October 29, 2020

Site Update – Feb. 2014

G Abbey

As most of you know, we’ve had some major changes around Internet Monk this winter. Foremost among them was the departure of our friend and mentor Jeff Dunn. Jeff and I met around the time of Michael Spencer’s death. He had helped Michael with his book, and when Michael knew he would be leaving this life, he turned to Jeff and me and asked us to carry on the blog. Jeff gave good leadership to IM, but needed to leave at this time to attend more fully to some personal and family business. I keep in touch with him regularly and had a nice visit with him, his family, and friends like Adam Palmer earlier this year in Tulsa. Please continue to keep Jeff in your prayers as he deals with the challenges in this season of his life.

For some time now, we’ve been discussing a few behind the scene changes that will give us a more stable site with a better experience for our readers. Some of those will take place this week. Our technical advisor, Joe the Plumber, has been helping me and we ask for your prayers as we make backstage transitions.

For example, lately, we have been dealing with some server issues. You may have received “database errors” when accessing the site, and on our end we have been battling incursions of spam that have required non-stop monitoring to make sure all legitimate comments get through in a timely fashion. We’re sorry for any problems you’ve encountered. It is hoped that they will be cleared up soon.

This site wouldn’t be what it is without two things: our writers and our readers.

You may not be aware of it, but all of our writers volunteer their time and gifts to present daily posts designed to carry on Michael’s legacy of challenging and encouraging us forward in lives marked by a Jesus-shaped spirituality. We all deal with the daily realities of family, work, and life in our various settings, and try to carve out time to write things that will prompt serious thought and discussion on matters of life lived Christianly. I am so grateful for those who do this, and occasionally we ask some of you, our readers, to contribute posts too.

Internet Monk is a labor of love, but we do have a few regular bills to pay too. If you have any interest in sending a donation at any time to help us, you can do so through the PayPal “Donate” button on the top right hand corner of the page. If you would prefer to contact me personally about our needs, please send me an email at the “Write Chaplain Mike” link, also at the top of the page. All donations go toward keeping the site going and no one profits from what anyone gives.

Finally, let me give a word of thanks to you, our readers. I don’t do this often enough. Occasionally, it hits me and I’m blown away by the quality of the discussion and interaction we have here, as I indicated on a recent post. I hope our audience will continue to grow and that the discussion will keep gaining momentum. Right now, thousands of people stop by every day to check out IM, and I would love to see that number jump to the tens of thousands — not because we’re trying to make a name for ourselves, but because we value thoughtful and respectful conversation and want to see that increase in this day of information overload and innocuous sound bites.

Mike PortraitFor the glory of God and the good of others,

Chaplain Mike


  1. Mike, let me be the first to say what a wonderful job you and all the team do. I miss Michael, but I’m so grateful that you and others are carrying on his work here.

  2. David Cornwell says

    Totally agree with Rob’s comments. Thanks for all the hard work and good writing.

  3. Please let Jeff know that there a Texan in Fort Worth praying for him.

    Also, I can’t thank the imonk team enough for this resource.

  4. May God bless you, Chaplain Mike – and those others of you who are frequent contributors either behind the scenes or with articles – for your service to Him. Your work here in continuing Michael’s Jesus-shaped spirituality legacy is much appreciated!

  5. For Joe the Plumber: Discourse (http://www.discourse.org/) looks like an excellent commenting system, but it’s not on a ‘standard’ platform, and the hosted version isn’t ready just yet (and I don’t know whether it would be possible to integrate the hosted version into a site as we would need here). Thanks for your work.

    For Mike and the others: thank you.

  6. CM….thanks for your service and ministry!!!

    Also, I appreciate the platform explanation….after I had five comments in a week fail to post, I was getting a little paranoid that I had been “Banned in Boston”!

  7. And from NW Arkansas…Thank you for all the inspiring work yous all do. God’s grace and all blessings.

  8. Good stuff Mike. Keep the engaging writings flowing! 😉