October 28, 2020

Preview Mere Churchianity

Internet Monk readers: if you’d like a preview of Michael Spencer’s soon-to-be released book, Mere Churchianity, we now offer you a way to read an excerpt.

Just click the new link on the right side of the page:

And don’t forget to pre-order your copy today!


  1. Awesome read. Can’t wait for the rest. Can’t even afford enough copies for as many people as I would like to give this to.

  2. Great introduction. I wasn’t sure what to expect, exactly… I think I’ll love the book.

  3. I can’t wait to read this!!!!

  4. A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

  5. Awesome beginning chapter. Looks like a must read.

    Sad to say, but the Dairy Queen story apparently continues to this day. A family member told me that her stint as a waitress taught her that Sunday-after-church Christians were among the rudest and chintziest of customers, sometimes occupying a table for an inordinate length of time and then having the gall (or ignorance) to leave just a small tip or sometimes a tract instead of a tip. Not all Christians were like that, of course, but apparently enough were that the waitstaff dreaded their appearance. It taught me to deliberately be sure to be a friendly restaurant customer and a generous tipper (i.e., 20%, not the customary 15%), whether or not I did or said anything to indicate that I was a Christian.

    • It’s ignorance – using Sunday as a reason/excuse to dine “up”, but not recognizing that your party *isn’t* at Pizza Hut or Olive Garden: the standard is higher for customers as well. (Or McDonald’s, if Pizza Hut or Olive Garden is the step up.) On Sundays it’s Christians who dine up, so we servers groan about them, but you should hear us on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day! 🙂

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      It’s been general knowledge for a long time that the after-church crowd are lousy tippers.

      I have to remind everybody that waiters and waitresses are paid BELOW minimum wage and are expected to make up the difference with tips. It’s called “Tip Credit”; I discovered it while working at a restaurant company’s HQ office in the Seventies.

      They are still taxed on the regular minimum wage (including tip credit), not the actual amount they’re paid, so if you don’t tip, you’re not only messing with their livelihood, they’ll get taxed on the tip whether you tipped them or not.

      And those fake $100 bill Gospel tracts are especially cruel.

  6. I already ordered my copy. I am looking forward to reading it.


  8. cpilgrim says

    wow. I cannot wait to read more. Of course, it goes without saying that reading this just breaks my heart.

  9. I think everyone should facebook this link. I just did. I’d like to see our 800 friends all buy a copy.

  10. Commencement gift for my brother’s PCA-tending-Anglican seminarian roommate? Check. 🙂

  11. THIS. IS. NOT. FAIR.

    Michael’s postings alone were plenty enough to make me look forward to the book. Now I’ve been teased. And absolutely loved what I read. Time’s gonna pass awfully slow until I get my copy. Oh well.

  12. Now I’m REALLY looking forward to getting my own copy in June! Thank you for the preview.

  13. “But now . . . I respect that young atheist more than I do a long list of
    high-profile Christian leaders.”

    Can you spell O.U.C.H.?

  14. I am definitely getting a copy for myself and my kids, and telling everybody I know about it. This is a message the church needs to hear.

  15. I am a youth pastor and we have a tradition of going to DQ after youth group every wednesday’s meeting. tonight I made sure there wasn’t any trash or damage where we sat. I think we’re gong to be ok. can’t wait to read more.