January 16, 2021

Saturday Ramblings, June 6, 2015

Hello, Imonks, and welcome to the weekend. Ready to Ramble?


62 Rambler Wagon with some ridiculous mags

And just a reminder, this is a “Duggar and Caitlyn Free Zone”. If you talk about them I will edit your post [yes, I can do that] so that it fawns over Joel Osteen. Then I will ban you from the internet. For life.

How about something sweet to end your week? Like a HUGE peanut-butter cup. As in, a 230 pound peanut-butter cup. The vid’s only 54 seconds. Enjoy.

A new study published online today in the journal Science finds that the rate of global warming during the last 15 years has been as fast as or faster than that seen during the latter half of the 20th Century. The study refutes the notion that there has been a slowdown or “hiatus” in the rate of global warming in recent years. “Adding in the last two years of global surface temperature data and other improvements in the quality of the observed record provide evidence that contradict the notion of a hiatus in recent global warming trends,” said Thomas R. Karl, L.H.D., Director of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. “Our new analysis suggests that the apparent hiatus may have been largely the result of limitations in past datasets, and that the rate of warming over the first 15 years of this century has, in fact, been as fast or faster than that seen over the last half of the 20th century.”

Whenever I’m down in the dumps, I get new clothes. They usually smell, but at least they’re free.

Okay, it was for a good cause and all, but still…Maybe if you are the governor of New Jersey and a potential presidential candidate and maybe if you weigh 320 pounds, then maybe you should think twice before donning a form-fitting uniform while trying to act like an athlete.

Pretty sure that uniform was designed by a democrat...

Pretty sure a Democrat poured him into those pants…

Well, the following two charts are interesting. Both are based on poll results released this week in a nationwide survey. What do you make of this, imonks?


Americans' impressions of 9 faith groups. Photo courtesy of LifeWay Research

Americans’ impressions of 9 faith groups. Photo courtesy of LifeWay Research

Just wondering: What do you do when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant?

If this doesn’t make you grin, then go see your doctor:

You will be relieved to know that our good friend Creflo Dollar is going to get his jet after all. You know, the Rolls-Royce of jets, the one that costs $65 million(!) dollars. “We plan to acquire a Gulfstream G650 because it is the best, and it is a reflection of the level of excellence at which this organization chooses to operate. We, the World Changers family, so value the lives, the safety and the well-being of our pastors and leaders that we wish to provide to them the best air travel experience possible. ‘ This was part of a very defensive statement from the board [which I could not find the names of; I wonder if two of them rhyme with “collar”] which also said:

Our community is centered on biblical principles directly from the Word of God. There is no area of the organization that does not base its foundational principles and operational guidelines on what the Bible has to say to us about God’s love and His grace. We understand that others may interpret biblical truths differently – the freedom to worship as one chooses is a fundamental hallmark of a free society – but wish to assert our God-given right to practice what we believe. …it is our intention to purchase another airplane at a time, place and price of our choosing…This is our faith, the very basis for what we believe, and it is not necessary that we justify it….this request is seen by our community as standard operating procedure for people of faith….We respectfully request that those who are not involved respect our right to practice what we believe…We encourage our community, and our pastors, to dream big, because we know that God loves us just that much.

Now, Creflo, … let’s talk about this. I don’t recall anyone trying to stop you from shaking down your donor list for the most expensive private jet ever made. You just got criticized for it, that’s all. That’s hardly infringing on your “freedom to worship”. And by the way, doesn’t your whole “law of sowing” mean that the way to get the finances a person needs is by sowing money in the form of giving? So….wouldn’t the natural answer be to take about half of your 27 million dollars net-worth and sow it into World Vision or someplace? I mean, 13.5 million would be a pretty hefty seed, and you wouldn’t even have to sell one of your Rolls! Care to practice what you preach, Mr. Dollar?

"My financial adviser said 'get a life' , Dan"

“My financial adviser said ‘get a life’ , Dan”

Okay, time for another cute pet video. Ever wonder what the world looks like to your dog? Well, this video shows Walter, a Yellow Lab, with a GoPro strapped to his back as he makes a mad dash for the water. Enjoy.

Joseph Farah at World News Daily is busying pondering a hard question: Should Christians secede from the United States if SCOTUS rules in favor of gay marriage?

I’ve heard some chatter about civil disobedience. That’s all well and good. But I don’t see much in the way of serious organization taking place. What I do see is a lot of grass-roots concern. I know there are millions of Christians, Jews and others who would pull up stakes and move to another country that honored the institution of marriage as it was designed by God – a union between one man and one woman. Is there one state in 50 that would not only defy the coming abomination, but secede in response? The rewards could be great. I would certainly consider relocating. How about you?… Just think what one state could do if it simply stuck to the principles that made this country great? …Are any states so inclined?

We don’t have much time before the nine high priests in black robes decide to follow Baal instead of the One True God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We need a Promised Land. We need an Exodus strategy.

If not a state, are there any nations in the world interested in a pilgrimage by millions of Americans?

It’s time to start asking the question.

Ummm, Joe, I think Saudi Arabia would be right up your alley.

Gotta love sportsmanship:


State police say in Hancock, Missouri say a semi driver was texting on a cellphone when he lost control of the vehicle Wednesday evening. The rig tipped over, causing plastic barrels of white and yellow paint to fall and break. How much paint? Oh, just 6,500 gallons. No big deal. Both westbound lanes of I-68 were closed for nearly 12 hours overnight, backing up traffic for up to 2 miles, and the clean-up is expected to last throughout the weekend.



Amy Catalano was just taking a stroll along the beach in California Monday when things got very weird. Amy and a co-worker stumbled upon a giant (and newly deceased) deep-sea creature that had made its way ashore. The 13.5-foot-long carcass that was that of an oarfish, a rarely seen fish that typically sticks to deep water.  “It was amazing, it felt like a movie prop; it looked make-believe almost,” Amy said. Since the oarfish is so rare, biologist are keen to study the carcass, especially its 7 foot, 24 pound ovaries.

The ovaries are taller than Amy

Those  ovaries are taller than Amy

Finally, let’s end with some music. And what better than to mix some beautiful music with profound eschatology? And who better to mix it up than William Tapley, a Roman Catholic Rapturist who also calls himself The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-prophet of the End Times. I’m really hoping Miguel slips this into the next worship service he’s planning.


  1. Robert F says

    Daniel, It should be “Should Christians secede etc..”.

    Happy Saturday.

    • Daniel Jepsen says

      Fixed. Thanks. In my defense my IQ slipped about 20 points after reading the whole WND article…

  2. Rick Ro. says

    “…when Babylon the whore gets fried.”

    Oh , gosh, that’s the funniest music video I’ve ever seen. Two thoughts: either Jesus is going back to the grave so he can turn over in it, or there is no God (because that guy was allowed to make that).

    • I think “America is Babylon” is subject to interpretation. I grew up in fundamentalist, independent Baptist churches that taught America has no place in end times prophecy. It will either not exist at the time or be irrelevant.

      “Obama is the leopard king.” I don’t what that’s subject to.

    • flatrocker says

      As Mr. Tapley is Catholic, clearly this is another in your face swipe at all of Catholicism by this decidedly pro-evangelical website. This rampant bias has got to stop.

      • Klasie Kraalogies says

        Sorry, I forgot: Rome has no kooks. Everyone else has, but Rome hasn’t any…

        Sarcasm off: Seriously, Kooks abound. From Rome to Moscow, Canterbury to Colorado Springs (to pick an evangelical capital), as well as Oxford (for atheists, since Dawkins is from there) etc etc, crazy people arw everywhere, and we will all do well to laugh at the craziness. Especially from our own. Especially if our long toes are being stepped on.

      • Rick Ro. says

        Not sure if you’re being serious or not, but I don’t care if the guy is Catholic, Methodist, Pentecostal, Nazarene, New Age, Mormon or whatever….I can’t believe he was being serious when he made that video, and I think it’s painfully hilarious.

        So if you’re seriously offended at the inclusion of it here at the Ramblings, either you didn’t watch it OR you might, just might, be too easily offended.

      • Daniel Jepsen says

        Pretty sure Flatrocker was joking

        • Rick Ro. says

          Yeah. I almost didn’t even say anything.

        • Rick Ro. says

          And this also points to another problem with “written” humor, especially in forums such as this. Sarcasm is sometimes missed. Inflection and tone is almost completely void, unless someone indicates it.

          • flatrocker says

            Rick Ro.
            Sarcasm on.
            Actually this was in response to some of the posts from earlier this week on being easily offended by the perceived denominational “targeting” this website is accused of.

            It’s all smiles, Mr. Tapley is a kook.
            But he sure does a funky keyboard.

          • Rick Ro. says

            The man does have some keyboard chops.

  3. “Doug the Pug” gets my vote for the funniest thing I’ve seen in quite a while.

    And wasn’t that picture of Christie taken BEFORE he lost tons of weight? I realize that he’s a Republican, and all, but isn’t that a bit unfair? Still, a ridiculous pic…

    • Daniel Jepsen says

      Nope, that pic was from this week. I read somewhere that he lost a hundred pounds after lap-band surgery.

      And I like Christie more than I like most pols. Bridgegate was the most over-blown “scandal” that I can remember. I even like the fact that he is overweight, for some reason. Maybe empathy.

      • If THAT pic was recent then he must have been MASSIVE!

      • Robert F says

        I made a comment somewhere below that’s stuck in moderation. When that one gets through this one will be redundant (this one may also go to moderation, I know), but I think it bears repeating: Obesity is a complex health disorder, and shame is a significant component that contributes to it. Christie should be lauded for not letting the possibility of public ridicule prevent him from participating fully in a sports-themed activity, as should all overweight people who participate fully in public life, especially healthy activities like going to the gym, despite the social judgement that’s heaped upon them for daring to step out in public and live like anybody else. Kudos to Christie and others, including iMonks, who say “To hell with public criticism and ridicule, I’m going to live my life!”

        • Robert F says

          In response to some of the comments on this thread, I like to imagine the caption reading, “You don’t like the way I look in this baseball uniform? F— you and your aesthetic opinions!”

        • Rick Ro. says

          I’m not sure that the pic is a slam against Christie’s obesity as much as it is finding humor in what he decided to wear. Humor at someone’s weight – not good. Humor at someone decides to wear – fair game.

          • Robert F says

            He wore what everybody else on the field wore; would you rather he came out in sweat pants and t-shirt? Or perhaps he should’ve stayed home and not participated? Bullocks!

        • Daniel, I think the Christie pic is in questionable taste, for the reasons Robert F said. I’m glad you took down the Kardashian selfies, too, but body-shaming – yikes!!!

          • Rick Ro. says

            My, my…a lot of testy people today! I’m not sure it’s body-shaming as much as seeing humor in what someone chooses to wear. But maybe I’m just an insensitive s.o.b…?

        • Agree. I think humor surrounding anyone’s weight is in poor taste. And it is about his weight – what he wore wouldn’t be the object of “humor” if the man were in pro-baseball shape.

    • Pug Life 4-ever

    • Great pic, and glad to know that at IM it is still fair game to critique how ALL candidates look on the campaign trail, male or female.

  4. I thought Pentecostal/AG churches have the highest growth rate.

    • Rick Ro. says

      I’m not sure you can correlate the kinds of “favorable/unfavorable” stats shown here with growth. For instance, a large number of people may view Islam unfavorably, but it still attracts a large number of people.

      • Right. Another batch of data. NOT information, because it doesn’t inform anything. Also, what if about 33% of those polled were atheist/agnostic? Then one could expect a minimum baseline “not for me” rate of 33%. It is junk data like this that gives “statistics” a bad name.

        • Perhaps. Data without context is meaningless. It could be Pentecostalism draws many new members but doesn’t retain them for various reasons. That brand of revivalism will burn you out fast.

  5. Got curious, so found an interesting piece of religious Americana:


    First episode of Hour of Power. So interesting to watch.

    • +1

    • Just at the half-way mark now. This is probably the closest thing to time travel you can imagine. The pace is slow and the offertory section seems to drag on forever. Still, a wonderful time capsule. I got to experience a service in that building before they moved on to the big glass house. (With the drive-in service, this video has an added benefit for people who are into classic cars.)

      • And classic architecture: Richard Neutra designed that structure!

        Schuller knew how to pick his architects.

        Makes me want to sing the hymn “God of Concrete, God of Steel”:

        God of concrete, God of steel,
        God of piston and of wheel,
        God of pylon, God of steam,
        God of girder and of beam,
        God of atom, God of mine,
        All the world of power is thine!

        (P.S. It gets a little quaint in v.2 when God’s “world of speed” is compared to the postal service.)

  6. Guess Joseph Farrah doesn’t want to move to Canada, eh? I’d say Canadian border is NOW closed XD.

    • The Finn says

      If all the people who say things like “before the nine high priests in black robes decide to follow Baal” want to move to one state I will generously contribute to their relocation fund. Everyone will be happier, which is a worthy goal.

      • Michael Z says

        Trouble is, I highly doubt they would just leave peacefully. A bunch of heavily armed religious extremists who think they’re living in the end times and who sever ties with their government because it doesn’t meet their moral standards – we already know how that story ends, we’re seeing it right now with ISIL. Add racism and homophobia into the mix, and things could get rather ugly.

  7. The church stats are interesting.

    In regards to the Science article, many are questioning how, and why, NOAA came up with the new stats.


    • The Finn says

      >many are questioning how, and why, NOAA came up with the new stats.

      I doubt it. Noise in a data-set is a very common thing; it got found, removed, new numbers.

      • Richard Hershberger says

        I would be astonished if “many” were *not* questioning the climate report. Such questioning is unrelated to its validity. As for noise in the data set, exploiting this is the standard m.o. The oft-repeated lie that temperatures have actually gone down is arrived at by carefully selecting one’s endpoints to exploit noise in the data. It also helps that many people don’t understand that a purported real-world data set without noise is almost certainly fake, rather than the other way around.

        • “Such questioning is unrelated to its validity.”

          Really? Isn’t “questioning” what scientists should be doing?

          “The oft-repeated lie that temperatures have actually gone down is arrived at by carefully selecting one’s endpoints to exploit noise in the data.”

          I have not read people say temps have gone down. A “pause” has been stated. And in regards to the endpoints, that is exactly what some are wondering if that is not what NOAA is doing.

          I am not a denier, but a healthy does of various views, and not buying everything hook, line, and sinker is being responsible, no?

          • Richard Hershberger says

            “Really? Isn’t “questioning” what scientists should be doing?”

            Different sort of questioning than what I was referring to.

            “I have not read people say temps have gone down”

            The claim is common and widespread. Google on “global temperature not rising” or the like and you will find any number of such claims, some from ostensibly reputable sources.

          • “global temperature not rising” is different than claims than claiming “temps have gone down”, at least in terms of the hiatus/pause issue..

          • Richard Hershberger says

            Fine. Then google on “global temperatures falling” or the like.

    • Climate models are complex critters, and after years of amateur study I still don’t fully have my head wrapped around them. In general, I refer people curious about climate models to this FAQ…


      In this specific case, I’ll bet other climatologists will be rerunning this new model to double check the results. I’ll wait and see what those results look like.

      • Realclimate is ok. But it has already made up its mind. I am not sure if even concrete counter-data, or even recognition of uncertainties, would get a fair hearing there.

        • Well, you could say the same thing about most people WRT the Law of Gravity. I suppose we *could* be convinced it doesn’t really apply, but the evidence would have to be overwhelming. 😉

          In all seriousness, I somewhat empathize with people who are mistrustful about the whole climate debate. I started skeptical, and it took me years looking at the arguments to get over my skepticism. But now I’m pretty solidly convinced that the global climate is warming, and our actions are causing it.

          • You appear, like many others, to make it an all or nothing issue (denier v. alarmist). That is the point of many climate scientists who are not deniers (agree that climate change is happening, human activity is involved, etc…) but are pointing out that, because of so many variables involved, there is still uncertainty in aspects of degree (no pun intended). I am not saying the alarmists are not right (and neither are these scientists), but people, perhaps especially Christians, should not necessarily buy it just because they (the alarmists) may be the loudest voices and getting the most attention.
            The question of what degree each variable is influencing things is very important because impacts potential solutions (what would work, can it work, how would solutions impacts others around the world such as the poor, etc…).

  8. Anybody want to plant a $65 million seed to me? I would never have to do an honest days work again in my life. Of course, I can’t see myself explaining it to the Lord who once cleared out the temple of the money-changers.

  9. Didn’t CM have an article a few years ago on “You Are Not an Old Testament Character?” I couldn’t find it by searching, but I seem to remember it. It would have been helpful reading to Farah and World News Daily.

    And I too love the pug. And the Portuguese-singing cat. And the retriever desperate to get to the beach. There’s so much more sanity represented by animals than by reality tv.

  10. Burro [Mule] says

    The video of the dog running should be in black and white

  11. Boy, I don’t even know how to articulate how I am feeling right now. I have been an IM lurker (and very occasional poster) for many years now. It has been a source of comfort, conviction, and challenge. At times it has single-handedly changed how I viewed my life as a follower of Christ. And for that I am eternally grateful.

    I’ve noticed a change over the last 6 months in the tone and direction not only in the articles, but definitely in the comments. But that was ok, as I still found much to absorb and contemplate. But today’s post crosses a new line, one that I can’t follow. To post those selfie pictures without any regard to what certain members might struggle with is disappointing. At the very least, it certainly is not what I need to see as I sit down at my PC to finish my sermon for tomorrow.

    I suspect that my post will be followed with the usual “You must have come from a puritanical background, I feel sorry for you” to the “Just another typical judgmental fundie” responses that I see more and more of. And who knows, there may be some truth to that. And it is possible (likely?) that the real problem lies with me, I don’t know. But I do know what I need right now, and this isn’t it.

    It’s been a great ride, i-monkers. God bless.

    • I was hit with a reaction like this as well. The scrolling nature of the selfies in particular made it hard, I would have adblocked the whole photo if I’d realized what was coming. It isn’t so strong I’d quit internetmonk, but I figured you’d appreciate the feedback. If I’m in the minority here, I’m happy to skip Saturdays and just read the serious stuff.

    • Daniel Jepsen says

      Jerry, I apologize. To be honest, those pictures were not a turn-on to me in the least, both because of my age and the person involved. But I should have been more aware of the feelings of others. Mea Culpa.

      I have removed the pics.

      • Rick Ro. says

        What, you’re going to remove the pics but leave the video of that guy playing the rapture song?! I’m not sure which is more offensive! (Just kidding.)

      • Ronald Avra says

        Daniel, I taught adult Sunday school at a Baptist church for several years and I managed to offend on a number of occasions, sometimes through poor taste and other times with simply bad judgement. Unfortunately, it seems to be part of the skill set that belongs to humans.

      • Daniel, there is a big difference between making people hurt or angry intentionally and unintentionally. With the former you will find me on the picket line, the latter I guess is just part of life outside the rabbit hole. Jeff Dunn was, and I’m sure is, a master at finding and presenting the absurd, this while dealing with severe depression, which is not unconnected. In a world where we are bombarded with depressing/angering thoughts and events from all sides and dimensions, a dip into the absurd can be a life saver.

        Part of my absurd world is that seemingly intelligent people could side with Kim’s critical assessment of herself over the dog’s, but there you go. Paul has good advice for this situation in that you protect the weak at your own expense, but I’m very glad I got to enjoy the dog’s take on things before it disappeared. It was classic.

        • Daniel Jepsen says

          Thanks, Charles. I don’t think I try to hurt people intentionally, but I figure if someone is making a celebrity out of himself/herself then they accept this as part of the package.

          This week the silly to serious ratio was rather skewed to the former. That’s more a function of what I run across a particular week than anything else. I know some of you all like it that way.

        • Even as the resident pro-sex comenter, I thought they were strangely porny.

      • Thank you, Daniel. I really appreciate it.

    • Christiane says

      I hope you will reconsider. One of the great things about this blog is its ability to self-correct when one person gives the heads up that something is amiss. No one here is dispensable in that regard. All viewpoints contribute to a healthy diversity. Stick around.

      (you might have missed Jepsen’s awesome ‘sitz and stehpinkel’ article . . . it was hilarious . . . he’s not insensitive to others, no)

  12. Andrew Zook says

    Wanted to go to WND and wish Mr Farrah well in his search for the country/state that fully validate his “faith”, but alas it looks like they (WND) have banned me again (and I’ve never cussed or called people names, etc…I just ask questions like, “Are you a follower of Jesus Christ” or “Is that something Jesus would do?” Apparently that’s the height of online impropriety…

  13. Is the old guy in the banner Eugene Peterson?

  14. Patricia says

    I’ve got to say Jerry, I pretty much agree with you that Saturday ramblings has definitely changed. And not for the better. It’s supposed to be a Caitlin-free zone and then we show titty pictures of Kim Kardashian? And then kitties, and dogs, and Zoos? It’s more like wandering around YouTube. And just about as edifying. Oh, Jeff Dunn, I miss you SO much . . .

    • Patricia, I could not agree with you more !!!!!!

    • Rick Ro. says

      Humor is extremely difficult to do. Not eveyone gets what someone else thinks is funny. Just a couple weeks ago there was a short comment thread regarding the show Seinfeld by several folks who didn’t ever watch it or think it was funny. Personally, I LOVED the Seinfeld show and I love Daniel Jepsen’s version of the Ramblings. I also understand that his sense of humor and what he finds funny doesn’t hit everyone’s funny bone. It’s like a comic strip. Just skip it then.

    • Klasie Kraalogies says

      C’mon folks: Are we on a fault finding mission here? Also, being the internet, remember Daniel is right here in the room so to speak. Each author is necessarily going to put his own stamp on things. Maybe the KK pictures were a bit too much- but then say so. Everyone occassionally says/posts things that in retrospect they might reconsider (and I should know!).

      Simmer down….

      • Klasie, I take your point.

        Daniel, I know your humor is more on the satirical side than Jeff’s was, and I agree that humor is difficult to do well, so I guess some pushback is inevitable. When I saw the KK/pug thing, I was amused, but also felt it was in questionable taste. (That KK is doing things in questionable taste *all the time* is indisputable!) I didn’t write, but I am glad that you took it down, if only because I knew it would be over the line for many who come here. You are good as making fun of all kinds of things/people without needing to rely on a bunch of mostly-nude selfies.

        Same for the pic of Christ Christie – while I’m no fan of his politics, the fat-shaming just makes me cringe. He did have guts to go out there, knowing he would be ridiculed.

    • +1 for the most part. I know it’s hard to find the zany and absurd that is also somewhat thought-provoking or enlightening, but Jeff D. seemed to have a gift for it. I do miss that.

  15. A welcome uplift of fun this Saturday morning, thank you, Daniel. Could anyone understand what the thunders were saying in that last video with the keyboard guy?

  16. Robert F says

    Let’s remember that obesity is a complex health issue, involving physiological, psychological and social components. Let’s remember that shame is part of the complex that contributes to obesity. Let’s support obese and overweight people, including those in the iMonk audience, when they engage in healthy activities, including sports and going to the gym.

    Kudos to Christie for not letting the likelihood of criticism and ridicule for how he looks in a tight-fitting baseball uniform stop him from fully participating. He made himself a role model by doing so. Let all the critics be silent.

    • And while we’re on the subject – – I’m just trying to picture the kinds of food one encounters on the campaign trail and meet-n-greets in Iowa. The best meal of the day is a rubber chicken dinner. Everything else is carbs all the way down. Must be brutal on all candidates.

      • One wonders if one of the skills of being a political campaigner is learning how to appear to eat without actually swallowing much. Like an actor on stage (or on a movie set, doing a scene requiring 30 takes) having to act a scene involving a meal, but also deliver lines. Or a spy (like my friend James), appearing to drink while remaining sober enough to act decisively to save the free world at the right moment.

  17. Klasie Kraalogies says

    You know what we are missing this morning? A nice Steve Martin rant about the gobal warming story. I miss getting upset at him.

  18. A “Duggar and Caitlyn-free zone” … I’m with you, but please add Kardashian to the list. We are bombarded everywhere by these bots. Let’s not have them infect IM, too.

  19. The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse! Oh yeah! I’ve seen his videos before but had completely forgotten about him. Folks his rant about porno in the Denver airport is a YouTube classic. I love a genuine guileless crank, compelled to ride his hobbyhorse and share his obsessions with the rest of us. As opposed to…

    You know we shouldn’t be too hard on Creflo. He only gets away with what he’s allowed to get away with. We should reserve our anger and contempt for the credulous dopes whose support makes him possible and our stupid tax laws that grease his wheels. Oh wait, I’m sorry. Was that too harsh and judgmental?

    Global climate change is real. The evidence is there for all to see. Among the folks who do take a look there isn’t really any debate anymore. Unfortunately Americans are constitutionally myopic. We take a bit of pride in it.

      • Thank you Don! Thanks to your link I’ve seen the light! What a fool I’ve been to listen to climate and environmental scientists when I could have been getting the truth from a TV weatherman!

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      About a month ago I had an ophthalmologist appointment.. A New Yorker magazine in the waiting room had an article on Climate Change/Global Warming concentrating on the social and cultural angle of the YES crowd. He called it “The Jonathan Edwards school of climate change — SINNERS IN THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY PLANET.” And that for a lot of them (and the angle pushed in the media) it was the latest Cause for bluenose New England Puritan types.

      • It doesn’t matter what you think about it. It matters even less how you feel about it. Go look at the evidence for yourself.

    • Brianthedad says

      climate science: the only field of study where only the future is certain and the past is always changing.

      • climate science: the only field of study where the less you know about it the more qualified you feel to criticize it. Look at the evidence.

    • All of the furor over global warming would settle down if we just focused on what’s important and said it this way: “There are very significant changes in the composition of the atmosphere that will almost certainly cause huge problems down the road.” I can believe that much without trying to prove that the change is already here today. All you need to know is that:

      1) CO2 loads in the atmosphere have increased year-over-year for the 60 or so years in which they’ve been measured precisely. (If there’s another trend like it in the earth sciences, I’d love to hear about it.)

      2) CO2 (and other gases) trap heat. This is basic physical chemistry.

      3) Current CO2 levels already exceed anything we’ve seen during civilized history, and most probably anything in the last 800,000 years. This should worry those of us who eat food.

      Taken together, that’s all I need to be concerned. I DON’T CARE WHAT CURRENT TEMPERATURE TRENDS SHOW.* It’s what’s down the road that should concern us, not the Now-ism inherent to the politics.

      Conservative critics of climate change understand this sort of reasoning elsewhere: the ongoing deficit is a concern for future fiscal health, but not because there’s yet been even a hint of trouble financing it (bond yields are still quite modest.) A problem can still be a problem even if its effects are invisible right now.

      * For the record, what’s going on in the Arctic is a big, big indication that changes are already afoot. But you don’t need to know that to be concerned about the changes to the atmosphere.

      • Well put, Trevis. And I would add that our adopting a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle and using our resources more wisely would be a great idea even if we deny that our activities have any effect on the climate.

        • Andrew Zook says

          Exactly… there are many many other reasons to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels, to use more solar, to plant more trees or not cut too many down… Drives me crazy when people who deny climate change use that one point to completely throw out all the other good (even Biblical) reasons for better stewardship of the planet, conservation, etc. I understand that it has to do with american exceptionalism, and serving the almighty$ and not wanting to change “our” ways…but personally I find it petulant, especially among christians.

      • Yep! to all of you.

      • trevis I agree with most if not all of what you are saying. I am not a scientist whose is getting paid to sort this all out. Stuff like the little ice age of the early 1800’s and what I’ve seen through my short life is alarming and add questions. I’m not so sure I would put my life in the hands of those who study it yet. I am of firm belief the earth will correct itself maybe even by overcompensating for awhile. The creek I fished in with my grandfather is totally different than it was when I was little by a lot. Man’s building and fertilizing has changed it immensely

        Now the positive is that the atmosphere is full of this co2. It would seem that farming the air for it resources is somewhere in a future that will need to consider how to make this work for us. I see that with a problem is a solution. The question is do we wait for the earth to decide or do we find a way to make this work for us. It has always been in our creativeness that we as a people have led a world. Surely there is someone who is seeking and praying that might just get a worthy idea of how to use spent energy and make it renewable.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      Folks his rant about porno in the Denver airport is a YouTube classic.

      Denver Airport seems to be a magnet for Conspiracy Kooks.

      Like Mount Shasta for Weird Religions.

  20. thank you for the pet videos. They were a necessary palette cleanser after the Farrah article. Loved the dog running to the beach one.

  21. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    Finally, let’s end with some music. And what better than to mix some beautiful music with profound eschatology? And who better to mix it up than William Tapley, a Roman Catholic Rapturist who also calls himself The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-prophet of the End Times.


    WAIT! The “It’s Prophesied” Guy is CATHOLIC???????
    Then why is he flaking out with the Hal Lindsay/Left Behind/Pin-the-Tail-on-The-Antichrist route like a Fundagelical? Catholics flake out with “The Blessed Virgin Mary came to me in a Vision and Commanded me to…”

    • Daniel Jepsen says

      Yeah, that’s one of the things I find so strange about him. I mean, the rapture is about as un-catholic of a doctrine as you can get.

      But if you need proof of his RC cred’s, just look at his songs about the Rosary. Like this one:


    • Christiane says

      hard to check out people’s bona fides (sp?) these days because there are a LOT of ‘Catholics’ running around who are basically evangelicals (fundamentalist-leaning) who vote Republican and tote the party line of the ‘Christian far-right’ . . .

      Tapley sounds like a ‘case’, instead of a ‘prophet’ and I sure wouldn’t put any money down on him being a Catholic.
      Catholics and Hal Linsey ? Nah . . . no way . . . nope . . . honestly, the thought is revolting

      • Christiane, there was a lot of credence given to people like Lindsey by some Catholic charismatics, back in the day, so i don’t find this *too* far-fetched. Weird, yes.

  22. Brianthedad says

    Anyone else notice that the two schools featured in the sportsmanship gif are two Christian schools? St Thomas Aquinas and Belen Jesuit. Just struck me as funny.

    • Rick Ro. says

      My daughter attends a Christian school. We’ve had several interactions with other Christian schools via the sporting world. I’ve seen parents from both schools almost come to blows over “lack of sportsmanship.” I’ve seen other Christian school athletes be about as un-sportsman-like as the secular schools we’ve played.

      Very sad.

      • My kids attended Christian school from K-8. The lack of sportsmanship was amazing to me. Parents in the stands screaming and stomping were the norm as were kids getting a dig in on the opposing team if they thought they could get away with it. In my experience, I can honestly say there is little to no difference in the way the kids act compared to a public school, at least in our neck of the woods. it’s all about the competition and the win. Always.

        • I used to teach at a Christian school where the parents and the board (mostly one and the same) did the same thing with the whole school. Not just a game but the whole school ended in chaos. I did say I *used* to teach there . . .

          • Damaris, was that in Trenton, Maine? I don’t know about the sports team, but that school ended in chaos. Twice.

            I’ve mentioned the school previously, but before it closed. It was bankrolled by a retired car dealer who also started a church in the school gym. A few years ago he held a “Second Amendment Sunday” service, him preaching with a loaded semi-automatic pistol strapped to his hip. Included paraphernalia about weapons, and application forms for concealed-carry permits.

            In this case, I think he was the board.

            The property is for sale now, but the giant US flags are still flying.

          • Ouch! No, the school was in Indiana, not Maine. It was where I was told by a parent that he didn’t want me teaching his kids anything he didn’t know. He said that during a meeting he had called with me and the head of the board to ask why I had said the word “Evolution” in science class and the word “Catholic” in Medieval history class. I began to explain why as gently as I could when he came out with that priceless comment.

          • In their defense, the Catholics in Medieval times didn’t know they were Catholics.

          • Headless Unicorn Guy says

            I’ve mentioned the school previously, but before it closed. It was bankrolled by a retired car dealer who also started a church in the school gym. A few years ago he held a “Second Amendment Sunday” service, him preaching with a loaded semi-automatic pistol strapped to his hip. Included paraphernalia about weapons, and application forms for concealed-carry permits.

            Oh, yeah.
            The First Church of Zardoz guy.
            If he didn’t preach that in red speedos, black hooker boots, and a Zardoz helm over a Fu Manchu mustache, he wasn’t even trying.

          • Yeah, but you see, Ted, he didn’t know that.

  23. Rick Ro. says


    I’m a 50-something, slightly overweight, balding, Caucasian who currently attends a Nazarene church, owns a Chihuahua-Dachshund-Terrier mix, and owns a mini-van. I’m also a procrastinator, struggle with YEC, dislike both the left and right wingers, tend not to have problems with the LGBTWEXOH community.

    If you post anything that pokes fun at any of those things, I’ll strive not to get offended.

    • Ohmygosh, Rick! You have a a Chihuahua-Dachshund-Terrier mix? What kind of a person are you? I don’t think my sheltie and cocker spaniel would want me to hang out with you.

      • Rick Ro. says

        What!? Are you making fun of my Chihuahua-Dachshund-Terrier?! Fightin’ words, man….fighhtin’ words!


  24. IndianaMike says

    I love / loath / am indifferent towards the Duggars / Caitlyn Jenner / Joel Osteen. I think that the internetmonk version of Mad Libs is a genius idea. I wish I had thought of it. Wait. I did.

  25. Surprised more people have not responded to comparing support for traditional marriage to Islamic fundamentalism. For the record, I do not read WND and think the site is less than credible. Also, the idea of a state seceding from the union is patently ridiculous. However, suggesting that “Saudi Arabia is right up your alley” if you want to live in a state that does not legalize gay marriage (and by implication, if you vote for a referendum against it in you own state) is way out of bounds. Do we support beheading homosexuals? No. Do we think women shouldn’t be allowed to drive? No. Do we wish to outlaw all other faiths and throw people in jail for practicing another religion? No. Yet, if we support a definition of marriage we believe was instituted by God and refuse to recognize same-sex unions as a legal definition of marriage we are lumped in with the fanatics of Saudi Arabia. Kardashians, Caitlyn, Christie, Duggars … who cares? If you want to take offense at something on this Ramblings page, this is it.

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