November 26, 2020

Sermon at First Presbyterian Church, London, Ky: “Our Story”

Here’s a sermon I preached today on the message of Genesis 1-3 and the Gospel in Romans 5.

I’ve been teaching Genesis 1-11 this week in my Bible classes, so you get to hear a lot of how I handle that. Those of you wanting a creation science approach to Genesis 1-3 will likely be disappointed.

I’d like to have had a second sermon to fully unpack the second half of the message, but it’s the Gospel. That’s what matters to me.

Thanks to Pastor Ted Thulin for sharing the pulpit with me today.


  1. Thanks for posting the good news.

  2. Man, you were bringin’ it! Good stuff.

  3. Orville Chomer says

    That was good.
    Thanks for posting it!