October 25, 2020

Recommendation: Singing the Faith

I enjoy doing recommendations and reviews most of the time. If the product I’m recommending is absolutely amazing, and I know the IM audience is going to enjoy it, then it’s a real pleasure.

It’s an absolute, unqualified pleasure to recommend to you the Good Shepherd Institute’s 4 session course and 80 minute DVD, Singing the Faith: Living the Lutheran Musical Heritage. (Available for $29.99 from IM’s sponsor, New Reformation Press.)

If you love hymns, reformation theology, great music, great singing and performance, great organ accompaniment and performance….if the classic tradition of Lutheran hymns from the Reformation until today is something you appreciate, this is a must have product.

Glorious recorded, exquisitely filmed, expertly and interestingly narrated- it’s the total package.

A superb study guide will help you use this material as a 4 week study. The lyrics of these hymns are some of the finest theology you’ll ever hear. Lutheran or not, if traditional worship is your interest, this is a marvelous product.

My highest recommendation. I truly enjoyed it and look forward to sharing it with friends who love this music and expression of worship.


  1. The Guy from Knoxville says


    I’ll definatley be purchasing this product – traditional worship and music has been and still is a passion of mine (sometimes too much) and this
    issue is one that I feel strongly about and I’ll look forward to viewing and listening to it.

    The St. Olaf College Choir from Northfield, MN was in Knoxville last month and it was one of the most refeshing evenings of music I’ve had in quite a long time and the venue (Cox Auditorium – UTK) was
    full – seats about 900. St. Olaf has a great website and most of their chapel services and concerts are archived and available to listen to and most are done in HQ sound and video. Most take place in Boe Chapel which has been totally renovated after a lightning strike caused a fire a few years back. The sound in the room is stunning and great for singing and the Holtcamp organ is a perfect match for the acoustics in that room as well.

    Enough on that – something to check out though and looking forward to the getting the Singing The Faith DVD/Study. Thanks much!

    The Guy from Knoxville

  2. The Guy from Knoxville says

    Correction on a thing or two – the St. Olaf info that I wrote about in the previous comment was put there because they, being a Lutheran school, have and astounding music program and worth checking out when you have a chance and I know that the DVD was not from there – didn’t want anyone confused by that paragraph.

    The other thing is, and I should know this being in the organ business, that the organ in Boe Chapel is by Holtkamp Organs – I spelled it wrong with a “c”.

    T G f K’ville

  3. check out witherington’s blog

  4. I went to a Roman Catholic Mass for probably the third time in my life a few weeks ago. I was amused that the hymnal contained “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.”

  5. The Baptist hymnal has a Catholic text or two. Thank God for singing ecumenism.

  6. Dear iMonk,
    This may be a bit off topic…I’m a grad student trying to do research & from my pod casting and knowledge of the US church I thought a moment of your time could be very helpful. I was hoping you could take just a moment to help me my inquiry: “community and national leaders seeking out the church as an answer to society’s problems”.
    Do you have any stats/examples of this you can relay that would be relevant for my study? If that is the case, may I trouble you for a quick response or a hyperlink to an article?

    Thank you for time,


  7. Justin, I’m really not a stats guy. Numbers make me sleepy. Check in with the IM statistician, Michael Bell, at Eclectic Christian.com

  8. As an atheist, I can dig Christian music, but I’m a John P Kee guy 🙂

  9. I can’t stand organ music.

    Just kidding, Michael.


  10. “HARDBALL RELIGION; Feeling the Fury of Fundamentalism” by Wade Burleson is out.

    This is a recommendation post after all.:^)

  11. Dave138, if you look hard enough, you’ll likely find “Amazing Grace” as well. Give me “Holy God, we Praise Thy Name” any day.

  12. MAJ Tony, I just found “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” particularly amusing since it’s like the fight song for the Reformation :-D.

  13. GRIN,

    Before I left the Baptists, I noticed that I was singing “Amazing Grace” more in the Catholic parish, than in the Baptist Church.


    I, too, find “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” amusing. (but sadly probably sung more Catholic than Baptist now.)

  14. Dave138, I’ve never heard “A Mighty Fortress” sung in Catholic churches yet, but it seems fair enough, since the hymn “Faith of Our Fathers” by the convert Fr. Faber (with a third verse looking for the re-conversion of England to Catholicism through the prayers of Our Lady) is often sung (with suitably adapted verses) in Protestant churches.

    Now, if we ever hear of Baptists singing “God Bless Our Pope”, I’ll be very surprised indeed 🙂

  15. Though I shouldn’t really be giving an opinion on hymns; my favourites – and the only ones I’ll willingly sing – are “Soul of My Saviour” and the “Tantum Ergo”, and that’s about it, though I do also like “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name”.

    I’m deliberately repressing the memory of the modern ones (with accompanying hand gestures!) we learned in school during the 80s.

    As an aside, I think the Catholic equivalent of the “Jesus Is My Boyfriend” music is probably the Marian hymns, particularly the extra-treacly ones from the 19th century. Any of you with experience of singing “Bring Flowers of the Rarest” for May processions will know exactly what I mean 🙂

  16. Martha:

    >Now, if we ever hear of Baptists singing “God Bless Our Pope”, I’ll be very surprised indeed…

    Depending on where you are in Baptist life, that could be a very appropriate song.



  17. The Guy from Knoxville says

    Sometimes you’re put there via basless misunderstandings of cosmic proportions – that was a doozie…..

  18. dave jaspersen says

    Thanks Mike ! This is incredible ! coming from the Lutheran tradition, we remember all these hymns.
    And the theology that goes with them. Oh! to set in a large old Lutheran church, with a beautiful pipe organ playing them. That would be wonderful !
    Brought tears to our eyes. Thanks again !

  19. My husband, daughter and I have really enjoyed this series. Although it’s set up as a four-part presentation, it works just as well to watch it at home as if it were any other documentary.

    Many of the hymns are presented with the words scrolled along the bottom, so you can sing along. Think Lutheran karaoke.

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