January 18, 2021

Sermon: The Longest Journey is to Samaria

samwoman.jpegThe lectionary text is John 4:5-42. I used the text as a launching place to look closely at Jesus and at the nature of the Good News we have to share.

This is probably my last Sunday filling the pulpit at First Presbyterian London, Kentucky. Pastor Ted is ready to come back to ministry and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to lead in worship and preach.

The beginning of the sermon is a bit of an admonition to the church. I’m pointing to the font, the pulpit, the table, etc as I talk about the various good things that should be treasured.


  1. Michael,

    Great sermon!

    You laid out the problem. Related it to the listener in the pew. (we are all, in essence, the woman at the well)

    Jesus crossed all lines of acceptable behavior to give His life giving water (Himself) to a thirsty fallen creature. (us)

    “And that if there is nothing else the church does, it needs to give others this life giving Water. Otherwise we might just as well meet down at Starbucks (I loved that line)”. (paraphrased)

    Excellent message. I will try to go and do likewise.

    Thanks, Michael.

    – Steve

  2. aaron arledge says

    Wow Michael, 30 minutes in a Presbyterian Church. I grew up with sermons no longer than 15 minutes in the PCUSA.

  3. An extra 15 minutes won’t kill anybody.

    Then again, it just might…and then raise them again!

    – Steve

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