September 19, 2020

Saturday Ramblings 8.4.12

Welcome to the sweltering edition of Saturday Ramblings. The only place hotter than Tulsa (our fair city), Oklahoma on Wednesday was Saudi Arabia. And when the Rambler’s AC broke on Thursday, well, things in the iMonastery got pretty hot. So along with the heat, what else has been going on this week? Oh, nothing much. So, as they say in Atlanta, let’s Eat Mor Ramblings.

Did you make it out to your local Chick Fil A on Wednesday? Your Rambler did, just for fun. (And for a chicken sandwich and a peach shake.) I even saw the Synonymous Rambler there, enjoying some chicken. The heat didn’t keep the crowd away at the nearby chicken shack, with long lines all day long. Why the crowd? It was the day to show appreciation for a fast food chain standing up for traditional marriage. It was also the day for record profits for same said chain. And yesterday (if you’re keeping score) was the day for same-sex couples to Kiss Mor Freely at their local Chick Fil A restaurant. Having said all that, I can tell you I really enjoyed the peach shake.

One casualty in the Chick Fil A mess (and there are many) could be Billy Graham. I took a lot of heat last week for referring to a letter supposedly written by Graham as a fear-based fundraising letter. Seems I’m not the only one who saw through the words that were over Billy Graham’s name. Yes, I do know a thing or three about how these letters are written. No, I don’t believe Billy Graham wrote a single one of them. Yes, I do believe it was manipulative to get people to give. And no, I never did think Graham was going to leave his home on Wednesday to go to a fast food restaurant for a chicken sandwich. Connecting Graham to the whole gay marriage debate in this way is unkind and unfair to this man of God.

Hobbit fans, rejoice. Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, announced that his forthcoming film version of J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Hobbit is not going to be a two-parter, but now a three-parter. Do you remember how frustrated you felt after parts one and two of the Lord of the Ring flicks, knowing you had to wait a whole year for the next installment? You’ll get to experience that all over again, starting this December.

The David Green family, founders of Hobby Lobby and Mardel, are purchasing a building in Washington, D.C. to house a Bible museum. Now, I could spend all day and most of the next in the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum, but this venture sounds promising. Plans are for it to be open sometime in the next couple of years. Would you visit a museum with nothing but Bible exhibits?

Richard Land, the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission is retiring from his post in 2013, but not “retiring.” Land said, “I believe the ‘culture war’ is a titanic spiritual struggle for our nation’s soul and as a minister of Christ’s Gospel, I have no right to retire from that struggle.” Ho boy …

And finally from this week’s “Really, I can’t make this stuff up” division is the story of a youth pastor who wanted to teach his students what it is like for missionaries in lands where Christians are persecuted. And now he is facing prison time for how he demonstrated this. The charge is kidnapping. And … oh, you’ll just have to read it yourself. I can’t be doing all of the heavy lifting around here.

Celebrity birthdays include the birth of my first granddaughter (to go with two grandsons), Satchel, born to Rebekah and Chris Cypert yesterday morning (and oh is she a keeper!); others not nearly as cute but still celebrating another year include Rudy Vallee; Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; Mike Bloomfield; Jim Davis; Sally Struthers; Charlie Christian; Peter Jennings; Geddy Lee; Henry Ford; Casey Stengel; Curt Gowdy; Stanley Jordan; Francis Scott Key; Carroll O’Connor; Tony Bennett; Martha Stewart; and Tom Brady.

All In The Family was truly a groundbreaking TV show. I’m not sure the ground that was broken has ever yielded a good crop, but that’s a discussion for another day. For now, let’s celebrate the birthday of Archie and his daughter Gloria with a reminder of those “good old days” of TV gone by. Enjoy.

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  1. Richard McNeeley says

    Happy birthday to your granddaughter. Grandchildren are so much fun. Happy birthday as well to Jay North.

  2. There’s not a real Chik-Fil-A for 300 miles in any direction from here. I’m genuinely curious sans controversy — is it any good? One is scheduled to open in a few months around here, what’s good on the menu? Is it just KFC without the shame of the Double Down staring at you?

    I’m confused by the Billy Graham thing too, but my BS detector always goes off when a person claims to know the inside scoop “as a former employee,” knows those others in the know must be wrong, and tends to conclude with “why doesn’t he condemn the things I don’t like, too?” It’s a little too Kitty Kelly for my tastes.

    • Chick-Fil-A is easily one of the top three ‘fast food’ restaurants in the nation.

    • It’s just a chicken joint, not even a very good one.

    • Marcus Johnson says

      A lot of my neighbors, friends and acquaintances who live near me are weighing in like crazy on this Chick-Fil-A debate, on both sides. Meanwhile, I wonder why no one has even considered that the nearest Chick-Fil-A to our area is over 80 miles away! Maybe a little constructive perspective would be appropriate in this case because, as of right now, I think we could use a lot less reactive whinin’ and a lot more chik’n.

    • It’s much better than KFC or Sonic, but not quite as excellent as In-N-Out. But I’ve only had it once or twice. None near me either.

      • Randy Thompson says

        Nothing (!) is as good as In N Out, fast food-wise.

        • There is one, often imitated, but never equaled: Tommy’s, in the LA area. They have one branch down in San Diego. They do chili burgers, and they are the only fast food joint that can outdo In N Out. If you’re in North Carolina or somewhere and you see a “Tommy’s Chili Burgers,” it’s not the same one.

        • Headless Unicorn Guy says

          Tried the nearest Chick-Fil-A (Fullerton, CA) to my place tonight. Turns out it’s almost next door to the local In-N-Out.

    • philosophymom says

      There are plenty of Chick-fil-A restaurants in my neck of the woods, and 4 out of 5 of my family members surveyed vastly prefer the chain’s chicken to that of any other fast food restaurant. I can vouch for the coleslaw and the yogurt-granola parfait thingy, as well.

      All that said, we didn’t go get any on Wednesday.

    • The breading at CFA has a unique flavor and texture. Nothing at all like KFC. Some like it. Some don’t. But it’s all white meat in filets or nuggets (not pressed). You can also get sandwiches and salads with just the grilled chicken.

      Their shakes are great. Not as good as CookOut but great.

      Some people swear by their lemonade. Real lemons. Diet optional.

      • Yeah, I see the quality of the breading and the chicken – I just fall into the “don’t like it” camp. Many of my friends enjoy it very much. It certainly seems healthier than most chicken joints.

    • At Zaxby’s you can get superior chicken without the enormous side of bigotry offered by CFA. Also, Zaxby’s offers a superior ad campaign…very funny stuff with many celebrities endorsing them.

      • You’re conflating the politics and faith of the founder with that of the business. And they are not equivalents. Each CFA restaurant (or at least the vast majority) are run by independent operators. And if you have a beef with discrimination at CFA it is with one of these operators. And given that my daughter worked for two openly gay managers at a CFA you’re comments seem a bit off base.

        • Really David? How are my comments off base when the CEO is making statements for the franchise? I offered an honest opinion about the quality of the food in response to a question, and I prefer Zaxby’s for quality and all the rest of the experience. Besides, why should I, a gay woman, offer support to a franchise that works directly to limit my freedoms with money made from selling chicken? He put it out there saying guilty as charged, and I get to respond to that. It’s those gay managers choice to work for a company that actively works to limit their freedom, and it’s my choice to not give them one single dollar ever again.
          But hey, I love you David, and support your right to respond as you wish.

          • Besides, why should I, a gay woman, offer support to a franchise that works directly to limit my freedoms with money made from selling chicken?

            Do you investigate the major SHAREHOLDERS off all the places you buy from? Or just those the get caught saying something in public?

            And if you don’t like the food, yes, by all means eat somewhere else.

    • Brianthedad says

      @justin, imo, the food is good. The chicken biscuits are fine in the morning, but the bread can be a bit soft and underdone compared to the Hardee’s biscuit. Plain chicken sandwich is good. So is the chicken salad. We have four in town and, Wednesday or not, there are always people there. It’s the service. Fast food and Walmart-style store service is abominable here in the south. Not so at CFA. Stellar. Always a “my pleasure” response when you say thank you. Roving hostesses to assist refills or getting a baby seat, or helping a mom put down the little table liners available so little kids’ food won’t contact the tables. Play places for the kids. Just a great experience. I have friends’ kids who work there, so, yes, my bias is showing. I suppose I could find all sorts of places that I could disagree with, but here’s a place who offers a good product, a good experience, at what might be a little bit of premium over other fast food, without guilting you with christian ™ marketing. That is unfortunately done via all the hangers-on that inevitable appear anytime one of these sorts of brouhahas hit the news, ie american family association, etc.

      • Thanks (and thanks to everyone talking about the food instead of the controversy!) for the description! It’s been 15+ years since I’ve been to a CFA, and even that was a quick bite to eat at the mall.

        I’ve heard more than once that the service is vastly better than the stereotypical bored teenager who rolls their eyes when you order. Besides, I’d rather have chicken than another burger anyway. As long as it’s not pure grease like KFC can be, I might have to check it out.

        • Nobody here made cultural war the elephant in the middle of the room. Considering Richard Land’s comment, I think that honor goes to the Baptist Press for it’s choice of questions for the Cathy interview. They could have asked how being a Christian businessman inspires high quality standards, but instead they made the cultural war the standard to live by.

          • Frankly, a journalism is pretty much the same; their job is to give their readers what they want; for the Baptist Press, talking about chicken with Cathy wasn’t going to sell anything. In the immortal words of Don Henley: give us dirty laundry.

          • The Baptist Press was the cultural war hammer; and CFA was a convenient nail.

    • Clay Knick says

      Great food. I eat their grilled chicken sandwiches & salad pretty often & they are great. I tend to stay away from fried foods, but their chicken nuggets are the best.

    • Is the cause a restaurant supports the criteria for grading how “good” it is? Churchianity once again defeats vocation.

    • Marcus Johnson says

      My thanks, as well, to those who engage in deep, thoughtful discussion about the quality of Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, as opposed to the off-hand comment made by its CEO, around which a dialogue has swirled that demeans both sides of the debate.

      That being said, what’s with this only-one-pickle deal on the sandwiches? Am I the only one feeling shortchanged, as though I am being denied my right to a sufficient amount of pickles? If you agree, I would like to announce a sit-in at the nearest Chick-Fil-A restaurant. I’m bringing a jar of pickles, then I’ll order a chicken sandwich and pile pickles on top of the breast, right in front of the staff. That will send the message: as a patron of their establishment, I deserve the right to choose the quantity of pickles on my sandwich. Who’s with me?

      • Brianthedad says

        Just saying, their service is such that if you ask for additional pickles, you’ll get them. I’m not a fan of pickles on my sammiches, so I often take mine off. But if I have a beef (pun intended) with it, it is that it only has one pickle. What’s up with that? One pickle is just annoying if you don’t like pickles, and not nearly enough if you do. Where is the via media we so often hear about here on imonk!? Im with you on the sit-in. However, I will require one of the chocolate chunk cookie sundaes while we do so.

      • If you look behind the counter the “No Pickle” orders are so common there are stickers on a roll for the sandwich sleeves.

    • I just checked and the closest Chik-Fil-A to Seattle is in Boise ID, 400 miles away 🙁

      BUT …. we do have Ezell’s Chicken here, the place Oprah raves about. You may or may not like Oprah, but on this one she’s absolutely correct :).

  3. When I saw the news about the Bible Museum, my first thought was that it was something like the Creation Museum, with the ‘Bible’ in the title used as shorthand for ‘biblical’ (read ‘my interpretation of the Bible’s meaning’). But no, it looks like it’s actually a museum about Bibles. Which could actually be really interesting.

    • Agreed. I found this quote particularly promising:

      “‘Our intent is for this museum to showcase both the Old and New Testaments, arguably the world’s most significant pieces of literature, through a non-sectarian, scholarly approach that makes the history, scholarship and impact of the Bible on virtually every facet of society accessible to everyone,’ said Mark DeMoss, a member of the Bible museum’s board.”

    • The last time I was in Russia, I went into the rare book collection at the museum at Suzdal. I was so glad that I stumbled into that little museum because they had some beautiful Bibles starting from the 1100’s. The lettering and drawings in the Bibles were beautiful. I can only hope that a Bible museum in the U.S. would showcase some beautiful writing of ages past.

    • I believe this would be a permanent version of the exhibit they had here in Atlanta for about nine months through this spring. My wife and I visitied it in May and I have to say I WAS BLOWN AWAY– everything from Ethiopian codices to Tyndale Bibles to illuminated manuscripits to Yemeni Torah scrolls to…. You get the idea. I really can’t say enough about the quality of the exhibit, and I’m not one to gush. (My only quibble is that they should ditch the animatronic St. Jerome, but at least I didn’t see any St. Jerome action figures for sale in the gift shop.) It leaned a bit Protestant, but not obnoxiously so — after all, it’s sort of hard to tell the story of getting the Bible into the vernacular without giving some credit to Luther et al.

      In any case, DO NOT bracket this endeavor with the Creation Museum. Different planets. (Speaking of which — anybody else going to “watch” the Mars rover landing early AM Monday? Par-tay at Georgia Tech…)

      By the way, Hobby Lobby takes a page from the same book (Exodus?) as CFA in that it closes on Sunday and seems to treat its employees quite well.

      • I hope you’re right about the Mars lander. It seems like an awfully complex landing maneuver, with catastrophic failure if even one portion fails. I think the simplicity of the previous
        missions lead to their amazing success.

  4. Another overlooked story: there seems to be some sort of sporting event occurring somewhere in England.

  5. Many congratulations on the new grand-daughter!

  6. Welcome to this crazy world Satchel! Congratulations Jeff and family. Now you have a little girl to spoil.

  7. The cultural war as a Titanic struggle? It makes perfect sense:
    1. Doomed from the start.
    2. Does not live up to its over-hyped reputation.
    3. Ruined the lives of many innocent people.
    4. Its intimidating appearance hides a weak underbelly.

    • David Cornwell says

      When will it sink? Will it end with an explosion or a bunch of bubbles? Smoke and fire? Amid prophecies of doom? Horsemen riding in to the rescue?

  8. David Cornwell says

    The Billy Graham thing stinks to high heaven (I hope). Where is “Honor thy Father and Mother” in all of this? This kind of manipulation brings dishonor to everyone connected with it. Shame. Monetizing a reputation only ends up bringing disrepute too everything it touches.

    And the devil sits in hell laughing at us. And also at my self righteousness probably!

  9. I believe the ‘culture war’ is a titanic spiritual struggle for our nation’s soul and as a minister of Christ’s Gospel, I have no right to retire from that struggle.

    Perfect illustration one of the main problems with the culture war: it’s so often more concerned with the nation’s soul (is there such a thing?) that it fails to see the immediate and collateral damage it’s causing to human souls.

    I didn’t go to the Chik Fil A in our town but a ton of people did. It made the news, including interviews with customers, one of whom said they were there because they wanted to support the chain president’s “standing up for the Lord.” OK. There was no counter-protest from the other side; this town is uber-conservative and they are scared. The whole thing is ridiculous.

    I’d much rather follow the olympics, including a friend’s niece, who is one of the many there who are believers. Inspiring stuff, and so much more attractive than watching the culture warriors on all sides roll out the heavy armor.

  10. David Cornwell says

    “had to wait a whole year for the next installment? You’ll get to experience that all over again, starting this December.”

    If present plans hold, the 3rd showing will be in Summer 2014, so the 3rd wait will only be 6 months or so. Unless I’m missing something, which is possible on Saturday morning.

    And while I’m thinking about it:

    Thanks to Jeff Dunn for doing this every Saturday morning. It’s like a breath of fresh air blowing away some of the week’s foulness. Hang in here Jeff, we all need you.

    • Brianthedad says

      Amen to Saturday ramblings. +1. Coffee on the porch wouldn’t be the same without it.

  11. What are updates on Eagle? Never known the man. As a Christ follower, I pary for God’s will and the desire to bath him/others with intercessory prayer (from the west coast).

  12. 1. “I really enjoyed the peach shake.” Yummie and apropo.
    2.Absolutely unfair to Rev. Graham-shame on them.
    3. Yes
    4. If I was in the area, maybe.
    5. idiot-there’s no answer to stupid.
    6. add me to the list :0)
    7. “Masticate the people here of this nation like a puppet on a wing.” Say what?

    ***Congrats on your new grandchild. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  13. If you head over to the Wartburg Watch, they post updates almost everyday. His infection has spread some, he’s on multiple antibiotics and heavy pain Meds. He’s also posting some over there.

  14. “Masticate the people here of this nation like a puppet on a wing.”

    Which is an apt and humorous statement of what the bankers have done.

    Also getting tired of people shouting ‘hate’ every time someone voices an opinion.

  15. Elizabeth says

    The Bible museum sounds cool – I’d hope they would show historical transformations and cultural beliefs (to write in or not write in your Bible, that is at least one of the questions).

    Richard Land highly overestimates his importance. As a Southern Baptist, I do wish my brothers and sisters fo the denomination would get some perspective and stop making the rest of us look bad.

    I’m actually glad the church is being held accountable for their ‘abduction’ stunt. Of course if it were my child, I’d also be facing some charges for the way I reacted to the news of what happened. But someone, somewhere is going to have to get a certain segment of youth pastors to have to take words like ‘liabability’ and ‘not the parent’ seriously.

  16. Congratulations to Buppa, Mrs. Buppa, Chris, Rebekah and Lex!

  17. I¡¯ve also been thinking the identical thing myself lately. Grateful to see another person on the same wavelength! Nice article.