December 1, 2020

Sorry for the delay…


Yesterday was a travel day and I’m running late in posting…

Hang in there, folks, Internet Monk is alive and well.

But just like my wife always says, I’m a little behind!


  1. It’s fine CM. We appreciate all that you do. Take your time, we’ll be fine.

  2. Ditto…although, how do I start my day w/out imonk? Well, at least I’ve had my coffee??

    Very patient…no worries, just glad you’re ok!

  3. That is a CUTE picture! Glad you are checking in so we know you’re ‘okay’, C.M.
    Get some rest, if you’ve been traveling. We will still be here, you bet 🙂

  4. CM, please take the whole day off if so inclined for some self care. There may be some here who don’t survive, but hey, life is hard, that’s the breaks, go fishing, be good to yourself, blessed be.