October 20, 2020

Sermon: All Are Welcome

By Chaplain Mike

You have been reading posts about the Beatitudes this week. If you would like to hear my sermon from this morning on Matthew 5:1-12, you can do so using the player below.

This sermon is about 22 minutes long.


  1. thanks mike – sounds alot like my sermon yesterday – all about blessings and promises….

    “Jesus is the One in whom all of God’s blessings are given and all of God’s promises come true.
    He is the one who became meek and lowly and poor in spirit for us, He is the one who mourned over sin, He is the one who was truly merciful and pure of heart, He is the one who hungered and thirsted for righteousness, He is the ultimate peacemaker who was persecuted in our place for righteousness sake.”