December 5, 2020

Sabbatical Journal: Wheaton and RZIM

I’m on the campus of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois at the Ravi Zacharias Summer Institute. Outstanding conference. I am especially enjoying the teaching of Dr. Chris Mitchell doing an overview of the entire Bible.

Our sessions have all been in the massive Billy Graham Center. Part of this building is a Graham Museum, which is very interesting.

Wheaton really is a splendid campus. It’s been perfect spring weather and I’ve really enjoyed walking around the beautiful campus. The food service at Wheaton is one of the best of any college anywhere. A classy place.

Tonight I had a wonderful visit with longtime IM reader Scott, who is a pastor here in the area. He treated me to dinner (Corn Beef and Cabbage at a fine Irish establishment) and plenty of good conversation. Scott is one of many IM readers whose story reminds me of just how helpful this blog has been to unknown thousands of people all over the world. God’s blessings to Scott and his family.

Tomorrow I hope to visit the Marion Wade Center, which is the center of American C.S. Lewis study. Much of Lewis’s library is housed there, as well as Lewis and Thinkling memorabilia, such as the famous wardrobe.

Many of the people here at the RZIM conference are laypersons: doctors, lawyers, business persons, scientists. Ministry types like myself are a minority. That’s very encouraging. We need more laypersons interested in apologetics.

If you have been in pastoral ministry for more than ten years, you might consider the pastoral sabbatical grant program at the Louisville Institute who have generously funded my sabbatical. You can find more information at their website.


  1. Steve Rowe says

    When my sister was a student at Wheaton in the early 90’s her Art history class formed a car caravan and drove around the Billy Graham Center honking their horns and hoping that God would take the hint a knock the monstrous building down. Our truly reformed friends will probably agree not because of poor architecture but because of the prominent place given to Charles Finny in the museum.

    PS try to visit some of the wonderful local architecture especially the Frank Lloyd Wright home in Oak Park and the near by Unity Temple.

    God Bless

    Steve in Toronto

  2. saladyears says

    Did you go to Shannon’s in Glen Ellyn? It’s a solid Irish pub. Also, Quigley’s in Naperville is excellent.

    /went to Wheaton for 7 years