January 18, 2021

Recommended Reading: First Steps by Noel Cordle

Michael Spencer’s daughter Noel has posted a heartfelt, personal entry on the subject of adoption on her blog, mere musings.

The article includes her own personal testimony, a recommendation of the book, Adopted for Life, by Russell D. Moore, and some challenging words for Christians on the subject.

Check it out.


  1. This speaks to my heart in ways even I can not explain. While I am a father and now, for two years, a grandfather, I cannot but help to echo the thought that as an adopted child of God it is my obligation to aid in adoption in this world is whatever way I can. I am now praying as to what that will look like.

    Thank you, Noel and Ryan, for your willingness to show us this part of your hearts and lives. Be blessed as you walk out this road.

  2. Noel, God bless you and your husband. Your father has been in my prayers these past months. You will also be in the thoughts and prayers of many as you go forward on this journey.

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