January 21, 2021

Recommendation: The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church

nrp_button.gifI’m sure many of you have noticed that this web site is now being sponsored by New Reformation Press, and I appreciate all of you that have clicked over to NRP and visited. They have many outstanding products that you won’t find elsewhere. Very good people.

Among the products I’d like to most recommend is something I heard several years ago and I immediately realized it was very, very special. It is a presentation by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt called “The Gospel for Those Broken by the Church.” Dr. Rosenbladt is one of the finest exponents of the Gospel I’ve ever heard and this amazing presentation is something every Christian should listen to several times.

Dr. Rosenbladt understands that the Gospel is for Christians, too. How does the Gospel speak to the ways that so many churches create a pragmatic, works oriented church life that drains the joy out of the Gospel itself? This presentation will bring you back to remember why you desire to know and enjoy God in the first place. It will speak to issues so many starving and exhausted sheep.

I knew this presentation long before I met the good folks at NRP. I’ve recommended it for years as a stunning explanation of the Gospel for Christians.

This is an mp3 presentation or a pdf e-book. You can enjoy it regularly all through your own Christian journey. NRP has many other great books, gifts, cards, teaching cds and other great gifts. Stop in before Christmas.


  1. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This is SUPERB and so “spot on the money” its frightening. As the old saying goes, he has walked a mile in my shoes or vice versa. This comes from one of the LEAD defenders of the Gospel, and I mean defenders and I mean GOSPEL, in our day who knows how the Gospel is subtlely re-coverd up, when the “fine print” on “free grace” comes in, when the bills later roll in on the “up front” “free” gospel, when the law trap door is engaged after they “get you in”, when the rug is “pulled out from under you, when a pastor/church takes away with the left hand what they “give” with the right hand and all those other gospels that announce in big letter “get one free” then in very fine print on the back of the tract (coupon) “after you purchase X at the regular price”.

    I personally know tons of folks who have fled the church after what Dr. Rosenbladt explains here both angry and despaired and just plain EXHAUSTED spiritually in “do, do, doing to death”. Worried and exhausted because they can hardly pay bills because they are trying to keep up with the tithe being shook out of them, they can’t keep up with the latest spiritual Jones thing. Churches where there is even LOTS of Bible but no Christ or there is A jesus but no Jesus…etc…




  2. Larry is very insightful. I have felt for years that most churches dangle the Gospel hope as a bait-and-switch and snatch it away once a “sinner” becomes a “believer”. Pastors can be blamed for much of this, but we are at fault, too. The old adam in each of us desparately wants to believe that it can save itself. No one is forcing Christians to buy all of these formula books on how to achieve a perfect and prosperous life – how to make God smile on us. Deep down inside, we want to believe we can do it without Christ alone. In the spirit of good marketing, I think most pastors simply “give the people what they want”. Who wants the humiliation of constantly being reminded of his or her need for a Savior? …Lord, have mercy on me.

  3. Bless you “Larry” and “Dumb Ox”…I think there is a quiet “revolution” to “return to our first love”…the issues mentioned above sound straight outa’ Revalation-“we are rich and have need of nothing”…referred to as the Laodicean church age…I call it “Lao-duh-see-sick”…the “duh” I “see”, makes me “sick”!

    The formula for living for Christ-as a “Christian” is in Micah 6:8, “He hath show thee, oh man, what to do…”

    We cannot purchase a ba-jillion books, etc., etc. and produce in ourselves “formulas” that are suppose to make our lives “heaven on earth” -here and now! Jesus did not come as a king-he came to “”seek and to save”-what a disappointment He would be to “prosperity” groups today should they crucify Him in the 21st century! (And by misleading and “dissing” the non-cookie-cutter types are they not crucifying those of us they think don’t belong in the “groups” and hence the bit of HIM that lives in our broken hearts???) What a contradiction-Jesus HIMSELF states that He could “of mine own self do nothing.” There is a direct connection between the Father and Son and SHOULD be betwixt us also-He is the source-if plugged into another outlet-well, consider the source?!

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