November 30, 2020

Put the Top Down and Put This On

Spring arrived in full glory in Indianapolis today. The long drive home from church required an appropriate soundtrack. What better than one of the greatest albums of all time? It’s all sunshine and great grooves.

It will come back to you.


  1. CM, one of the best “behind the scenes” videos on the making of this song:
    It shows how hard they worked to make it sound easy.

  2. One of my favorite songs! As a mere callow youth when this song first hit the airways, I knew I loved something about it that I couldn’t articulate. Only later….much later….was I able to label the “something” as a smooth jazz style. NOW, I figured out that jazz is not just for “old people”, and have smooth jazz programed on my satellite radio receiver between the “70’s” and the Catholic Channel!

  3. FWIW, the piano player on the title track of the album “Aja”, and arranger of many of the rhythm charts on that album, was a young Michael Omartian. You may remember him and his wife Stormie from the earliest days of CCM.
    For many years, this album topped polls of audio engineering professionals as the best-engineered and best-produced recordings, ever.

  4. This may sound odd, but my first impression of the album “Aja” is that the LP smelled really good. My second recollection is Wayne Shorter’s solo on the title track.