January 16, 2021

Riffs: 3:31:07: “The People Formerly Known As The Congregation” or Why Some Christians Are Not On Your Ego Trip This Time Around

beale.jpgMy friend Bill Kinnon is one of those people who, by most reasonable assessments, shouldn’t be in church. He got ahold of a bad one, got burned and you can still feel it in posts like this one: The People Formerly Known As The Congregation.

It’s a Must Read. So go do that. Then come back.

There are millions of Bill Kinnons who don’t know how to say it. Some of them are still in the same church, waiting for things to get better, but this is what they are feeling inside.

You can fault Bill’s post a dozen ways, but let’s be honest, shall we? (And I am freshly reminded this week of how little Christians value honesty about themselves.) This church growth driven, entrepreneurially generated, ego-enhanced pastor led movement to conquer the world through more and more megachurches really sucks.

One of the many reasons it sucks is that it’s propped up on a stack of lies that could reach to the ceiling in most churches. Lies about God. Lies about Jesus. Lies about discipleship and the Kingdom. Lies about scripture, and money, and evangelism. Big lies about human beings, and what it means to be one in church. We get lied to and lied to and we’re expected to nod like sheeple.

Someone needs to say “stop it.” Bill does a pretty good job. It should stir you up.

Somewhere a few years ago, I figured out that my denomination was holding meetings every year to shovel nothing but church growth rhetoric into the heads of eager pastoral egos, and then those guys were going to go back to their churches and put their churches through a bunch of hoops and hogwash to say this was really important.

Someone needs to say “no more.” Bill does.

Check out the update and the discussion. Thanks Bill. This one rocks. Which, for a Canadian, is pretty cool. Who knows what you would have written if you were down here in the middle of the church growth circus.


  1. Michael,
    Thanks for this. Also, please check out what I consider to be Part Two of TPFKATC at Emerging Grace.

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