December 4, 2020


We could see close to a foot and a half of snow here in central Indiana today — a rare event.

I am heartily in favor.


  1. I’m envious, CM!

    Some snow would make an interesting change here in southern England, where it has been raining for weeks on end, although I’m sure the many who have been flooded out of their homes would prefer to have nothing at all falling out of the sky for quite a while.

    But I can remember the start of what became known as ‘The Big Freeze’, exactly 50 years ago today, so I’m feeling slightly nostalgic…

    • Mary Anne Dutton says

      Thank you for your perspective from England. We need your observations, perspective, predictions for the future based on the trends you see.

    • Kerri in AK says

      I, too, am currently in the southwest of England and to say we’re a bit soggy here would be an understatement. By an order of magnitude. Christmas day was a bit drier than the days running up to it but at least we did get to see a bit of the sun.

      Thankfully, flooding around this area hasn’t been too bad but to the west it’s been pretty miserable. A fine Christmas gift would be a month of dry weather!

      However, as far as nostalgia is concerned, I do miss Alaska – in spite of all the wacky weather they’ve been having lately!

  2. I am one for whom snow is a 4 letter word. I don’t relish digging my car out or driving in it. I enjoy watching it from the warmth of my home – as long as it melts quickly. But I keep this verse in mind and try to search for the “treasures”, such as being able to spend quiet time with a good book, talking with friends, taking a nap and just slowing down. May not be what the Lord meant but that is my “take” on it.

    “Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail?” (Job 38:22)

  3. Wow! We’ve had next to nothing in terms of snow so far this year in New England… stay warm!!!

  4. Beautiful!
    so peaceful . . .

  5. No snow here, just the usual rain – though the forecasters are giving us “Very windy with strong to near gale force westerly winds which will gust from 70 to 100 km/h in exposed places” so that’s the extent of our weather excitement!

    Happy St. Stephen’s Day to you all!

  6. Marcus Johnson says

    I’m a couple hundred miles north of you in MI, CM. Are the drivers in your area still learning how to drive in the snow, too?

  7. Richard McNeeley says

    Those are great pictures CM. We had a dusting of snow here in North Central Arizona this evening with more expected tomorrow. It’s a great time to sit by the fire with some hot cider and watch the snow fall.

  8. Great images there, very beautiful. In everything though we must always give glory to the lord or lords and the creator or heaven and earth who gave us his only begotten son for our salvation.