December 2, 2020

Saturday Ramblings 4.24.10

Welcome to Saturday Ramblings, our weekly effort to clean out the ‘fridge and rid ourselves of all that we couldn’t eat during the week. And what a busy week it has been.

First of all, Francis Chan, pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California, announced he is stepping down from that position to pursue new adventures with God. You can read the news article on Chan’s move here, and his letter to his congregation in Justin Taylor’s blog here. Or, perhaps you would rather see a breakdance competition between Chan and Charlie Hall.

The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina reopened this week after several months of remodeling. Billy Graham himself took a personal tour of the library at its reopening. He says he is glad it points more toward the Gospel than his personal life.

Pope Benedict XVI marked the fifth anniversary of his election by meeting with a group of clerical sexual abuse victims in Malta. He promised greater measures would be taken to prevent such abuse in the future. He also said he has not had to walk this road alone in this New York Times article.

Should we expect to see more midweek conversions? Wear iT Wednesdays encourages teens to wear t-shirts with Christian slogans each Wednesday. The Christian Post reports more than a quarter million teens have already signed up to be a part of this next great, uh, next great, um, promotion for a specific Christian t-shirt maker. (By the way, my favorite t-shirt–that I am wearing as I write these Ramblings–is my Old Lutheran shirt. Not only does it have a nifty picture of Martin on it, I got it at the Salvation Army for 99 cents!)

Those who celebrated birthdays this week include IM’s own Lisa Dye, Conan O’Brien, Andy Serkis (Gollum in The Lord of the Rings), Barbara Streisand, and Mother Angelica. And yes, for the record I am a late-night EWTN junkie.

The Internet Monk is now published by Electric Moon Publishing, a relatively new publisher focusing on the exploding world of eBooks. We are looking for both fiction and non-fiction scripts with a Christian framework. I know there are many writers among our iMonk community. If you would like to have your idea or finished script considered, we would love to talk with you. There is a modest setup fee for cover development and digital formatting. After that, we pay very aggressive royalties. If your book is selected for publication, we will list it on our soon-coming Resources page, making it available to the entire Internet Monk family. And here is the kicker: eMoon’s proceeds go to help Denise Spencer as well as to keep this site going. If you are interested in finding out more about being published with eMoon, email me ( or our trade book publisher Laree Lindburg ( We will get back to you promptly and help you in any way we can.


  1. Graham (the other one) says

    I think I know the answer, Jeff, but for clarification, script is short for manuscript? “Script” makes me think of screenplays, but that’s obviously not what you’re talkinhg about here.

  2. Does anyone else find the “show us your faith” comment on the Tshirt site disgusting?

    • John, what in particular bothers you? Just not sure what you’re getting at. Is it an association with a marketing gimmick? Is it an association of Christianity with a “what’s my favorite team this week” mentality, where a Christian slogan, a NY Jets logo or whatever you’re “into” can all be put on a T-shirt and are all essentially equivalent? I have no problem with visible forms of Christian expression such as clothing, but all in the right balance with words and lifestyle that add substance to that visible expression. What’s your thinking?

      • Perhaps JohntheChristian is thinking of the Mardi Gras demand to girls to show something else. The construction of the sentence is the same. As is so often the case in modern Christian circles, a nasty popular farm is not very creatively hauled in to make a “cool” “Christian” statement. I’m with you, John.

  3. Somehow, “Martin Luther” and “Salvation Army” seem to be strange bedfellows. I wonder how Martin would feel about hugging a stranger’s midriff, too. The times, they are a changin’. 🙂

  4. Well, if you’re going to wear a Christian T-Shirt, you might as well wear the most overpriced and ridiculous ones out there:

    Show everyone that you speak in tongues by wearing a $37 T-Shirt.

    • Or get an “Ex-” T-Shirt from Passion For Christ Movement – main page at p4cm dot com – and proudly proclaim the sin or lifestyle that Christ delivered you from:

    • I wish I had something witty to say about that… but the sad feeling in the pit of my gut overwhelms any and all humor to be found in the situation (insert facepalm here).

    • FollowerOfHim says


      Regarding the site: My eyes! My eyes!…..

      I recall a couple lighthearted, in-house one-liners as a young person growing up in Pentacostal circles which reflected a generous amount of self-deprecation. And they were free and wouldn’t fade after a few washings! It helps to say them at double-speed.

      The first I recall was “O-won’t-you-come-and-see-my-new-bow-tie?”

      The second related what the preacher-man said when he found his motorcycle was missing:


  5. Might as well give a plug for one of our IM sponsors, New Reformation Press. They have some great apparel, including my favorite, the “Weak on Sanctification” T-shirt. Check it out at:

    • My favorite NRP shirt is “At Once Justified and Sinner”. The caption on the shirt sets off people every time that I wear it. “You mean you are a sinner? What have you been doing?”

  6. Question:
    which is worse (or better) wearing T-shirts with christianity slogans or sporting bumper stickers on your car & truck of your home church???

    & what are we hoping to accomplish with either???? peace

    • Option 3: or having one of those “This week’s sermon: XXXX” or some “clever” saying on the church’s sign (or whatever you call those usually-brick-structure things)? 🙂

    • Fair question, briank. It is just unseemly to me, but maybe that’s just me.

    • I live in the South and not a week goes by that I don’t see a car sporting a “Keep the 10 Commandments” bumper sticker. We hatesss them, yes we doesss

  7. Happy birthday, Mother Angelica!!!