September 21, 2020

Premiere: Allelon-A Movement, A Resource, A New Web Site

allelon_new_02.jpgI’m excited to tell you about the re-opening of one of the best websites I can recommend to you: Allelon- A Movement of Missional Leaders.

This site involves a lot of people who you know and some you don’t (many from outside the U.S., esp Canada), but one of the main faces is the brilliant Alan Roxburgh, author of The Missional Leader and The Sky is Falling.

Here is the beta of the website. Bugs may still appear, but they are being worked out as we speak. Check here for a good intro and overview.

There will be lots of video and audio content, featuring people like N.T. Wright, Steve Taylor, Ryan Bolger and others. A bi-weekly netcast called the Roxburgh Journal will be one of the best features. Free curriculum on What is Missional Church? is very nice as well.

These are some quality people, and they span the very diverse spectrum of people in the missional conversation going on all over the world.

Make this a site you visit frequently. Forums will allow you to make contacts and friends in the movement. Plenty of RSS feeds for the techno-savvy amongst you.

Try the first episode of the netcast where Roxburgh interviews Out of Bounds Church author Steve Taylor on What is Missional Church? Steve is seeing emerging church come out of the revitalization of a traditional church.

You might even find an article by someone you know.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I love this site, although I haven’t visited it in about 5-6 months. When I was doing a preaching series on the Kingdom of God, I found some incredibly helpful resources there.