January 17, 2021

Reconsider Jesus – Moving Forward

michael_spencer1When many of the Dead Sea Scrolls faced delay in publication, conspiracy theories started to abound:  What was it in the scrolls that the Vatican wanted to keep secret?  Were they harmful to the church?  Did they dispute the claims of Christianity?  In fact the truth is a little more boring than that. The original scholars assigned to the translations were just a little too possessive.  They wanted to be the ones who produced the first translations and commentaries, and as a result did not want to make the scrolls publicly available.

I need to be careful not to fall into the same trap when editing Michael Spencer’s writings and sermons on the Gospel of Mark.  At first I thought could complete it alone.   When I quickly realized that transcribing the sermons alone would take me weeks, 35 readers of Internet Monk stepped up to the plate to assist.  When completing the editing looked like it was going to be an impossible task I brought Scott Lencke on board to assist.  His help has been and continues to be appreciated.  However, even with his help we were still were not moving forward quickly enough, which resulted in last weeks appeal.  I don’t want to be like the scholars who were assigned the Dead Sea Scrolls and have this project not be completed because of ego.

So, thanks to all those who responded.  It looks like we are going to be able to move forward quickly now.  I still have to figure out the details of how we are going to proceed, but proceed we shall.   I will have soon have  a further personal update to those who have expressed an interest in helping complete the book.   Thanks also to all of those who have said that they are interested in purchasing this commentary when it is available.

The request for help is still open if there are others who would like to take advantage of it.  The same email address, MichaelSpencersNewBook@gmail.com, can also be used if you would like to be contacted when the book, Reconsider Jesus – A fresh look at Jesus from the Gospel of Mark, is available for purchase.


  1. Mike –

    Of course, much appreciation to you for spear-heading up this whole project. And thanks to the team of transcribers, giving us about 1000 pages to work with! Gulp! And we definitely appreciate those stepping up to help with editing. This is a worthy project in helping put together some very good thoughts of Michael Spencer on the heart of Jesus, especially as coming through the words of the Gospel of Mark.

    But, Mike, you really have been amazing!

  2. I have just started following you so this project is new to me, but was caught by the New Look at Jesus from Mark. I have stored in my queue of items for my blog a recent musing on or development of Mark 2 and 3 which also gives a new look at Jesus. Therefore I am intrigued. Just possibly I may be guided by the same Spirit?

  3. Can’t wait for the book! Don’t worry, I’m working on a cd of my original music and I’m well into year two. I know how long these things can take.

  4. Mayor McGuinness says

    Looking forward to this. On another note, are there any plans to revive or expand on Michael Spencer’s “Coffee Cup Apologetics” site?

  5. Go!

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