December 5, 2020

Reds Roundup–Oh Were Those Good Ribs!

The first annual Internet Monk Day At The Reds was a rousing success! Well, except for the fact the Reds lost to the Kansas City Royals. (Did you know everything’s up-to-date in Kansas City? They’ve gone about as far as they can go…) The Reds’ bullpen melted down in the seventh and eighth innings, no doubt due to the heat and humidity. (That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.)

We started our day at the Oaks Community Church in Middletown, Ohio. The service was combined with Faith United Methodist, the church the Oaks shares a building with. An African-American congregation and a young, white congregation may seem to be odd pew-mates, but it worked, and worked very well. All I can say is that Faith UMC’s children’s choir was incredible. Great voices, but even better lyrics. (“You say you are my sheep, so why don’t you follow?”) Once again, I was really taken in by the Gospel-centrality of this service. Kevin Jamison and his staff, as well as that of Faith UMC, made our morning very enjoyable.

We then made our way to Great American Ball Park for the Reds-KC game. Great seats on the third base side. It was rather warm, so we encouraged the players to play quickly. They did. Game over in just a bit over two hours. Unfortunately, it ended with the Reds on the short side of the score, 7-3. But Joey Votto hit two homers, so we did get to see some fireworks.

Several iMonk loyal readers joined us in this first venture to be more than virtual friends. Anna Abell, Duane Young and John Simpson joined Chaplain Mike and his wife Gail, and the Spencer family: Denise, Clay and Taylor, and Noel (Spencer) and Ryan Cordle. Oh, and your faithful publisher, me.

Dinner was at the world-famous Montgomery Inn Boathouse. Ribs were eaten with great abandon. Tummies were rubbed in satisfaction. Bibs and napkins all around.

Plan to join us next year for another IM Day At The Reds. Unless we can’t wait until next year. Is anyone up for a Bengals game?


  1. Wasn’t sure which of the three games you went to….so ya’ picked the game against last years Cy Young winner ?? No shame in losing to Zack; he can be a beast; wish mightily I’d been there in powder blue….. and for the ribs, and worship, and more ribs……

    Greg R

    • Somehow I knew you would be the first to weigh in today, Greg…sigh…if we only had some middle relief…

      • Cynthia Jones says

        Even being in 1st place, they seem to be masters at dissapointing us! I can’t let myself get excited about their 1st place standing, for it is not even the All Star break yet! Seems they can hold it together for awhile, but just can’t quite manage to sustain for an entire season! A few years ago, there was a poll on one of the local TV stations asking viewers who they thought would make it to the playoffs first — the Bengals or the Reds. I didn’t weigh in, but I said the Bengals — and I was right. Maybe I’ll be able to get excited along about October!

        Sounds like you guys had a WONDERFUL day! Wish I could have been there! Michael Spencer would have been thrilled! 🙂

  2. Looks like a fun day of food and extraordinary fellowship!

  3. Jeff, it was great day from the service to dinner. Back to back doubles off the pen knocked us out. Walt has plans to fix that -see today’s Reds news. Those who missed the first Day at the Reds, be sure you make the next one if you can. A day at the ballyard is a taste of heaven. THANK YOU JEFF, what a lovely gift to us all. It was great to meet Mike’s family and some of the Internet Monk community.