January 18, 2021

Sermon: You Got Schooled

carl-bloch-transfiguration.jpgUPDATE: To those of you writing me wondering about the day, check the Revised Common Lectionary.

Today is transfiguration Sunday, and that’s what I preached about. Matthew 17:1-9, but some in Matthew 16, too. I tried to give the event its wider context, and to convey that for his disciples, Jesus may have been the most frustrating teacher of all time. Of course, he is also the greatest teacher, and the greatest lesson. Jesus is never more “Zen” to me than at these moments he takes the disciples on the roller-coaster ride of understanding who he is and what is his mission. The answers go out the window, the questions get replaced and eventually the whole school is turned upside down. It’s like he’s trying to change YOU, not just give you little bits of information. (y’think?)

These sermons will be in a category called “London Presby.”

Thanks to Wyman Richardson for the Fred Craddock story. (Always credit your sources, preachers, or you’ll be in preacher’s purgatory for many more years.)


  1. Transfiguration Sunday….hmmm – how does that work? The feast of the Transfiguration is August 6.

  2. Ah-ha! I learn something new every day! Thanks for the link – very interesting.

  3. I preached the Matthew version of the Transfiguration as well on Sunday – and also pointed out that “the mountaintop experience” was some serious schooling.

    I also pointed out that out understanding of a “mountaintop experience” really isn’t consistent with the Biblical concept because we don’t – on the mountaintop- often feel like we’re going to wet ourselves out of some serious fear.

  4. Jenny Bluett says

    :O) Raises hand: It also was part of Lent in light of its proximity to the passion but was considered perhaps “too joyous” and its feast was moved to August in the EO/RCC liturgical calendars.

  5. Thank you, Michael. A very good sermon!

  6. Preach it, internet monk. And AMEN to crediting ALL sources and stories in sermons.

  7. Patrick Kyle says


    You can really preach, and preach well. Excellent sermon.

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