September 19, 2020

Saturday Is For Asking Questions

vvNOTE: A question appeared this evening about two Ky preachers. I made two factual errors in my answer. I have never met or heard the one I said I’d met and heard- completely thinking of someone else- and I said the other was dead, which was incorrect. Very bad error on my part, and my apologies to both and to the questioner. Easy to get mixed up when you’ve been out of circulation for 17+ years.

I’m done. Wow. Over 130 questions. Thanks to all who participated. This was great fun.

NOTE: Remember that you will see the “older comments” link at the bottom of the comments now.


  1. New Question

    How long will it be before

    a) the SBC adopts an official stance against beverage alcohol?

    b) we in the SBC wise up and stop forcing missionaries to take a teetotaler pledge?

    c) what young sbc leader do you forsee (if anyone) of just coming to the national stage and saying how insane our teetotaler position is?

    • How long?

      a) We already have it in our institutions and missionary standards. It won’t come into the BFM. Not that kind of document.

      b) Never. Ever.

      c) None. Ever. Not in that language. Now saying we can’t base cooperation on teetotalism? I could see that being said at some point in the near future. To thunderous boos.

  2. … you see a discrepancy in the level of esteem and reverence in which we hold God as compared to that of the early Christians and church “Fathers”…?