January 27, 2021

Reconsider Jesus – A Status Update and Call For Help

MichaelSpencerFor two years now I have been working on compiling Michael Spencer’s upcoming book: Reconsider Jesus – A fresh look at Jesus from the Gospel of Mark. On some recent Fridays we have been giving you some “sneak peeks” into this devotional commentary.

Initially a lot of effort was put into finding Michael Spencer’s written studies on Mark; transcribing sermons and bible studies; and sifting through blog entries that mentioned passages from Mark.  These have all been collated into a matrix that takes each Bible passage and matches it up with all of Michael Spencer’s material.  I had some wonderful help with the transcriptions from Internet Monk readers and commentators.  Scott Lencke pitched in, and together we have been able to complete about nearly 20 “mini” chapters of the devotional commentary. Each “mini” chapter represents a subsection of a chapter of Mark.

The problem is that there are nearly 80 of these sections in total and we have hit a bit of a wall.  My own personal life has been very exhausting with the recent death of my Father-in-law, and a job that continues to be very demanding of my time. (The job security on the other hand is very appreciated.)

I do want this project to keep moving forward, and so I think that it is time that I again enlisted the help of others in the Internet Monk community.  I am looking for individuals who would like to help in compiling these sources into the devotional commentary.  What I am looking is individuals who have good writing skills and have some significant amount of time on their hands that they can volunteer.  Priority would be given to those who:

  1. Have contributed through the comments at Internet Monk
  2. Or have demonstrated excellence in writing in other ways.
  3. Or have already helped in this project through the transcriptions.

I really think that this is an important project.  Many people have emailed and said how much they want to see this completed.  Are you able to help? If so,  send an email to michaelspencersnewbook@gmail.com.  I will provide some guidelines and some samples of some completed sections to help you in this task.  I will continue to provide additional editing to ensure that the commentary has a consistent flow.

This is going to be an amazing commentary when it is finished.  Let’s see if we can accomplish this together.



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