January 27, 2021

Sat. Ramblings Extra: This was not the message of “Good Works Week” here at IM



  1. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    And if you’re not passing out Gospel tracts as you go into the stewpot in Darkest Africa, you’re NOT a REAL Christian. If you’re not Wretched Urgency WITNESSING to everyone — EVERYONE — you come across, Christ will Spew Thee Out of His Mouth on Judgment Day. Your position and rank in Heaven will be determined ONLY by How Many Souls (not people) You SAVED. I am VERY familial with the attitude. So are all of us wandering the Post-Evangelical Wilderness.

  2. I’m no Spurgeon expert, but I’ve seen this quote enough to want to understand the context. It should be noted that this quote comes as the crescendo of this particular sermon. He first addresses those with no faith and invites them to trust Christ; then he addresses those who believe but seem to struggle with trust and anxiety. Finally he speaks to those who he perceives as ashamed of Jesus, and challenges them by essentially saying that knowing Jesus is also to make him known, naturally.

    It’s a tough quote, for sure, but I’m willing to cut it some slack in context. But by no means should it be whipped around in this identity-destroying, guilt-inducing way, for all of the reasons HUG mentions above.

    • Ironically, as we know, it’s not so much shame of Jesus that affects Christians today, but shame of the church. I wonder how Spurgeon would address the ways this quote is thrown around?

      • The context must be assumed to be exactly what it says since it says nothing else. And what it says is that either you’re a Christian and a missionary or not a Christian at all.

        But to give “X Church” some benefit of the doubt, perhaps they mean that every Christian is a missionary in the sense that they’re on a mission of some sort, based on their spiritual gifts, as assigned by the Holy Spirit, for the edification of the body of Christ and the propagation of the gospel. For some this may mean going to Uganda (or wherever) and starting or helping out a church. For others it may mean staying at home and cleaning the church bathrooms on Saturdays. Either way, they’re on a good mission.

        I hope that’s what they meant by the message on this billboard. At any rate, the optimist in me wants to think that.

    • When you put a quote on a billboard it has no context.

  3. There is nothing wrong with being a witness. Every Christian should be a witness.

    What this sign means by “missionary” though, is that every Christian should be a prosecuting attorney.

    • Witnessing isn’t a “should” thing, either. Every Christian simply is a witness. In everything they do and wherever they go, others are shown what Christ is like.

  4. Rick Ro. says

    Back to the movie quote I shared recently:
    “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.”

    Either a missionary or an imposter. Really? Those are the only two options? Give me a break. Guilt-trip city!

  5. Every missionary should be a Christian.

    Some of them just like to travel. To be expected.

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