October 29, 2020

Site Update – Feb 25, 2014

fix-computer-error12As you can see, we are out of Maintenance Mode and back online now.

Unfortunately, we lost a few of our most recent posts in the process of moving to a new web host. I will be working to restore those today. I may not, however, be able to retrieve all of your comments. Sorry about that.

At any rate, give us one more day of tinkering, and we’ll be back up at full strength tomorrow with a new post. Thanks for your patience!

Chaplain Mike


  1. Are you willing to tell us who the new hosting company is?
    (Always on the lookout for a good WordPress hosting firm.)

    • websynthesis.com – it’s a managed hosting setup built specifically for WordPress and further optimized for the Genesis framework (which is what we run).

      We had been using a dedicated server (due to the number of readers we have) but even that was problematic. Any time there was an issue, the old hosting company just offered up the same canned response – “We don’t support WordPress.”

      As a quick example – spam. We use Akismet as our primary filter and had a constant problem with Akismet not being able to connect to its servers.

      We’re hoping this move will put a lot of the old problems (massive spam issues, growing numbers of hack attempts, etc.) behind us.

    • WebSynthesis. Joe the Plumber says they come highly recommended.

  2. Unfortunately, the last archive.org snapshot was taken on February 8th.