October 28, 2020

Recomendations: The God Journey Podcast

Following the trail of influences from William P. Young’s much maligned book The Shack (a book that’s earned all the right enemies to be commended strongly to all readers of this blog,) I discovered The God Journey Podcast.

I’ve been feasting ever since.

Not everyone who reads Internet Monk.com will appreciate this conversation, but many of you will. The conversations revolve around the book So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore. If I need to say much more than that, it’s certainly not for you.

Wayne Jacobsen’s web site is Lifestream Media and will explain the whole direction of The God Journey and the larger ministry vision. If you listen to the Drew Marshall Show, you can find an interview with Wayne Jacobsen in the archives.

All I can tell you is that on my own journey, these guys have been magnificently encouraging companions. So many aspects of my experiences in and on the other side of evangelicalism are right here.

This is the “inner” dimension of post-evangelicalism. If you need pulling down the idols that have driven so many of us to distraction, check out this podcast.

Their motto: Gratefully Disillusioned.


  1. I also strongly recommend Wayne’s audio “Transition Series” that you can also download for free. It gives a bit of an audio version of his wonderful book of grace and the theology of the cross that is found in his book, “He Loves Me.” You can see so much of both in The Shack’s writings.

  2. Could find a link for that?

  3. I also enjoy the conversation, but as a paid staff member of a local church, I feel like they try to force that issue a little too much. I like the grace they do it with, but they seem oblivious to the fact that backyard BBQs might not be everyone’s feeling of freedom. Some of us find our freedom and deep callings in more liturgical settings. They don’t seem to value those settings…or spiritual disciplines in the formation of a believer. So its a mixed bag for me, but definitely full of grace to disagree. What’s your take on some of that, Michael? (their Viola-esque view of church staff)

  4. It is on Lifestream.org’s home page at a link to the left of the page entitled Transition. http://www.lifestream.org/transition/transition.html

  5. I rarely comment, but I have to say (on the Shack). I picked it up and put it down about 5 minutes later, and will never waste time reading it again. I have no idea if the story is good, weak. I don’t really care if it’s theologically correct.

    I just got completely bugged that within the first 3 pages I found at least 4 things that would have been red lined by an decent high school english teacher. Such an example of shi&%y writing that I couldn’t get past it to enjoy whatever story he was trying to communicate.

    Just a thought that maybe not everyone who doesn’t like the book isn’t opposed to it on moral grounds. (especially those of us who have NO morals 😉 )

  6. I feast there every night before I go to bed. Good stuff!

  7. You can read my lenghty review of The Shack here


  8. I’m glad you are enjoying the podcasts. Freedom and life giving conversations that challenge the proformance based mentality that our society has shaped into us and the religious culture that reflects that same performance mentality.