January 26, 2021

Riffs 10:30:06

logo2.gifBill Kinnon at Achievable Ends has a wonderful post on the power of music in worship, and particularly its effect on human beings: The Power of Music in Church.

Could it be that, we don’t just resonate with music, we are, in fact, music. Our physical reaction to music (toes tapping, body swaying, hands clapping, people dancing) is just a function of how we’ve been constructed. Which would explain both the power of music in the church, and the reason there’s so much discussion and disagreement about it.

Bill takes this into all kinds of places, but the interesting aspect to me is how Bill sees the other side of the undeniable truth of the seeker emphasis on music to attract people. Music also shapes us as persons, and as Christians.

Check it out, and the comment thread as well.

The Tall Skinny Kiwi, Andrew Jones, gives the Westy Seminary “Emerging Church Forum” high marks for integrity, fairness and a constructive- dare I say it?- conversation. This post includes Scot Mcknight’s excellent paper on the Emerging Church presented to the WTS faculty. Events like this forum have been plentiful in the past year, but the quality of the events have varied enormously. When the audio from this event becomes available, take advantage of the presentations, pro and con.

I wish I could say I’m surprised that so many critics of Mark Driscoll have admitted to never listening to his preaching until they decided to hunt down his “bad language.” Some people posting long comments have never listened to a Driscoll sermon. Mars Hill Church is very generous with their audio, and anyone grabbing traffic off “Driscoll porfanity” google searches ought to listen to a few sermons and consider what they are going to be accountable for writing. Odeo has all of Mars Hill’s audio. Check out the current messages on Jesus.

Glenn Lucke has posted this page from the up and coming Biblical theologian, Bill Wilder. Wilder has great lectures on N.T. Wright (mandatory if you want a mature perspective but won’t be reading all the books,) and Wilder’s current series on Intro to the Bible, which is outstanding stuff for adults. Get these good things.


  1. Michael,

    Being a part of the Westminster Emerging Church Conference will probably go down as one of the highlights of my seminary education here. Scot McKnight, John Franke, Mike Horton and all the others who participated were models of Christian catholicity, of how to agree to disagree without being disagreeable…and how to have the courage to both admit where your wrong and praise the best in those with whom you disagree in certain areas. Kudos to those WTS profs who boldly supported us in our efforts to bring this conference about, even through internal opposition.

    I’m pleased to announce that the audio for all the main sessions of the conference is now available on CD from Westminster Bookstore (wtsbooks.com). Not sure if I can create links in your comments, so just go to http://www.wtsbooks.com and click on the “Emerging Church Conference” link in the left hand menu.

    And what a joy to see you promote the work of my dear friend Bill Wilder! He not only taught me Reformed theology, he taught me that you could espouse it and still be a nice guy.

  2. vbs7

    Thanks for the constructive criticism. When it comes to arrogantly telling other people what to do, I know I’ve got a problem. Your post demonstrated such Christ-like humility that I’ve removed it and placed it on the wall where I can always see it.

    Thanks for your concern.


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