the 2nd pew “all the way” from the pulpit!

    • haha My great uncle is an old retired pastor who does something similar. He even snores! (Bonus points: my dad is the pastor) The problem is that when we tried to call him on it, he still managed to tell us exactly what was talked about. I have no idea how he does it…

  5. Tis funny. I can honestly say the only time I’ve fallen asleep in church was when I was somewhere between first and third grade, and must’ve just been really tired.

  6. During one service at a Methodist church I once attended, the pastor used a piece of trick paper that lit and burned really fast for a burst of flame. He used it to make a point on how short life is. Afterwards, he told that a husband was asleep and the fired so startled his wife that she elbowed him awake and told him to pay attention.

  7. Once I saw a man fall asleep while standing for prayer. We all sat down afterwards and he remained standing.

  8. Years ago, a friend of ours had worked a double shift on Saturday and still managed to get to the 8 a.m. service at church. He did not, however, manage to stay awake during the sermon. Until…the pastor shouted out the following verse to emphasize the point of his message.

    “Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light!” Ephesians 5:14

    John awoke. And he never lived it down 🙂

  9. I only try to stay awake through the constant ever increasing flow of blogs that are posted by you Chaplain Mike every day. 🙂

  10. I once had a “professional” sleeper: 5 minutes into the message he would drift off and 5 minutes until the end he would awaken. I varied the length of the message a few times just to see the results. Each time he would wake up about five minutes before closing. I just let it go and enjoyed seeing him in church. He has since gone on to be with the Lord.

  11. I saw Michael Spencer about lose his cool with a sleeping kid in chapel one time. We had a guest speaker (at a special service that Spencer does not like to call revival), and a dude nodded off in the front row. He wasn’t snoring loudly, but slumped way down in the pew, right in front of the preacher to boot. As Spencer came up to close the service, he bumped the guy with his foot. Nothing. As he continued speaking he kicked the guy, hard. Still nothing, kid was out like a light. Michael was able to go ahead and finish the service, but afterwards Mr. Student got a talking to I would not have wanted to be on the receiving end of.

    • Cynthia Jones says

      Ahhhhhhh………………. The sleeping kid in Chapel. That is CERTAINLY something I do NOT miss about being there! I never felt like I could enjoy the worship service because I was constantly tapping kids to “wake them up.” Amazingly, they were fine just before and immediately after the sermon! If it was bad enough for Mr. Spencer to say/do something about it, though, it MUST’VE been pretty bad!

  12. I once asked my pastor ahead of time to please ignore me if I dozed off during his sermon. He was suffering from allergy season, and apparently taking some strong stuff at the time; he said “Clark, I might doze off during my sermon.”

  13. Scott Eaton says

    What were those strange little books they were holding during the singing time? Weird.

  14. Growing up as a missionary kid, I’ve been in plenty of churches and seen plenty of folks fall asleep during sermons good and bad. But there are some rare occasions when it’s really not the sleeper’s fault but the fault of an incredibly boring sermon.

    Last summer we were visiting a church during a family reunion. Very first baptist. I knew we were in trouble from the first prayer — way too long and sounded like the guy did it to hear himself talk. Sermon was about God’s righteousness, with the word “righteousness” repeated 43 times. Zero application of the text to people’s lives. My kids stayed awake by counting the number of times the pastor said “righteousness.” My 20-something neice is a great kid, full of energy, grew up as an MK, loves Jesus. She fell sound asleep. Heck, I almost fell asleep.

  15. Aw man, at my old church, the pastor was a major rambler. He’d have a three-point sermon and spend about 25 minutes on his introduction and then realize he hadn’t gotten to the points, so he’d spend about 15 minutes on the first point and then 5 minutes total on the remaining points and conclusion. Well, my sermon attention span at the time was about 25 minutes, so I’d eventually doze off most every week. It was embarrassing, but I couldn’t help it!

    After I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and was put on a CPAP at night, things got better… but not much!

  16. This story may be apocryphal, but it is still good. My Dad tells it and says that it is true.
    An elderly gentleman was in the habit of falling asleep in church. One Sunday some youths put their knees up against the back of his pew and pinned part of his coat between their knees and the pew, and then waited for him to fall asleep. He did so at his usual time, and as usual slumped forward in the pew.

    In the past he had been awakened when his body sensed that he was leaning too far forward and he would jerk awake with a start. Well, since the boys were holding his jacket he leaned into it even more, going past the point of no return.

    At the right moment the lads pulled their knees back releasing the jacket and the man pitched forward into the back of the pew in front him and causing a loud clatter as he sputtered around trying to get his bearings and make sense of what had just happened.

  17. Of course, what really made this particular episode funny was that the guest preacher’s sermon, “What’s Your Hurry?”, was so totally UNNECESSARY for the good people of Mayberry – and wound up causing them to be MORE stressed and hurried than they had been before they heard the sermon! A good lesson to preachers to know their congregation! 🙂

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