September 21, 2020

Recommendation: Christ Walks Where Evil Reigned by Emmanuel Kolini and Peter Holmes

Many evangelicals have an interest in Rwanda as a place where short and long term mission efforts are becoming more common. Two of my fellow staff members are quite possibly on their way to Rwanda as career missionaries. Resources on Rwanda are not easy to find. While there are some excellent films, print resources with detailed analysis and historical background are not exactly common at the local Christian bookstore.

Interest in Rwanda is also increasing as more American Anglicans find themselves in the Anglican Mission in America family, where Archbishop Kolini provides pastoral leadership. Many AMiA pastors and people have journeyed to Rwanda, have received Rwandan visitors and feel a bond to this country. Resources on the church in Rwanda and its particular opportunities are also rare.

Christ Walks Where Evil Reigned is a brief, straightforward book that gives a full account of the causes of the Rwandan genocide, the social, political and cultural forces at work in the event, and the opportunities for healing and ministry that exist today. Archbishop Kolini and professor Holmes combine their knowledge to give a clear and helpful picture of tragedy and hope.

Christ Walks can be read and understood by any high school level reader. The authors do not dwell on morbid detail or emotional manipulation. They want the world to understand all of the diverse elements that combined to see almost a million people killed in 100 days, and how this event implicated the failures of the church and gave rise to opportunities for the church.

Christ Walks can be read in a few hours and will reward to reader with an understanding on African Christianity, the complex roots of racism, the lingering effects of colonialism and the present needs of the Rwandan people.

I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in Africa, Rwanda, African Christianity or mercy ministries. Well written and helpful.

I was supplied a review copy of this book.


  1. You need to watch this movie by our friend Laura Waters Hinson:

    It is about reconciliation in Rwanda.