January 16, 2021

Saturday Ramblings, June 20, 2015

Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend. Ready to Ramble?

First, some good news for the Democrats: Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s hair are running for the Republican nomination (despite having by far the most unfavorable ratings among his own party of any nominee in recent history). Official campaign slogan: “We Shall Overcomb.” His rambling announcement speech highlighted his main qualification for office [“I’m really rich”] and his plan for building a “great wall” around Mexico [“They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists…and some I assume are good people.”].  The day after the announcement, Trump lambasted a reporter in a wheelchair, as a “jerk” who “just sits there”.gv061715dAPR

If you are a careful reader of religious news, you may have heard something about Pope Francis’ first encyclical:

Follow the link to read the whole thing. It is long. Real long. I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but here are some main takeaways, collected by the Washington Post:

  • Climate change has grave implications. “Each year sees the disappearance of thousands of plant and animal species which we will never know, which our children will never see, because they have been lost forever.”
  • Rich countries are destroying poor ones, and the earth is getting warmer. “The warming caused by huge consumption on the part of some rich countries has repercussions on the poorest areas of the world, especially Africa, where a rise in temperature, together with drought, has proved devastating for farming.”
  • Christians have misinterpreted Scripture and “must forcefully reject the notion that our being created in God’s image and given dominion over the earth justifies absolute domination over other creatures.”
  • Technocratic domination leads to the destruction of nature and the exploitation of people, and “by itself the market cannot guarantee integral human development and social inclusion.”
  • Population control does not address the problems of the poor.“In the face of the so-called culture of death, the family is the heart of the culture of life.” And, “Since everything is interrelated, concern for the protection of nature is also incompatible with the justification of abortion.”
  • Individuals must act. “An integral ecology is also made up of simple daily gestures which break with the logic of violence, exploitation and selfishness,” he writes. We should also consider taking public transit, car-pooling, planting trees, turning off the lights and recycling.

But the main goal of the document is this: to give a detailed, nuanced, and imaginative theology of ecology. In other words, Francis wants to go far, far beyond the usual platitudes, and show that in cherishing the earth we cherish God, and in dishonoring creation we dishonor the Creator.

“When we ask ourselves what kind of world we want to leave behind, we think in the first place of its general direction, its meaning and its values. Unless we struggle with these deeper issues, I do not believe that our concern for ecology will produce significant results. But if these issues are courageously faced, we are led inexorably to ask other pointed questions: What is the purpose of our life in this world? Why are we here? What is the goal of our work and all our efforts? What need does the earth have of us? It is no longer enough, then simply to state that we should be concerned for future generations. We need to see that what is at stake is our own dignity.”

So two questions to you, imonks:

  1. Do you think this document will actually change the way that most Christians view ecology?
  2. Can a secular worldview give us a deep enough answer to the “why” question (an answer that will actually convince society to change)?

Of course, not everyone was a fan of the encyclical:

  • Fox News’ Greg Gutfleld — “The most dangerous person on the planet is someone who is seeking strange new respect from their adversaries, and that is what the pope is doing … He wants to be a modern pope. All he needs is dreadlocks and a dog with a bandana and he could be on Occupy Wall Street”
  • Breitbart: This is the sort of hackneyed language and extremely dubious science you might expect from a 16-year old trotting out the formulaic bilge and accepted faux-wisdom required these days to pass a fairly typical exam paper in Geography or Environmental Sciences.
  • Fox Business’ Stuart Varney: “Will Francis and Barack reshape the world by taxing the rich, taxing fossil fuels, and redistributing the wealth? That’s exactly what they are trying to do.”
  • Michael Savage: “I think it is up to the Catholic people to turn their backs on this Pope before it is too late, before they wake up and find out that they are in chains, this man is a Marxist through-and-through,…[Francis was] picked by the New World Order the way Obama was…He is a wolf in pope’s clothing, he is an eco-wolf in pope’s clothing, he’s a stealth Marxist in religious garb…. [Franics] sounds just like the false prophet in Revelation, an ecumenical spiritual figure directing mankind to worship the Antichrist.”
  • Alan Keyes: “Yet when I look in the mirror of reason at the reflections Pope Francis offers in his encyclical, what I see looks unlike Jesus Christ (who as of now still comes to save and not harshly to penalize humanity)…But if the climate change allegations against humanity are unproven, the whole push for totalitarian government remediation of the allegedly terrible damage we are inflicting on God’s creation is a slander against the human race, a sin against humanity being committed as a pretext for the rape of human life, human conscience and God-endowed human liberty. This looks awfully like a crime against humanity…”
No caption needed

No caption needed

Boy, after all that vitriol, I think we need something cute and warm-hearted.  How about 60 seconds of prancing baby goats in pajamas?

Or how about a diver doing a special trick?

download (1)

Quick, what do Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall, India’s Bodhi Tree, Mayan temples, the 10,000-year-old ruins at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, the ancient Celtic monument at Stonehenge, and…and…and … Joel Osteen’s mega-church have in common? If you said, “Each will be part of National Geographic’s upcoming tv series about the history of religion”, then award yourself with a latte. The Story of God will come out next year, and be narrated by Morgan Freeman, naturally.


Elizabeth Eliot passed into the gates of splendor this week. The Washington Post had a nice piece on why she was so influential to many evangelicals.

Rachel Dolezal is doubling down. A few days after stepping down as head of the Spokane NAACP chapter over criticism that she’s portrayed herself as black (even though she was born white), Rachel stood by that self-assessment Tuesday, insisting, “I identify as black.” The clues can be found in her 5-year-old self-portraits, Dolezal explained. She recalled using brown crayon, rather than peach, to portray herself, and drawing herself with black, curly hair, not the straight, blonde locks she grew up with. Now, we will not mock this woman, but there is an obvious question, in light of recent headlines, that seems worthy of discussion: Is there a substantive reason for society endorsing gender self-identification while not endorsing racial self-identification? Your thoughts?

Eight pages of a Gutenburg Bible are being auctioned by Sotheby’s this week. They are estimated to fetch over half a million dollars. Mrs. Rambler, did you buy my Father’s Day present yet?

Speaking of Father’s Day, check out these rather…unusual Father’s Day Gifts. All available from Amazon.

  • 41XU5meu08LA Quart of Wolf Urine: Lets face it: the quality of the wolf urine available at Walmart is a bit sketchy. And milking the wolves yourself is so cumbersome. Your dad will love have a quart of the genuine, top-shelf stuff all to himself. Not only delicious, this product acts as a “lure”, drawing any nearby wolves who might catch its scent. Tired of the dog, cat, or neighborhood children? Now you have nature’s answer.
  • 51LrKbS8ajLUranium Ore Do you want your dad or husband buying his radioactive metals from some wacko Libyans in the mall parking lot? Do ya??? I didn’t think so. Instead, pick it up right from Amazon, and soon he will be glowing with gratitude.
  • 71yGctN24FL._SX522_Squirrel Underpants. Few things in life are more annoying than looking out your front window to see squirrels cavorting nekked as they day they were born! Well, no more! Now you can buy genuine whitey-tighties for the bushy-tailed folk. Also available for female squirrels (though I’m not sure how to tell the difference).
  • A Land Cruiser/Tank. Okay, it doesn’t come with weapons, but how hard can it be to weld a howitzer and a flame-thrower to the roof?410PCRPMJ9L

Aren’t drones wonderful for shooting romantic wedding videos? [wait for it…]

Dylann Roof heard words of forgiveness from families of some of the nine people he murdered on Wednesday. “I will never be able to hold her again, but I forgive you,” a daughter of Ethel Lance said. “And have mercy on your soul. You hurt me. You hurt a lot of people but God forgives you, and I forgive you.” Felicia Sanders — mother of victim Tywanza Sanders and a survivor of the church shooting herself — said that “every fiber in my body hurts, and I will never be the same….As we said in the Bible study, we enjoyed you…But may God have mercy on you.” Anthony Thompson, a relative of Myra Thompson, told Mr Roof to repent and to turn to Jesus Christ. “I forgive you and my family forgives you,” he said.

Gun Owners of America, unsurprisingly, is reacting the shooting by urging people to carry guns to church. Not only that, but GOA’s communications director Erich Pratt implies in a post on the group’s website that the church’s slain pastor, Rev. Clementa Pinckney, was partly to blame for the massacre because he had voted against a bill in the state senate that would have allowed the concealed carry of guns in churches. SCShooting

Odd picture of the week:


Internet cat videos deliver significant health benefits, a new study suggests. According to Jessica Gall Myrick, a media researcher at Indiana University in Bloomington, watching the feline flicks can boost your energy level, heighten your positive emotions and decrease your negative feelings. So, natch, because I love you all and care about you, I am giving you this 14-minute compilation of the best (or at least, most-watched) cat videos on the net.

Finally, let’s end with some music. One of my favorite songs (especially when I’m down) is Blue Sky by the Allman Brothers. Such a happy song, and some of the best guitar work ever. This version is from 1991. Enjoy.




  1. Dan from Georgia says


    Cavorting goats…now that is great!

  2. Loved the wedding video! Ramblings done well ALWAYS delivers a quality laugh.

    But on a serious note: Can anyone tell me where, exactly, in the bible it explains how we can forgive someone in the absence of their request for forgiveness? Jesus Himself forgave sins without a specific verbal request, and He asked His Father to forgive those who put Him to death. But these examples seem to be exceptions and NOT the rule.

    • flatrocker says

      …forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us only after they have asked for it…

      That last part must have been redacted out.
      Those pesky medieval monks – never trust a scribe.

      • flatrocker says

        In all seriousness, all He said was to forgive those who trespass against us. No qualifiers, no prerequisites, no asking for it, no earning it or showing the proper predisposition on the part of the transgressor. Just forgive.
        Kind of like grace.

        So if we’re looking for where he says we should forgive in the absence of a request for forgiveness, look no further than His prayer. And if we are looking further, what does this say about us?

        • Robert F says

          I agree and think it’s very clear from scripture that we are to forgive even before forgiveness is asked.

          At the same time, I know personally that it is easy to say that this is what we should do, and another thing to do it. If as Christians we are members of one another, then the reality of forgiveness, while remaining something we should aspire to personally, is also something that has been realized within the community that Christ has made through his forgiveness, and we can live from the power he has given the community, even if we come up short in our ability to transact it in our personal dealings. This is why the clause in the Lord’s prayer that says, “Forgive us our trespasses, even as we forgive those who trespass against us”, is so liberating, even as it gives us a discipline: we as Christians live from the virtues of others, and all of us live from the virtue of Jesus Christ.

    • Robert F says

      How else would we love our enemies other than to forgive them (or try to forgive them: it can, after all, be very hard) ?

    • I think Stephen did.

    • Jazziscoolithink says

      “I want a NEW new law!”

    • Aren’t we already forgiven even before we believe? But it doesn’t take effect until we receive it?
      So we need to forgive the way God forgives us. I take that to mean that we forgive inside, but it isn’t appropriated until the person is ready to receive forgiveness. A truly repentant person will understand the need to accept the consequences of his sin in the present life. An unrepentant person will try to use proffered forgiveness as a “get out of jail free” card, so to speak.

      God bless the survivors of the Charleston martyrs and the words of forgiveness they spoke. But that doesn’t mean the crime should not be brought to trial and punishment given.

  3. I don’t know how long The Donald can last but boy will it be entertaining. That is a living train wreck of a mind and I’m being kind. Wait till I get judgemental! I guess when you have that much money you never have to ask yourself how you come across to others or second guess the imbecilic thoughts that float over the horizon of consciousness. Any thought that’s yours, because it’s yours, has to be right and valuable. He would actually be frightening if he wasn’t so clownish.

    • Richard Hershberger says

      “I don’t know how long The Donald can last…”

      The best analysis I have seen on that is based on financial disclosure requirements. I don’t recall the exact schedule, but some weeks (perhaps three months?) after announcing, the candidate has to file his financial disclosure statement. But wait! He can request an extension, which is routinely granted. So that gives him some additional time. But eventually, he has to put up or drop out. The prediction he that he will drop out just before that final deadline. Most candidates, find it vaguely embarrassing how filthy rich they are. In Trump’s case it likely would be the opposite.

      • Strong argument to never elect a rich person to office. Put a cap on income for electability.

        But then again, Zuckerberg makes $1 a year. There’s always a way around.

        So how about that tax debate again? Facebook will just laugh…

  4. Christiane says

    a word of advice:

    finish watching the cat video BEFORE clicking on the Allman Bros. song

    OTHERWISE . . . oy!

    oh wait, the cat video has a ‘mute’ button . . . but what a waste of glorious meowz . . .

    Now, if you REALLY want to experiment, try playing the cat video sound with the dancing baby goats in PJ’s video .

    I’m sure there are other combos, all very entertaining . . . oh, the possibilities

  5. Thanks for the cat videos. I feel better already

  6. I will be laughing all week at today’s Ramble; warm fuzzy animals, the Donald (always good for a chuckle); crazy talk from the usual suspects (I used to be shocked, now I giggle). And good music. PLUS food for thought. A keeper!

  7. i have been humbled by the reaction of the families and fellow church members of the victims of this terrorist who sat through a Bible study and then killed these 9 kind people. Grace, mercy, and peace flows through these people from whom I’ve heard nary a word of hate (at least in the news coverage I’ve seen & read). Sadness, yes, and a sense that there are no winners I. This, but the graciousness and grace shown astound me.

    • Jazziscoolithink says

      I completely agree, Suzanne. I finished the video feeling very humbled. To my ears, not a hint of inauthenticity was to be heard. What a beautiful thing in the midst of such tragedy.

    • Amen. I think we show our faith more through our response to tragedy and hate than any other form of “living.” And it’s easier said than done. Truly, the divine nature of God is being shown through the response of these saints in SC.

    • +1

  8. Robert F says

    !) No, I don’t think this document will change the way most Christians, including most Catholics, view ecology. Especially in the US, I think studies would show that, though Catholics like to know what the Pope is thinking, this is definitely not so they can bring their thinking in line with his. As admirable as this document may be, it doesn’t have the power to change the thinking of significant numbers of Christians, whose personal lives and choices are not significantly shaped by theological concerns and reflection.

    2) Neither secular society nor religion can give a deep enough answer to the “why” question to motivate significant change. When change occurs, it will be imposed from above by those with the power to do so; let’s hope they also have the wisdom to make good choices in what they choose to change (I’m inclined to doubt it).

  9. Robert F says

    There are probably tens of thousand, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of Americans who think like Dylann Roof, and support what he did and his intention of starting a race war. Their ideology is as much of a threat to the stability of this nation as the ideology of Islamic extremists within our borders.

    And the NAACP is right: It’s past time to remove the Confederate flag from all state and local government buildings and properties. It would only be a symbolic gesture, but a very potent one.

    • Robert, HUNDREDS of thousands may support what he did? I’ll buy TENS of thousands, MAYBE, but what he did was so evil that it out glares Newtown in its perfidy. I just can’t believe that so many would approve of such betrayal of trust by cold-blooded murder. That is just too cynical for me, and I’m cynical by nature.

      • You do not believe that hundreds of thousands supported what was done by the terrorists on 9/11? Or are you less cynical regarding Americans extremism than Islamic extremism?

    • Rick Ro. says

      Not that I don’t disagree, but forcing the removal of the Confederate flag might just be enough for some people to begin that civil war they’re itching for.

    • And the difference between Fred Phelps and so many is that Phelps walked out into the street with his message. He walked the walk and talked the talk. Everyone else just leaves it at church and goes home to their beers and R rated video casettes.

      Everyone else is just lukewarm.

      Thank God.

  10. Robert F says

    Of course, from the anthropological viewpoint represented by National Geographic, there is an overarching “story of religion”; from within a religion, it appears more like there are many “stories of religions”.

  11. Robert F says

    ” Is there a substantive reason for society endorsing gender self-identification while not endorsing racial self-identification? Your thoughts?”

    I know they’re different, but as I try to think through it, I can’t seem to come up with a substantive distinction. If both race and gender are socially constructed rather than biologically determined (and this is what most biologists definitely say about race, and an increasing number of social scientists are saying about gender), then the answer must be rooted in social history rather than biological determination; that is, the answer must be a matter of how social privilege and power have historically played out in different ways in the group self-identification of race as opposed to the group identification of gender. This must be so, but how that works out in the details I’m at a loss to say.

    • Klasie Kraalogies says

      Race is not a “definite”. Dna testing reveals descent, but one “race” will have many different strains – haplogroups. I would be identified as white, but 2% of my descent is African, 2% is South African (ie Khoi or San, google it), and 2% southeast Asian, either Javanese or more likely Malagassy (settled from Borneo as recently discovered). In addition to this my ‘white’ part is made up of Northern European, southern European and Western Asian in descending order, as many Europeans are. So what does race mean in this context then?

      Historically then, it is a social-cultural’political construct partiallt based on appearance. But there is a hell of a lot more to it. So much more in actual fact that the term becomes virtually meaningless.

      Gender and sex though are different. On a biological level, in 99.9% of cases, the genetic answer is clear – XX or XY. You need one of each to make more humans. Hermaphroditicism is rare enough to be granted special case status. The difficulty arises when the mental make-up of the individual does not coincide with the physical make-up. That leads to all these very public cases. But even those are very rare statistically. And as I am not a medical professional, I won’t comment too much on those.

      But I think one can spot the difference. Race is a superficial classification, gets mixed all the time and arises whenever a period of isolation of a group of individuals leads to the dominance of genetic traits, sometimes strong enough tomleave genetic markers. But race can also dissapear through intermingling. Sex is at the very basis of our biology and the basic division prevalent amongst most animals species (yes, there are a large number of exceptions), and even plant species arose very early in the evolution of life.

      The need to identifg with another race should be treated as an enthusiasm etc, and one can certainly immerse oneself in the culture, language (if different), history and struggles of the group. But what this individual did seems abit pathological, and could possinly be connected to the need for self validation etc. Look at what the city of Spokane discovered in their investigation…

      Lastly, remember the story of Grey Owl? His cabin is still 200km north of me. There is a different case, very differently handled….

      • Thanks, Klasie.

      • Klasie Kraalogies says

        Pardon all the typo’s….

      • Headless Unicorn Guy says

        I would be identified as white, but 2% of my descent is African, 2% is South African (ie Khoi or San, google it), and 2% southeast Asian, either Javanese or more likely Malagassy (settled from Borneo as recently discovered).

        According to DNA drift analysis, the Khoi/San were probably the ORIGINAL humans.

        • Klasie Kraalogies says

          Strictly speaking, they are the least undifferentiated – ie, they are the closest to the trunk so to speak.

          Fun fact: DNA analysis showed that my have wife has Sami ancestry from her mother’s side. So I tell my children that they are privileged in that they have certified indigenous ancestry from opposite sides of the planet.

    • Race is inherited and communal, gender isn’t. You can decide your a woman, but you can’t decide to have white parents, or decide that the white community will accept you as one of theirs (and they won’t).

  12. Robert F says

    Great song, and cats are always uplifting, whether in video or in person.

  13. Robert F says

    Donald Trump is a national treasure of buffoonery.

  14. The New Testament shows us Jesus forgiving from the cross. Stephen, the first martyr, emulated him and also forgave “from the cross”. The survivors of the Mother Emanuel church massacre similarly have forgiven their would-be murderer “from the cross”, for themselves, but even more daringly for those who were killed, and for God. This is what the Power of the Keys that Jesus gave to the Church after his resurrection entails: a power to forgive that recognizes no right or power of evil to resist it, and forgives even in the absence of any request for forgiveness, and even on the part of others. This is the true eschatological power of forgiveness from Jesus’ cross; blessed are those who wield it.

  15. I’m waiting for Frank Sinatra to announce that he’s running for president. He’s dead, of course, but so are most of the other Republican hopefuls.

    I think the Republican party should make life easier for everyone and just tell us who’s NOT running.

    • Rick Ro. says


      You know, I was thinking the other day, what’s the purpose of a party (Republican or Democrat, or anyone else for that matter) if they don’t have a clear plan for who gets nominated? In this case, it appears that it’s “every Republican, go out for a pass and we’ll see who gets open.” Where’s the crafting of a plan or a strategy for promoting the BEST candidates??? Where are the party leaders who say, “You know what, we’d prefer you NOT enter the race”…?

      (This is not Republican specific.)

      • I thought that was what conventions were for, back in the day?

      • This is directly related to the SCOTUS ruling on campaign finance. With virtually unlimited corporate dollars available, everyone is rushing for a piece of the pie. This is also why we are seeing such disparate messages out there. Appealing to different money groups.

  16. Rick Ro. says

    Love the Allman Brothers song!

  17. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    Do you think this document will actually change the way that most Christians view ecology?

    The Left Behinders? No Way!

    However, this is coming from Pope Francis. A Third World Pope (who was immersed in Third World Problems) with the Vatican Academy of Sciences as backup, NOT a Reverend Apostle Joe Soap backed up by the Kentucky Creation Museum. So I’d give his encyclical some weight.

    And as for the “Of course, not everyone was a fan of the encyclical:”, all thoe commentaries could be summed up in one description” “CONSPIRACY! CONSPIRACY! CONSPIRACY! CONSPIRACY! CONSPIRACY! CONSPIRACY! CONSPIRACY!”

    Gun Owners of America, unsurprisingly, is reacting the shooting by urging people to carry guns to church. Not only that, but GOA’s communications director Erich Pratt implies in a post on the group’s website that the church’s slain pastor, Rev. Clementa Pinckney, was partly to blame for the massacre because he had voted against a bill in the state senate that would have allowed the concealed carry of guns in churches.


    Rachel Dolezal is doubling down. A few days after stepping down as head of the Spokane NAACP chapter over criticism that she’s portrayed herself as black (even though she was born white), Rachel stood by that self-assessment Tuesday…

    With the Bruce-to-Caitlin Jenner feeding frenzy, there’s been a lot of mention of “Gender Dysphoria”. Could Rachel Dolezal be a case of “Ethnic Dysphoria”? (Quick-and-dirty explanation: “I’m a black woman trapped in a white woman’s body.”)

  18. Is there a substantive reason for society endorsing gender self-identification while not endorsing racial self-identification?

    Nope. Not when the “marriage equality” proponents are pushing “gay is the new black.” They’ve opened that pandora’s box, and this is nothing short of irony. When racial equality equals orientation equality, then gender fluidity equals racial fluidity.

    Not that I’m losing much sleep over either. It’s only a matter of time before the medical technology catches up to societal demand to provide racial reassignment surgery. There’s never been a better time to be what you want to be. Perhaps if I can get a few alterations to bring out a few more of my hispanic features I will be eligible for some more of the social benefits of being a minority. I’m sick of the Chicano girls telling me “sorry, I’m not into white guys.” I’m only half white!

    Unfortunately, by the time medical technology does get there, my people will not be a minority anymore, so I may be better off appearing like a Caucasian-American, the minority of the future. 😛

  19. Stand up applause for Pope Francis. Well said, and amen.

    • Your questions.

      1. Absolutely not. Because Pope said it. And Pope is evil, so therefore whatever he says must be evil, whether quoting Christ or whatever. Reformation Wars without end.

      2. Define secular. I’m not seeing any modern ecology teachings in the Bible. I’d walk away from anyone who suggests a “Biblical ecology” worldview. Now, can a Jesus-shaped worldview have things to say and help guide modern “secular” ecology? Absolutely.

      • Stuart, the Pope isn’t evil. He’s the antichrist. Get it straight! He’s a very nice, friendly antichrist. The kind of antichrist you’d love to share a beer with. I don’t think he’s contagious anymore.

      • Stuart, I had an OT prof who used to say that you can indeed develop a “theology of ecology” from the bible. The OT has many references (commandments) concerning the care and feeding of animals, of personal and public hygiene, and agricultural practices such as leaving a field fallow.

        In fact, he kept reminding us that the OT held the only written law protecting animals until the RSPCA was formed in the UK in the 19th century.

        • There’s actually a “green Bible” out there that, instead of having all the words of Christ in red ink, it has all verses pertaining to nature care and environmentalism printed in green ink. True story!

  20. Regarding Elisabeth Elliot, I really appreciate this post I found through Slactivist.


    Elliot was a complicated person. She went through a lot, and influenced many. God definitely used her, and she served God as best as she could. But a lot of her advice was very much rooted in her background, experiences, and theological streams. Some of what she teaches can be very harmful when combined with other elements.

    Passion and Purity is one of those red flag books when women mention it as one of their favorites; it tells a lot about the person, and warns me to keep them at friend level and not get interested. I know when I read it 7ish years ago, I thought there was some good but mostly bad, and found myself disagreeing with it as I went through. It, along with every other purity culture type book, light or heavy, got sold and thrown out in the great purge a few months ago. That’s not a life I ever want to return to, and choose to never be around or raise my kids in.

    So, yes. She did wonderful things, but it’s so complicated. Like going to the funeral of an abusive parent, I imagine. You owe a debt, you remember some good times…but there’s also a lot of pain, distrust, and denial.

    • Sytuart, that book has done a number on a LOT of people. I’ve been involved in quite a few convos about it on SCVL and similar sites/FB pages.

      Elliot’s work always made me feel awful about myself. I have nevet understood why she became so incredibly popular and highly revered, but then, the same thing has bern happening re. Stasi Eldredge and her book, Captivating,”;which is WAY worse. (Odd spelling of her 1st name, but it’s not a typo.)

  21. My favorite Blue Sky song…


  22. Y’know, I think from now on I’ll just read what the Pope says, and stop reading and listening to what other people say about what the Pope says. Easier on the gastrointestinal system.

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