January 20, 2021

Summer Sounds from CM – 6/1/13


OK, so I’m cutting back on my writing. Starting Monday, I will be at your service only on Mondays and Thursdays for awhile. On one of those days each week through the summer, I will have a post devoted to music I love, strictly for your summer listening enjoyment.

Well, maybe not strictly. It’s also an easy way to get a post up fast. Nevertheless… oh well, busted.

But wait, after all it’s summer: time for outdoor concerts on the lawn, and when we can’t afford that, time to cruise around town with the top down — tunes a’blarin’. Since this is Saturday and we’re all gettin’ ready to hit the drive-in tonight, I thought I’d kick off the series a little early and give you a taste of some of the sounds that make me smile. Over the course of the season I will bring you some of my favorite records by my favorite artists. New ones. Old ones. Popular tunes and obscure ones some of us might have missed along the way. Live concert editions when possible, of course.

I’ll start with my favorite song of the 21st century so far, courtesy of Chicago’s great rock band, Wilco. Make sure you stick through this one to the end. There’s a wild man named Nels Cline on guitar and you won’t want to miss his work.



  1. Robert F says

    Sheer transcendent song-writing and playing genius. An example of how rock can rise to the level of great art. I’ve always more than loved this one.

  2. Gibsons, Fenders, Hammond B3 with a Leslie speaker + impeccable musicianship = Awesome! Thanks for the post. Gotta get a Wilco CD to be sure!

  3. If you want to hear some of Nels Cline’s more intense guitar work, take a listen to his stuff with his jazz/fusion group, The Nels Cline Singers (there’s actually no vocals in the group). As a guitarist, he’s one of my inspirations. He’s does a lot with effect and noise, but he never forgets that the melody is what it’s all about.

  4. “Mel’s Diner” is in the photo at the top of the blog. Does Flo work there? And Alice?

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